This story is, as they say, "ripped from today's headlines". When I saw the story of the Powers, Oregon girl, valedictorian of her class, who had been suspended and had been stripped of her honors, scholarships, not allowed to participate in the senior trip, etc, all because of a youthful indescretion involving boys, nudity, and showers, it became too much to resist. THE STORY I AM ABOUT TO TELL IN NO WAY REFLECTS UPON THE ACTUAL EVENTS OF THE TRUE STORY NOR ARE ANY ACTIONS OR PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES OF ANYONE IN THIS STORY TO BE TAKEN AS EVEN REMOTELY DESCRIPTIVE OF THE REAL PERSONS INVOLVED. IT'S ALL MADE UP. Names, places and events are all purely fictitious. IMHO this incident could have been handled in a much more civilized manner, as this tale will illustrate.

A Very Bright Girl

Everybody in Kockum's Mills agreed that Heidi was a very bright girl. Some, howver, began to reevaluate that notion after what the comely high school senior did near the end of her senior year.

The headline read "Valedictorian Schoolgirl Stripped of Honors". Most people chancing upon the piece probably caught on the "schoolgirl stripped" part and might have been a bit chagrined at being taken in. But, they may have then been delighted to read in the rest of the article that it indeed involved a stripped schoolgirl, and a lawsuit, and its aftermath.

In a nutshell, here is what had happened. Heidi Lawson, a pretty 18 year old senior girl at Kockum's Mills high school in Kockum's Mills, Idaho had been caught showering nude with 6 high school boys. Miss Lawson had taken the boys quite by surprise, having walked unannounced into the shower as the boys were using it. Miss Lawson had pulled this stunt to protest what she viewed as a radical disparity in the facilities for boys and girls at the school and wanted to make the point that it wasn't fair that the boys had state of the art locker/ shower rooms while the girls were relegated to the old out of date facilities. "I'm making a statement for women's equality," she told the press, "and besides, no one should be ashamed of their body. I know I'm not."

And little wonder, since the body in question was most attractive. Heidi was about 5'3", flaxen blonde hair, worn long, mostly in a ponytail. She had cheerleader's build, perky breasts, not large but high set, a slender waist, and curvy hips. Her legs were lean and beautifully sculpted, the result of a high school track career. And, she had a great ass. It was full, round, pert, and schoolgirl perfect. The two moons were widely separated, the bisecting crease visible in the tight jeans she wore. Maybe this bodily characteristic unconsciously led to the strange resolution of this matter.

Heidi was discovered "cavorting", as it would later be put, in the boys shower on a Friday at 4:30 pm by Mr Thompson, the boys PE teacher. Mr Thompson had been alerted by Kelly Shore, the school secretary that there was some "disturbance" going on, and he had gone to investigate. The response was swift. Heidi was sent to the principal and suspended on the spot, pending final resolution by the school board.

The board, at the urging of the principal Martha Fleck, and vice principal and dean of discipline, Vernon Twoomy, suspended Heidi for ten days, took away her valedictory honors, disqualified her from taking part in graduation, the senior trip, and any school-sponsored extracurricular activity.

Heidi was stunned. For what she believed to be a statement of equality at best, and a harmless senior prank at worst, she was losing nearly everything she had worked for in high school. Because of the suspension she got F's on some finals dropping her GPA from 3.9 to 3.2. Scholarships were to be lost as a result.

The response of Heidi's parents was predictable. They hired J. Preston Gatewood, a well known trial attorney. Suit was brought against the school for violation of civil rights (42 USC 1983) for an injunction requiring the school to restore her valedictory status and permitting her to retake the test she had missed. The suit further asked for damages of one million dollars.

A heated debate ensued. The town of Kockum's Mills split along