Part 1- At the Center
Here I am at the the Clark County Correctional Center. Thankfully I'm here as an observer, not a participant. I should explain. My name is Rollin and I'm an attorney. Today I'm here with the Volunteer Law Project representing Jennifer Scott, a 15 year old who came through the juvenile justice system on an alchohol possesion charge. In Clark County Ohio in the year 2010 there are certain offences that can be cleared by the defendant obtaining a "Certificate of Correction". By going through this program their record will be expunged, there will be no jail time or fine, except restitution if appropriate. The program is voluntary, but not everyone opts for it, for reasons which will become clear later.

The introduction of corporal punishment into the criminal justice system did not come about overnight.
For years, though, politicians and the public had complained about money, sentencing for juveniles and jail space until finally in  California in 2004, petty theft,some driving offenses, and vandalism became punishable by caning. Enough of the public liked Southeast Asia's approach to the problem of nonviolent offenses that they were ready to try something new. Other states were quick to follow. In the wake of President Limbaugh's conservative law and order platform, the country was ready to try a return to the woodshed.

At first, the states tried real "Singapore style" caning, but it quickly became apparent that this was far too brutal for American sensibilities, as it frequently resulted in permanent scarring and injury. Another problem was that females were not originally subject to " the CP option" as it came to be called. The Supreme Court settled that one rather quickly. It ruled that states could not discriminate on the basis of sex in handing out punishments. Since the prospect of brutal canings for females was too unattractive, the system had to be toned down to fit both the crime and the offender.

When California substituted the leather strap for the cane in 2005, the public became more accepting. A strapping was more like the just punishment of youth that many recalled from their own childhoods. Various states tried various options. Most juvenile halls had a "punishment room", usually a converted storeroom, where an offender would be strapped down over a trestle or table and given the presribed number of licks or swats with whatever implement the state deemed appropriate. It was all very unscientific.

Later on it became very scientific. Studies were conducted to determine the best methods of administering corporal punishment both in a physical and in a psychological sense. Elaborate systems evolved which combined equal mixtures of shame, loss of dignity, and pain, to make the offender truly repentant and eager to avoid repeating the experience.

Here in Ohio if you are between 13 and 18 this is what happens. If convicted and sentenced in juvenile court, an offender is given 30 days to obtain a "certificate of correction" which must be filed with the court. To obtain a certificate, the convicted offender makes an appointment with the county juvenile correctional center and reports on the appointed day at the appointed time. They are permitted one witness and it cannot be a parent. Parents may wait in a waiting area, but may not observe. The usual witness is an attorney who is there to make sure that procedure is followed and to note any undue severity in excess of state guidelines.

So here I was. I was representing Jennifer, a pretty girl with long blonde hair, freckles and a nervous smile. She had never been in trouble before, but, caught in a car with alchohol in her possesion, she was given 30 days to obtain one Certificate of Correction tailored to this offense.

I was recommended to Jennifer's parents by Karen, an old and very good friend. Karen is a juvenile probation officer, who has Jennifer as one of her cases. I didn't usually practice in juvenile court, but I did some criminal defense work so I was at least qualified for this. I came into the case too late to try and get a better deal for Jennifer. She was convicted and given the the chance to opt for corporal punishment instead of jail or a fine. After conviction, her parents decided not to appeal. I think they figured that having to get a Certificate of Correction would teach Miss Jennifer a good lesson while having the effect of expunging her record. Jennifer and some friends had been out late one night and had been stopped for a traffic violation. The officer then found open liquor bottles in the car. She was charged with possesion of alchohol. She also happened to be the one driving. Luckily she was not under the influence.

Juvenile case officers have a role in the discipline of their charges. They are present when the correction is meted out. The reason for this is so that the juvenile will look on the officer as an authority figure from whom to take direction, and would more likely obey the officer in the future. In addition case officers are authorized to administer certain forms of corporal correction for probation violations.

Today Karen is there because two of her charges have come in to obtain their Certificates of Correction, having elected this option. I did not know who the other one was.

Karen is a short blonde with a voluptuous figure, large breasts, a tight waist and a magnificent and gorgeous ass. In fact I know for a fact that she thinks her butt is "too big". As for me I am completely enthralled with the sway of her jouncy hind end. I like full derrieres on women, and to me, Karen is a beautiful and sexy woman. I have known Karen for something like 7 years. We have been friends, but not physically intimate with each other. Its hard to say why. The chemistry and attraction is certainly there and we have both flirted with it. I guess its just bad timing. We've been close even though we have at times been with other people. It just seems like whenever I'm not in a relationship, she is, and vice-versa. Now, however she is divorced and I've just broken up with someone. We'll see what happens.

I am seated behind a glass partition in a sort of gallery with the rest of the witnesses. The other witnesses permitted are the victims.
There is a husband and wife, owners of a food mart spray painted, or as they say, "tagged", by several of the other juvenile offenders. Other than the witnesses, the room is empty. We are waiting for things to start. Karen had explained to me previously that on the appointed day the juvenile would have to report three hours before sentence was scheduled to be carried out. A brief physical is given to verify that the culprit is fit to undergo punishment. The case officers then conduct a last interview explaining the seriousness of the crime, and explainig the procedure. The state has even produced videos on offenses like drunk driving and vandalism that the teens are required to view before punishment is meted out. The video graphically illustrates the harm to society caused by the crime.

The teen is then led to a holding cell where  he or she  strips down to underwear and socks. That was all the clothing allowed in the punishment chamber. After that, they wait. The waiting is probably as hard as the actual punishment. They sit in a bare cell, probably the last sitting they'll do for a while.

Karen has been in this job for less than a year. She counsels juvenile offenders as part of her job and sometimes that involves advising them as to whether they should take "the CP option" if it is available for that offense. She tells me she is conflicted about this. On the one hand, it offers a way to eliminate the negative effect of a record and avoid time in juvie hall, a good deal for youthful offenders. In fact after obtaining a Certificate of Correction she tells me that there is little recidivism. Did I mention that similair punishments are given in the prison system? I imagine that the prospect of the whipping post like we have in Ohio scares a lot of these kids straight---especially after getting a licking courtesy of the state. On the other hand it is humiliating, to say the least, and probably very painful. This is Karen's first time attending one of these punishment sessions for her cases where she actually advised the kids and parents to go through with it. I know she set me up to represent Jennifer so that I could attend and give her my comments later. She will want my opinion as to whether she should advise this course in the future.

Finally a door opens and three case officers and the Special Corrections Officer with her two assistants enter. All corrections officers, the ones who will administer the punishment, are women. The assistant officers are wearing smartly tailored skirts and white blouses with a badge on the front. The Special officer is a beefy red-haired woman in a Khacki uniform and a Sam Browne belt. She looks like a formidable no nonsense type of woman. I was glad to be on my side of the glass.

Another door opens and 6 teenagers are ushered in by guards holding clipboards. The boys are in underpants and socks. The girls are in panties, bras, and socks. There are 3 boys and 3 girls. The clipboards are handed to the case officers. The miscreants sit on 6 chairs lined up direcly in front of the gallery with their backs to us. Jennifer glances nervously at me before taking her seat. I give her the thumbs up. What else is there to do?

In the "business" part of the room is some odd furniture. There are two benches, each having a padded top. The top is shaped like a shallow "A" with restraints at either end. An integral part of the bench is a slideable chair that slides into a hollow space right under the apex of the bench. This is a spanking bench. The victim is secured to the bench with wrist and ankle straps, a strap at the backs of the knees and a strap across the middle of the back, with his/her buttocks positioned at the apex. The officer sits at the chair and slides it in. She is now seated with the miscreant directly over her lap, bottoms up. The effect is rather like having the teen positioned for an old fashioned over-the-knee spanking. The advantage is that the officer does not have the weight of the culprit over her lap and the juvenile cannot move at all.

The other piece of furniture was what was known as "The Box".
This is a padded cube tilted slightly forward on short legs with restraints at wrists, ankles, knees and back. When bent over the box and strapped in, the culprit's buttocks are cocked upwardly presenting a raised, well rounded target for the application of corporal correction.

The Special Officer was ready to start. Karen glanced at me and nodded with a slight smile.

"All right, pay attention. I am Ms Carson.  My two assistants are Ms Miriam and Ms Doreen. You already know your case officers. If you cooperate this will be over soon and you may leave. As you know you are here for punishment, pure and simple. It will hurt, but you will bear no permanent marks on your bodies. I, along with my assistant officers will be administering the punishment. Now, make no mistake about this, it will hurt. You will probably cry and holler, but don't think that just because you start blubbering like babies that it will go any easier. You got that?
This is the procedure. There are six of you. Two at a time you will be placed over the spanking benchs. You will have your pants pulled down and you will receive a two, three or four minute spanking to be given by my two assistants according to your sentence. During this time period you will receive about 50 smacks per minute on you bare tails with this." As she spoke she held up an oval shaped paddle which was in reality a stiff piece of leather sole with a rubber facing connected to a handle.

"We call this the "sandal". Maybe if your mothers had used their sandals on your little hineys when you were younger you would not be here today. You are getting your records wiped clean for this, so just know that it's gonna sting."

"After all six of you have had your spankings, I will call your name and one at a time you will come up here and bend over the box for the licking that the court has  decreed as the second part of your sentence."

She let that sink in as the woeful teens eye the dreaded implements that hang on the wall. There are the oval "sandals" the assistant officers would use. There is a paddle that looks like a big spatula. It is made of some synthetic like Lexan. The blade or "business" end is 4x8" and has pencil-sized holes. It is joined to a handle by a narrow 2" strip that makes it flexible, like a fly swatter. The result is a paddle that will impart an atrocious sting without injury or severe bruising. There is also a thin rod  made of some  lightweight synthetic polymer. The rod extends from a handle grip about 28". It is thin and very whippy. It's the nearest thing we have to the cane, but it is more like a switch which I have heard stings like absolute holy hell. I also understand it leaves painful weals but, in the hands of a skilled whipper, will not break the skin.
Ms Carson continues:

"You are all going to get a good, hard spanking today, followed by a whipping with the rod or licks with the paddle and you all deserve it.
Now, from this moment on there will be no swearing, cursing, foul or abusive language. You will address all of us as ma'am or sir. I have the power to impose additional punishment for violations of this rule and believe me, I will do it. Do you understand?"

Six heads bob nervously. The fear in the room is palpable. This woman meant business! Jennifer appears to be trembling. I couldn't help her now, her course was set. She was to endure some real pain and she knew it. I wondered what it must be like in her place, to know that in a few minutes you were going to be stripped practically naked and whipped on your bare bottom.

The two assistants take the clipboards and each call out a name. One girl and one boy rise timidly. The assistants take each by the arm and walk them to the benchs. The command is given to lie over the bench, and both teens do so. The restraining straps are buckled, hands, feet, back of the knees, back. This arches both sets of buttocks towards the ceiling. The assistants grab both pants and panties and ruck them down to mid thigh.  They walk to the wall and retrieve a "spanker" from a hook. The assistant corrections officers now take their seats and slide the chairs in. The moment of truth has arrived for these teen miscreants.

"Set the timer for two minutes for these two" Ms Carson says to a guard. The guard nods and presses a series of buttons. A digital display on the wall reads two minutes. I assume it will count down.

"Miriam, Doreen, are you ready?"

"Then begin."

Miriam and Doreen bring the sandals down with a ringing smack! smack! smack! in a brisk tattoo. They spank at a rate of about 1 spank per second and each one looks like it is delivered with no small amount of force. The bare bottomed teens start to yelp as the paddles crack down.
The girl jerks her head up and wails with each smack, the boy clenches his whole body in a vain attempt to ward off the pain. Its a humiliating punishment and it is designed that way. These kids are getting an old fashioned spanking like one over mommy's knee. The position each is in is mortifying for a teenager, bare fannies bucking and wriggling as sizzling spanks turn their hineys red. The clock counts down...too slowly it seems. The smacks ring out. The teens yelp in anguish at the relentless smacking, a two part chorus of "ouches". After two very long minutes, the buzzer sounds signalling the end of part 1 of their ordeal. The guards replace the underwear, and unbuckle the straps and the two teens stand, hopping from foot to foot rubbing their injured bottoms.

"Thats enough of that! Sit back down you two! Call the next two names."

"Jennifer Scott and Russell Smith, stand up and come forward," intones a guard.

I see Jennifer rise on shaky legs. She is a pretty girl with long coltish legs. She is small breasted, but has an ample bottom, well rounded, still a good bit of baby fat back there. It wobbles as she shuffles toward the bench.

"Assume the position," says Ms Carson.

I hear Doreen say to Jennifer: "C'mon Honey, over you go, that's it...no, over farther so the pad is under your pelvis, bottoms well up!"

"Set the timer for three minutes, please Ms Benson". The guard nods and resets the timer.

"Doreen and Miriam, take their pants down." Pants and panties are rucked to mid thigh. Jennifer whimpers. " Ladies, begin....now"

Jennifer howls at the first smack of the sandal on her left bottomcheek.
She continues howling as Doreen delivers a blistering spanking that cracks alternately on left and right cheeks. Jennifers nude rear wobbles with each smack. She is fair skinned so she reddens quickly. Her jiggling behind cannot escape the awful barrage of spanks delivered by Doreen's sturdy arm. I am watching intently for evidence of undue severity or cruelty, but I see none. The force of the smacks seems the same as for the first teenager and the tempo is the same. Its your basic good sound spanking that just stings like hell. I know she is my client but I cannot deny that this is a highly erotic spectacle and I am actually becoming aroused watching Jennifer's spanking. Finally the cacophony of smacks and anguished yelping ends. They let Jennifer up and she walks back to her chair sobbing and clutching her seat. Karen is watching me watching Jennifer. I make some notes on a pad and will my erection to subside. Another two are called up. The girl is a cute brunette pixie, about 5'3", 110 lbs with long hair and a very cute ass which gets spanked to a tomato red hue amid her howls for mercy. The boy, a stocky 15 year old howls more than the girl.

The spankings done, we are ready for the main event.

Ms Carson takes the clipboard.

"Mandy Johnson, stand up." Mandy rises slowly. She was one of the first two to be spanked. She is a tall strawberry blonde with a well fleshed bottom. The tiny pink nylon panties she wears barely contain her cheeks. It doesn't matter. She wont have them much longer.

"Mandy Johnson, you have been convicted of theft, namely shoplifting. The Juvenile Court of Clark County has decreed that to obtain a Certificate of Correction you must receive ten swats with the paddle on your bare bottom. Come forward and assume the position over the Box.

Doreen and Miriam each grab an arm and escort Mandy to the Box. She is a well built girl for her age which I peg at 15 or 16. When buckled into the box, her rear curves are prominently presented for punishment. It's rather like bending over a barrel in the woodshed, a bygone era reinstated in the 21st century.

My musings come to a halt. Ms Carson has retieved the perforated paddle from the wall and has planted her feet to Mandy's right side. She nods to Doreen who peels down the brief panties exposing Mandy's ass, now a hot pink from the spanking. She lines up the paddle on Mandy's quivering buttocks and raises her arm to shoulder level, then.....
SMACK! Mandy lets out a shriek. Again.... SMACK! The paddle flattens her fanny sending little ripples through the flesh. SMACK! Mandy howls again. Her bottom jiggles at impact.
SMACK! Four. SMACK! Five. The smacks come about 15 seconds apart. Mandy sobs and pleads but SMACK! the paddling continues until ten licks have been duly administered. The guards unbuckle the restraints and help her up. Tears are streaming down her face. They escort her back to her chair. I don't think it's padded. She sits very gingerly.

The next name is called and the boy spanked with Mandy is put over the Box and paddled. His sentence is 15 licks. He breaks down crying after 8. The next one is Russell Smith. His crime is vandalism. He is one of the taggers. The husband and wife grocery store owners perk up. This is part of what they came to see.

The boy bends over the box and is strapped in. Miriam strips his pants down. Ms Carson replaces the paddle on the wall and selects a rod. She whips it through the air a few times, testing its flex. It makes a whining sound. Russell's buttocks clench at the sound.

"This will hurt, boy, but it will hurt a lot more if you clench. Now relax those butt cheeks," she says tapping his ass with the switch.
Russell moans in embarrassment, but tries to comply. Ms Carson brings the switch back and with a deft flick of the wrist, whips it down with a
SWISSSH.....THWACK! "Ahhh....rrrr" screams Russell.
This looks a lot more painful than the paddle. Jennifer should be grateful that she is getting the paddle and not this whippy rod.
SWISSHHH......THWACK! "Ow....ow....ow", yells the boy in anguish.
The switch falls 8 more times, whippy wristy strokes that smack the bare skin, indenting the flesh and leaving livid red weals. Russell is no hero. He howls lustily with each stinging stripe of the rod. The 10 strokes are given at intervals of about 20 seconds between each one. This allows the pain from one stroke to be fully "appreciated" before another is given.

When Russell's whipping is over he is allowed to rise. He clutches his cheeks trying to soothe the intense sting. His face is flushed and streaked with tears. He is escorted back to his chair. It now looks like it's Jennifers turn. Her name is called. The charge is read along with the sentence-12 licks with the paddle. She stands on wobbly legs and Doreen leads her to the Box. There is a look of panic on her face. She lays down over the Box arching her pretty buttocks upward. Her thin panties are stretched tight across her bottom in this posture. They won't protect her long.

Ms Carson retieves the paddle from the hook on the wall. She nods to Doreen who peels Jennifer's panties down for the second time that day.

I can't say that Jennifer's paddling was unfair or too severe. The swats are given full force, and poor Jennifer howls at each one, but she is paddled with the same degree of severity as the others. Ms Carson administers good solid smacks that crack like pistol shots, making Jennifer's cheeks wobble on impact. Her fanny turns a tomato red as the swats are laid on. Jennifers cries out but my angle is poor and I cannot see if she is crying tears yet. I assume she is. Twelve solid licks-5 minutes of agony. It is a trying ordeal, no doubt. Ms Carson raises her arm for the twelvth lick and SMACK! "Owwwwww!",  and it's over. Jennifer is let up. She is weeping copiously, her face a mask of humiliation and pain. I know Karen and I will interview her before she leaves.

The other punishments proceed. The others, the taggers, are given the rod. This is the sentence for vandalism. No one endures the whipping without breaking down. The whippings are hard but I see no skin breaking. There are tears and howls aplenty. Ms Carson obviously knows her business. The idea is to administer maximum pain with minimum damage.

The session completed, The teens are led back to their holding cells where they may dress. Karen and I will interview Jennifer before she leaves with her parents who are waiting. I catch up with Karen as I approach the interview room.

"Well," she says, "what did you think?"

"I think it was pretty intense. Those kids really got their butts whipped. They all bawled like babies."

"Yeah, it was....like a bad prison movie, you know....only it was real. I don't know. I wonder how much it really hurts, what it feels like."

"You can find out," I said with a grin. "Ms Carson can show you, I'm sure."

She punched me playfully. "Not on your life. That woman is scary."

"Then maybe I can demonstrate, my dear."

I expected another dig in the ribs but Karen just cocked her head and gave me a cool, appraising look.
She then said, "If you're not doing anything tonight, I'll take you to dinner. I want to talk to you about today."

I readily agreed. We walked into the interview room, where Karen would give her charges their signed certificates. Jennifer was there, standing, naturally. Her face was still flushed and streaked from crying.......

Here is part 2 of a saga of our immediate future (sure).

       Certificate of Correction Pt 2

I came away from the experience of attending a correctional session at the Juvenile Center with mixed emotions. On the one hand it had been both horrific and fascinating. On the other, decidedly arousing. I had watched 6 juvenile offenders spanked on their naked buttocks while laid across a bench. I had seen the matrons, the lady corrections officers, smack each pair of bottom cheeks, so lewdly offered up, between 100 and 200 times. I had witnessed the shameful paddling and caning of those same teenagers on their reddened posteriors as they were held strapped in over the dreaded "Box" which elevated and exposed their naked rear ends for punishment.

In the post session interview with my client, Jennifer Scott, I came to understand first hand how horrible and humiliating it was. Jennifer had stood there, too sore to sit down and had sobbed that she would never go through this ordeal again. It was painful beyond anything she had ever experienced, she had said. And the humiliation of being practically stripped naked for it, in front of witnesses, was so mortifying she did not know if she could face the world again. I tried to tell her that a lot of kids her age had gone through this program and that her friends would be sympathetic, but all she said she wanted to do was crawl in a hole and die.

Karen too was sympathetic, after all Jennifer was one of her cases now. There was an automatic probationary period even though the slate would be wiped clean 90 days hence. Karen presented her with the signed Certificate of Correction which meant that she had gone through with the program. She or her parents would send that to the Court. In 90 days if there were no repeat offenses, her record was expunged. If there was a probation violation, Karen would take care of determining a recomendation to the Court about disposition.

So it was a tearful and repentant Jennifer who walked out of the Center that afternoon in the company of her parents. The best I could tell them was that Jennifer hadn't suffered any more than any of the other kids, that there was no damage to her skin, and that the staff followed proper procedure.I added, though, that she was one well spanked little girl, and that she should be allowed now to put this incident behind her.

I met Karen that night at Luigi's, a favorite Italian restaurant of ours. She wanted to talk about what we had seen.

"Well, what did you think?" she said, sipping some pinot gris. She was dressed in a short sleeveless summer dress that showed off her wonderous breasts and athletic legs. It exposed a generous amount of cleavage and came only to mid thigh. When we had met outside I remembered praying for a strong wind. I was still in quite a state.

"It was the most lurid spectacle I've ever seen, if you really want to know, but I guess its better than jail or time in Juvie Hall."

"Yeah, both of those could be worse, and, there is corporal punishment in both of those places as well. This way they get the whole thing over with in one shot."

"Well, there's something to be said for that," I acknowleged, "but, wow, it really looked painful. That Ms Carson was all business, and she doled out pretty hard licks, especially with that cane or whatever it was."

"It's a hollow rod made of some synthetic. It's supposed to mimic rattan or something. The real thing you have to soak in water to keep it springy. That stuff stays whippy, but you have to know how to use it."

"Do you?" I inquired.

"No", but I am supposed to know how to use the 'Sandal'". This was an oval shaped piece of leather covered in a thin rubber on the "business" side. It appeared to be a milder form of punishment, rather like a spanking with mom's beach sandal.

"YOU? Use one of those things to spank someone?"

"Yes. It's part of the job. We have the authority to spank--not more than 100 smacks at a time--for things like probation violations. This short-cuts getting the Court involved with trivial stuff. Sometimes there are all kinds of conditions of probation, like not skipping school. If the kids mess up, I can take him or her down the hall to room 211 and dish out a good old fashioned spanking."

"You're kidding! Have you spanked anybody?"

"No, not yet. But there is a little miss I have to see Monday who has been caught trying to buy cigarettes. She was busted at an underage party with a lot of drinking going on and just put on probation. I'm thinking it might be appropriate for her. Changing the subject...Rollin let me ask you something. Did you ...er get turned on at all watching?"

"I cannot lie. You bet I did. I mean it wasn't just the almost nude state of these teenage girls. It was the whole situation...the power or the exercise of that power....the crying, the wriggling, the helpless postures, you know, bare buns in up the air, getting smacked, the whole thing. It kinda bothered me with Jennifer...I mean, she's my client, but I got to say, seeing her bare tail get a whipping was sexy as hell."

"I have to admit, I felt the same," grinned Karen sheepishly. " But I was imagining myself in their place. I did used to get spankings, but it has been awhile."

"Really? When did you get your last spanking?"

"Oh I was 14 and it was at camp. It all started when a bunch of us girls tried to sneak over to the boys camp across the lake. We were going to meet the boys in the woods but the counselors caught us. They were pretty upset, they could have lost their jobs and all. They said that they wouldn't report us if we took punishment from them and we all said ok. Our cabin counselors Sue and Janey and their assistant Carrie were college girls. Sue and Janey were seniors and Carrie was a freshman. The next day at noon rest time they took us girls out to the nature cabin. There were 8 of us in on it. They pulled out some chairs and put them in kind of a circle. One at a time we had to pull our pants down, bend over a lap, and take 25 whacks with the flat of the hand. They took turns at dishing out the spankings. I don't remember it hurting so much, it was just humiliating to be spanked like a little kid, bare butt on display and all. And that wasn't the end of it. From then on when any of us acted up, it was out to the nature cabin for an over-the-knee session with Sue or Janey. I got it several times that summer."

"Tell me all about it! Inquiring minds want to know!"

"Some other time, Rollin...now be serious-- you're getting me sidetracked. And here I am, I'm trying to give you an overview."

Karen contiued: "Other than that, mom spanked me when I was younger, but it was usually over quickly. That camp spankings though, we had time to think about it. The weird thing was that it was kind of exciting. I always had butterflies so bad, but seeing my friends getting it bare made me feel funny, you know? And it felt all warm afterward...my butt I mean. Our counselors were kind of semi-serious about it, like it was a joke. You know, they would smile and say stuff like, 'ooh, Karen and Cathy didn't make their beds in time, looks like a spanking', and everyone would troop out to the nature cabin or sometimes this clearing in the woods to see justice meted out. But it was just a game, you know?"

I didn't know. But what the hell, the image of a younger Karen with her little camp shorts pulled down and being spanked on the bare fanny over the knee of some buxom sorority sister beauty was giving me a woody.

"What about you Rollin. I bet you got spanked all the time. You can be so.....exasperating. C'mon, you can tell me."

"Ok, ok. I was a handful. Until I was about 10, mom did the honors. When she was at her wits end, Mom would haul me into the bathroom. She'd say it was time for a real "pantsdowner", that's what she called it. She'd yank my pants down, take a seat on the commode, and pull me over her knee. Then she would spank. Hard and fast. No set number. What I remember is how loud all that smacking was in that bathroom. I'd howl, all right. I'd wiggle and yell but she would smack away til it felt like my ass was on fire. She would sting my little backside until she figured I was real sorry for whatever it was I'd done. Then she would give me a hug and a kiss and that was it."

"How did you feel about it?"

"It was just part of being a kid. I could be a holy terror at times, I know."

"You still can," said Karen grinning mischievously, "but see, thats what's interesting, when it was over it was over, you were fully paid up and life went on. That's why I'm thinking this system isn't so bad."

"So are you going to paddle little whats-her-name on Monday?

"Antonia, her name is Antonia DuBois. She's a rich kid and a snotty one to boot. And yeah, I might just have to spank little Antonia. I'd say based on her attitude, she could use a good spanking. But I need more data," said Karen with a kind of faraway look. Then a look of determination crossed her face, as if she had made up her mind about something. "Rollin, lets go home to my place. I need your help with something."

"We just got drinks," I protested.

"We'll eat later. First we have to do something."

Stranger and stranger, I thought, but ok, I'm game. Karen rose and once again her beauty almost knocked me over. That is not much of a dress to put so much girl into, I thought. We drove back to her place. When we got there she asked me if I wanted another drink. I said I was ok but she said something about liquid courage and made herself a double. Then she sat down next to me on the couch.

"Rollin, we've been close for a long time and I have to say I have, well, certain feelings for you, so I hope what I'm about to ask doesn't spoil things. I don't think it will, knowing you, but I have to say that."

"Karen, I feel the same way, and I doubt that there is anything you would ask me to do that would change that. I have felt so much affection for you for so long. I just want us to be closer."

With that Karen looked at me for a moment then leaned forward and planted a kiss right on my mouth, her tongue working its way in to find mine. Her arms went around me and she hugged me fiercely. I took her in my arms. It seemed as if a wall of passion that had been restrained for so long was about to burst. Finally we broke.

"Whew!" I said. "What was that for?"

"Partial payment in advance", she said coyly.

"In advance of what you little minx? What I want to do right now is ravish you royally!"

"Ummm...so masterful too. This is good." Then she got serious again. Women are so mercurial. It drives me crazy.

"Rollin,...here it is," she began, "I...I...need to know what it feels like. If I'm going to give one, I have to know what it is like."

"Huh? What what is like? What are you talking about?"

"Spankings, Rollin, spankings....with the sandal. My job, I might have to do it."

She sat up and squaring her shoulders, said with a look of determination,

"Rollin I want you to spank me. I want you to give it to me just like at the Correctional Center. With one of those spankers, the Sandal. I have to know what they feel, what they go through."

You could have knocked me over with a feather. Karen, she of the beautiful ass who had just taken our simmering friendship to the next level with that passionate kiss, who had treated me to this lurid spectacle, who had regaled me with recollections of her delightful adolescent paddywhackings, wanted me to spank her! Like it was some big favor??

The 'ol computer figured this one out pretty quick.

"Uh...well, I guess so." I said, feigning reluctance.

"Then you'll do it!" She breathed in relief.

"Yes, but don't be too grateful yet," I warned.

"Ummm...yes, " she said, biting her lower lip. Then she straightened again.

"I need this, Rollin, and I need it to be authentic. Don't hold back, ok?"

I nodded.

"I'm going to get ready. I brought one of the Sandals home. The best way is for you to sit in the middle of the sofa. When I'm over your lap it will be the way we have it in room 211. We just have a wide padded bench, not one of those special spanking benches. I'll be right back."

She walked into the next room and returned with a "sandal". This was an oval shaped piece of leather with a rubberized backing held between two pieces of wood that were clamped together to form a handle. Karen handed me the bat.

"We can give, at most, 100 licks with this. That is what you should give me. Here...". And she handed me the wicked little paddle.

She looked for all the world like a contrite schoolgirl handing daddy the paddle that he would spank her with.

She turned around and asked me if I would "please help the lady out of her dress". She explained that it was underwear only in the punishment room and she wanted to be treated "like one of the kids."

"Just like the teenagers? Are you sure?" I asked.

She did not flinch.

"Everything. Just like you saw Jennifer get tanned by Doreen."

"Ok," I said, unzipping her dress, "Take this dress off and your shoes."

She slipped the flimsy dress over her head, which left her in bra and panties. Her nicely endowed breasts strained against the bra and her luscious ass was barely contained by the tiny panties. I had seen her in a bathing suit before but nothing could compare with this. She had a narrow waist and a firm fully fleshed posterior that jutted out impudently.

"Are you ready for this?" I asked taking the spanker in hand, flexing it, testing the weight.

She looked me straight in the eye. "Yes, Rollin, I am. Take me across your knee and give it to me good. 100 smacks, well laid on, as they say."

"Then get yourself across my lap, young lady" I said, taking a seat on the couch.

She prostrated herself across my lap, resting her pelvis directly over my groin, arching those magnificent buttocks up. I took the paddle in hand and rested it on her rear.

"Aren't you forgetting something, Rollin?" she said with a grin as she turned her upper body slightly. "My panties, they need to come down." And she lifted her bottom up so I could slide her panties down to her knees. I took the waistband of her panties and tugged them down revealing her glorious nude hind cheeks. She turned forward and rested her face on her hands. I was ready to begin.

I took the Sandal raised my arm and brought it down with a loud SMACK! squarely in the middle of of Karen's nude fanny. The cheeks wobbled deliciously and a patch of red arose where I had struck.

"Oooh..." breathed Karen.

SMACK! again I whipped down the leather paddle smacking her left cheek.

"Owwww...." yipped Karen.

Taking a firm grip I started to spank in a slow but steady rhythym, one side....smack!.... then the other, smack!.... sometimes....smack!... right across the middle. Karen gripped the cushions of the sofa and gave little yelps with each few smacks.

"Are you counting?" I said. "You wanted 100, remember?"

"Oooh..yes Rollin, I think you've given me 8 or 9. I'll count. Please continue my spanking, kind sir."

"Ok, here goes...."

And I started up once again, determined to make it meaningful. I smacked the sandal down against her nether cheeks at the rate of about one smack every two seconds. I figured this was a good way to let her feel each spank distinctly. Her behind started to redden and the succulent bottomcheeks bobbed and jiggled. After a while Karen was wriggling her luscious body all over my lap. I just knew she had to be able to feel my hardening penis. All the while she breathlessly maintained the count. SMACK! "37" SMACK! "38" SMACK! "Oooh...39" SMACK! "oww...40". I was mesmerized watching the lascivious jiggle of her bare buns with each hearty smack of the Sandal. As I neared 70 her movements became more animated and the yelps which accompanied the count became more vocal. Karen began to flutter her feet and hump her body up and down. It almost seemed as if she were deliberately raising her sit spot to meet the descending crack! of the paddle. She wanted a bare fanny tanning and she was getting it. Having watched the correctional officers I had a pretty good idea of how hard to spank and I laid the spanks on very firmly. As we neared 100, a climax of sorts seemed to be building. Her cries now more frantic, the noisy smacks seeming louder, the bucking and wriggling of her nude bottom, all of this culminated in the last few smacks of the wicked Sandal. SMACK! "yeowww...97" SMACK! "Ohh...Rollin...98" SMACK! "99" and...SMAAAACK!!! "ow..ow..ow...Rollin you beast!...100".

I stopped. She lay for a moment across my lap seemingly drained and making little noises like "Ah...ah...ah...". Then she jumped up. Her hands flew to her red seat and she rubbed as she bent halfway over sticking out her behind lewdly. Her mouth was open and her eyes were wide as saucers.

"My God!! That really stung! Oh wow!"

She did a little dance, hopping from one foot to the other. It was as sexy a thing as I had ever seen. Finally she slowed down. She didn't even pull up her panties, she just stretched out her arms and fell into mine. Gripping my head with one hand she pulled my lips to hers and proceeded to kiss me passionately. I ran my hands all over her body. She winced when I first touched her bottom. The cheeks were hot to the touch and I slowly rubbed and kneaded them, hoping to assuage some of the sting. My hand eventually found the bush between her legs. As I suspected, she was wet. She gave alittle moan as I ran my fingers along the slippery folds of her labia. She moaned louder as my fingers found the little button of her clitoris and I massaged it gently. She broke off the kiss and stood back. Her fingers reached behind her as she undid the clasp of her bra. Shucking the bra, she freed her glorious tits. Her hands went to the waistband of my pants and she yanked them down. Falling to her knees she reached into my undershorts and pulled out my engorged member. My prick disappeared between her lips as she took me into her mouth, slowly drawing her lips across the glans and swirling her tongue around the head.

I couldn't stand much more of this! I pulled her head back and stood her up, then I took off the rest of my clothes. We walked hand in hand to her bedroom where at long last she got her royal ravishing. I took her in every way I could think of. She was wet and yielding but her tight tunnel gripped my member as I slid in and out of her building that delicious friction to shattering crescendo. I especially liked taking her from behind as she knelt on all fours, my tummy now spanking her wobbly globes as my hard rod disappeared between the red-suffused cheeks, over and over again. Then she rode me, astride my legs as I grabbed her breasts pinching the nipples. I held out as long as I could but finally gave up and came, pumping furiously. She said later that she came more than once. We collapsed in a heap on the bed.

Later we dressed and puttered around in her kitchen. We were both famished. She fixed some pasta and a salad and we sat down to eat.

"When you were spanking me, toward the end, my rear was so hot and burning that I thought I couldn't stand it. Each smack was like a splash of fire on my hind end that just got hotter and hotter."

"Isn't that the idea?" I said.

"I think so. It was really a sharp shock. But you know what? It made me feel sexy. Maybe 'cause it was you and I knew what was coming next. And when you stopped and I got to rub my bottom, soon it felt all pleasantly hot and tingly."

"Well, then I guess your experiment is a success. Little miss Antonia might not be sitting comfortably for a while after Monday, I'm thinking."

"Uh...Rollin, the experiment isn't over yet."

Whatever did she mean by that?


           Certificate of Correction Pt 3

When I awoke the next morning, Karen was already up. I could hear her rustling around in the kitchen. She heard me in the bathroom and called to me, telling me to come on down for breakfast. "And don't bother to dress!" she admonished in a sing-song lilt. I staggered downstairs in my t-shirt and boxer shorts to find Karen in a flimsy nighty bouncing about in the kitchen. At her command I sat down and was treated to a hearty breakfast served by Karen in the little pink baby doll neglige that hid little. My penis gave a little twitch at the sight of those luscious breasts and her jouncy rear end. I noticed that her ass seemed yet a bit pink from the previous night's festivities. Hmmm....I was starting to get worked up again, all right. We sat down and ate. I was eying Karen as hungrily as the eggs, and I was famished.

"Are you done?" she said over our third cup of coffee. "Because if you are, I want to continue our experiment," she said grinning.

Mmmm boy, I thought. You bet I want to get my hands on those pnuematic buns of hers again.

"Are you sure you are up for this again?" I said with genuine concern. "Your fanny still looks pinkish."

"Oh, you're not going to smack MY bottom this morning........oh no," she said giggling.

Then it dawned on me.

"Wait a minute...you don't mean to..."

"Oh yes I do! Come on Rollin. You agreed to help me. I now know what a smacking with that spanker is like ...thank you very much," she said, lifting and giving her rear end a rub," but I also need to know how to give one."

I choked on the coffee. "You've got to be kidding. You want to smack ME with that thing?"

Karen huffed, "What's the matter, .....are you chicken? To take a little spanking from a girl? A strong, brave guy like you?"

I was trapped and I knew it. I mumbled a surly ok. Karen broke into a big smile, and said, "Good boy," pinching my cheek playfully. There was silence for a moment.

"Well.... no time like the present for giving my brave boy his spanking. Come with me young man," she said with a mock serious tone.

We got up from the table and Karen took my arm and led me into the living room where the Sandal lay on the coffee table. Karen sat down and crooked her finger, grinning all the while, beckoning me to her side. I sighed and shuffled to her side reluctantly. She patted her thighs and I draped myself across her lap. She leaned over, her breasts brushing against my back, and took up the spanker.

"Lift up Rollin. This is the moment of truth for all naughty boys." I obeyed and felt her fingers in the waistband of my shorts. She tugged my boxers to my knees fully baring my hind end. A cool breeze fanned my rear as she patted it with the spanker. She gave my fanny a few more tentative taps and said: "I am going to give you what I think they call a good SOUND spanking! Now don't move. Be brave. After all I took mine, so you should take yours."

Then she started to smack. She was tentative at first and the first few spanks were tingly and somewhat pleasant. Then she really got into it, putting some force behind the blows, and my bottom started to heat up. I felt solid hard slow smacks for about the first ten then she switched to a rapid cadence for the next ten. My bottom started to really sting as she laid on smack after smack, alternating one side at a time, sometimes right across the middle. I could imagine what she looked like, a determined look on her pretty face, arm flashing in the air, breasts heaving and then bringing the Sandal down with a loud smack. My body gave a jerk with each sonorous smack! that landed. I gasped and wriggled. My sit-spot was heating up and I knew my buns must be getting red by now.

"How (smack!) does this (smack!) feel (smack!) Rollin? "( Smack! smack! smack!)

"Oww....it stings."

"Good.(smack! smack!). You probably deserve it for all the stuff (smack! smack!) you got away with when you (smack!) were (smack!) a kid. (Smack! smack! smack!)"

"Yeowww...ouch ...ow ....ouch. That's enough....stop!"

"No...not yet...tell me is it worse with slow even spanks like this? (smack!.....smack!.....smack!......smack!), or fast spanks---- all at once like this?" smack!spank!swat!whap!smack!crack!spank!

"Ow...ow...ow..ow....they're both bad", I yelped, "Now for god's sake stop!"

"Just a few more good hard ones, Rollin. I'm pretending you are a naughty 16 year old truant. This(smack!) will (smack!) teach(smack!) you(smack!) to get to school(Smack! whack! swat! spank!whap!)"

"ouch..ouch...ow..ooh...Karen...stop now? ok?"

I imagine I looked like a 16 year old truant lying over her knee with a beet red bottom and howling for mercy after a good licking from the truant officer. She stopped and I hopped up off her lap rubbing my flaming buns and doing a little dance as I ooh'ed and ahh'ed. As the fire subsided to a hot glow, amazingly, my cock began to harden again. I contemplated Karen's barely concealed charms in the little nighty. Karen reached out and took my throbbing member in her hand.

"Ohhh...is this for me? Maybe there is some benefit after all to a good old fashioned spanking for you, Rollin. We may have to do this again. I know it turned me on."

And with that she stood up and doffed the flimsy nighty to reveal her glorious nakedness. While I stood she knelt and took me in her mouth until I could stand no more. I pulled her up and flung her to the couch. She was more than ready and I slid right in. We commenced to fuck furiously, building quickly to a climax. We rested awhile in each other's arms then started up again, this time very slowly. And so it went...

We made love all weekend, just friends no more. All too soon it became Monday morning.


We met at her place after work. Karen was bustling around in the kitchen fixing a casserole. I could tell she was bursting to tell me about her day and I was curious about her case that she had mentioned, a girl named Antonia DuBois.

"You would'nt believe my day!" she said. "Wow, what an education."

"I'm all ears. Did little miss Antonia get her botty smacked?"

"And how! But that's not the half of it. I got to the office down at Juvenile and about 10am I get this call on the intercom from Eva Findje. She's been there for a while. She's in her late 30's tall, short platinum blonde hair, a real nordic goddess type. She wants me to witness corporal punishment. See, whenever we are going to administer CP at our level, which we have authority to do, we have to call in another case officer as a witness. Well, I haven't been there that long so it was my first. I had noticed this kid, about 15 and his mother coming in earlier and they went into Eva's office. I didn't think any more about it until I got the call. So anyway I go down to Eva's office and this kid, his name was Ricky, he's sitting there white as a sheet. Eva told me later that when he came in he was snotty and rude. That was one of the reasons Eva decided on CP. It seems Ricky is on probation for repeated curfew arrests and last night the cops picked him up again. He spent the night in Juvie and his mom was there to pick him up. They brought him in when his mom arrived and he starts mouthing off to Eva. Big mistake. Eva tells Ricky she won't tolerate disrespect and his mother says that he is rude to her all the time. Eva tells his mom that a good hard spanking might help to fix that and his mom agrees. Now Ricky is starting to sweat. Eva then decides that administrative CP is called for and calls me in."

"As I walk in Ricky is sitting there wringing his hands and Eva is writing on a form. It's the form we all fill out when we are going to dish out administrative CP. I notice she puts Ricky down for 50 licks. Ricky starts to plead with his mom who just shakes her head. She tells him he has had this coming for a long time. Eva opens a drawer and takes out the Sandal. Ricky's eyes get as big as saucers. Eva stands up to her full 5'11" height and says 'Lets go, Ricky.' Ricky cringes but his mom pushes him out the door. Eva is in front tapping that paddle in her hand and her heels click as we walk down the hall. At the admin desk Eva asks Julie if room 211 is vacant. She gives Ricky this big evil grin and says, "go right in, no waiting." Eva tells Ricky to go inside."

"Once inside Eva sits on the bench. This is a wide black padded exercise bench like you'd find at the gym, except that is has a vertical back in the middle. This was the old model spanking bench and they still use them for younger kids. Anyway Eva demands that Ricky put out his hands. She secures them with soft restraints, then positions Ricky to her right. She undoes his belt, unzips his fly and pulls his pants down. Ricky is blubbering and protesting, but mom just shakes her head, no. Eva pulls Ricky right over her knee and props him so that his fanny is the highest point of his body. Then she takes his underpants down. Ricky is really squealing now, begging to be let off."

"Eva tells Ricky he is getting 50 licks and she asks me to count. I nod and she brings that little spanker down on Ricky's little bottom with a loud crack. She really puts it to him. Eva spanks slow and hard. She must have taken 5 minutes to give Ricky his 50 swats and I bet it was the longest 5 minutes of his young life. Each smack was deliberate and given as hard as she could make it. Eva does not hold back. He really got a good tanning. He squealed like a stuck pig with every spank and that was a lot of squealing because she spaced the spanks about 10 seconds apart. Ricky's fanny went from white to pink to cherry red. He tried kicking his legs but Eva held him down and just kept spanking one cheek then the other. I think it hurt more than a fast spanking because he had time to absorb each one and think about the next."

"Ricky is crying real tears now and begging Eva to stop. She lectures him between each lick of the final 10. I guess she wanted to make sure the lesson was driven home. Finally she lets him up. Ricky hops up and does this frantic little dance, rubbing his red butt, oblivious to the fact that three women are watching. Finally he "comes to" , so to speak and pulls his pants back up. You should have seen it! His face was as red as his fanny."

"Eva shakes the paddle at him and says something like 'Let that be a good lesson, young man. Don't let me find you back here again!' Then Ricky's mom turns to Eva and asks her in this oh-so- sweet voice where can she find one of those Sandal paddles. You should have seen the look on Ricky's face after that one. It was priceless."

"Sounds like an interesting start to the day," I ventured.

"It gets better. After watching Eva, I know what the drill is, and after ah...practicing on you, I think I know how to do this."

"Well, I would hope my participation in your 'experiment' was of some help," I said dryly. "What happened next?"

"I think I told you about this case. There's this girl. Antonia DuBois. Snooty. Rich girl. She's a truant, an habitual one. School authorities complain to us and we have to process them through here. In a lot of states she'd get the paddle at school but I guess we aren't as enlightened here. Anyway, now its a probation violation. I don't want to take it to court, what are they going to do?"

"Make her get a Certificate?" I ventured.

"Maybe after a few more violations, the court would recommend that. But I wanted to nip it in the bud now. I thought maybe a short painful shock to Miss Antonia's fundament might put her back on the bus and get her out of our hair. We really have bigger problems, like shoplifting and drinking and drugs."

"So she comes in with her mother who I can see is at her wit's end with this child. She's a very pretty girl, she has to be popular. You know, short blonde hair in a pageboy style, nice figure, about 5'7", long legs, cute face. Drives the boys to distraction for sure. A real man killer.

"So we start to talk. I explain that legally she must be in school at her age. She is sullen and snippy, as if this whole thing is some big inconvenience for her. Her mother chimes in, echoing what I'm saying, but Antonia just rolls her eyes. I turn to her mother and say something like 'it looks like we are not making an impression here.' Her mother nods and then I drop the bomb. In a matter-of-fact voice I tell Antonia that in view of her attitude I think the administration of case officer level CP is appropriate.

Antonia does not know what this means. 'In lieu of reporting this violation to the court, I am proposing a non-formal sanction in this case and hope that afterwards you learn to comply with the conditions of your probation.' Antonia still doesn't get it. Light is beginning to dawn on her mom's face though, and she just eyes her daughter and smiles. Antonia just wears this puzzled expression. I decide to buzz Eva. I tell her that I'm about to administer CP and I need a witness. Antonia is becoming alarmed now, and says 'What is this?'

"I say 'In a moment Antonia you and I and your mother, if she wishes, and a coworker who will witness this, will take a little walk down the hall to room 211. There I will sit on a low padded bench and you will lift your dress and place yourself across my knee for some much-needed correction. You will receive a good spanking from me of 50 smacks on your bare backside with this', and I pull the Sandal out of my drawer and plop it on the desk. She stares at it, eyes wide, mouth hanging open. 'No..no...you can't do this to me.' Antonia turns to her mom now, 'Can she mom? Can she really do this?' Mom just lifts her eyebrows and shrugs and says, 'I think she can, dear. It's the law.'

Mom is tickled pink. She's probably tried everything with Antonia and nothing's worked. Now we've got her attention. Then Eva arrives and the sight of this tall stern-looking woman seems to intimidate Antonia even more. I tell Eva very matter-of-factly that I'm going to administer a spanking to Antonia. Eva nods and folds her arms. Antonia is licking her lips and squirming while I take my time filling out the paperwork. I have Eva initial as a witness then say 'ok, Antonia, lets go get this over with.'Antonia looks at mom and pleads, 'Mom, tell her no--she can't do this to me!' Mom just shrugs and says 'Sorry, darling, I think they can.' Antonia is wild-eyed and panicky now. She can't believe this is happening.

We walk down the hall. This time I'm leading the little parade. Room 211 is empty so we all go in. I sit down and tell Antonia to get herself right over my knee. Her mother stops her and for a moment I think we are going to have a problem, but her mother says, 'this is to be on her bare bottom, right?' We nod and she says, 'alright then Antonia, take off that dress. I don't want it wrinkled.' Antonia begs, 'please no', but mom is adamant. Antonia pulls the dress off. Now she is in her bra and panties with a garter belt, no less--can you believe it?--and hose. She must have thought she was going to lunch at the country club instead of going to get her bottom tanned. I look at Antonia and pat my thighs. Antonia looks beseechingly at mom and says, 'do I have to?'. Mom says that she better do as I say. Antonia puts herself across my lap as I push back against the support. I arrange her so that her hind end is over my right leg. This way I can lift her little derriere up so I can get at it better. Eva taught me this. Anyway I tell Antonia to lift up a little so I can skin her panties down. Then I picked up the Sandal and started spanking 1...2...3, like that. I think its better to spank with hard slow smacks rather than a fast flurry. It gives the kid time to appreciate the build-up of the sting. Boy, did she jiggle and squirm. Every time I brought that paddle down on her nude little hiney, she would jerk and yelp. Actually her hiney wasn't so little. She was nearly fully developed and had a nice full round cheeked behind. I just kept on smacking at a steady pace while Eva kept count. She started pleading and crying by smack number 10. Each cheek wobbled when I smacked it. Your butt doesn't wobble as much, Rollin."

"Not as much fun , huh?"

"oh..you..anyway I must have taken 5 or 6 minutes to give little miss Antonia her fanny warming and she was crying and pleading for mercy and for mommy to make it stop by the end of it. And her bottom....it was beet red and probably stung like anything. I think I did a good job of it even if I do say so myself."

"I know from experience you can do a 'good job'".

"Well, anyway, that's my day. How was yours?"

"Not as interesting as that yet, but I think it's about to get a lot more interesting."

"What do you mean, Rollin."

"Do you smell that? While you were regaling me with tales of smacked bottoms, the dinner was burning."

"Oh no!" wailed Karen. "The casserole!" And she ran to pull the smoking dish out of the oven. "Now we have to go out," she said ruefully.

"Not just yet", I said, making a show of rolling up my sleeve. "Do you know the traditional penalty for girlfriends who burn dinner just so their boyfriends will take them out?"

"Now wait a minute, Rollin" said Karen, backing up," You're not going to..."

"Oh yes I am young lady. If I have to buy you dinner you'll have to sit on a well warmed bottom to eat it," I said with a wicked gleam in my eye.

Then Karen cracked a smile and the chase was on. Karen was as giggly as a schoolgirl caught up in the excitement of being pursued by a determined male. Around the table, into the living room I chased her. She tried to make a dash for the bathroom where she could lock the door, but as she ran out from behind the couch I caught her and tucked her under my arm.

She wiggled and squirmed, "Put me down, put me down right now."

"Oh,no, milady, now its time for your comeuppance."

I carried her over to the dining room and pulled out a chair. Seating myself I plopped her face down across my lap. She was still half laughing as I pulled up her dress to reveal her sumptious behind clad in brief satin panties.

"Rollin don't you dare!" She shrieked.

"Oh, yes my love, I think this lovely fanny needs a good warming."

I rubbed my hand across the jiggling mounds, patting and kneading the ripe globes. Then I started to spank. The feel of a wobbly bottom under one's hand as it smacks from cheek to cheek is really quite delicious. Heat builds up in the hand (as it must in the recipient's rear end) and there is a springy resilient quality in the feel as palm meets bottom. Each cheek flattens when struck and a cute little shock wave expands outwardly. Then the flesh springs back to its original shape. After warming her panties a bit I felt it was time to get down to business. She shrieked anew, still giddy, as I pulled the brief satin panties to her knees. What a sight! Two very round and very bare pouting bottom cheeks perched over my knee, ready for more attention! With her lovely rear now denuded I could see a pink flush and some faint handprints. Another delightful rubbing made her coo. I slipped my fingers into the slit between her legs. Her arousal was evident. I started to spank again, slowly, each spank making a loud splat! sound. She wailed in mock distress and kicked her lovely legs as I smacked from cheek to cheek. The wobble of each fanny cheek as I smacked it was mesmerizing. I kept on spanking, the pink flush becoming darker, now almost red. From time to time I stopped to pat and rub. The spanks were only medium hard, I did not want to hurt her, but I did want it to sting. I was caught up in the age old drama of the conquering male applying loving dominance to his sweetheart and the sweetheart was loving every minute of it. She moaned in exctasy when I found her clitoris and massaged it. She rose up, arching her buttocks in time to meet my descending hand. For my part I was now as hard as blue steel.

"Woman are you going to prattle on about bare fanny spankings while dinner burns?" Smack! smack! whap! splat! spank!

"Oh, no, sir I promise...never again!"

Smack! "Because if you do, (smack!) you will find youself (smack! crack!) over my knees for a good tanning! (Smack! whack! Crack!)

"Owwww.....yes sir! Is that a threat or a promise, sir?"

Smack! smack! smack!


"Dont be impudent, woman!"

Smack! smack!

"whewwwww!.....that stings, sir!"

I stopped. I held her across my lap, both of us out of breath. I tenderly lifted her upright. She stood and ruefully rubbed her bright red buttocks.

"Well" I said, "That was hard work. Now I'm famished. Let's go out."

Karen's eyes got as big as saucers. She grabbed my belt and pulled me to her for a long wet kiss once she realized that I was having her on.

"Not on your life, mister. You haven't even started to earn your supper yet!"

We never made it out to dinner.

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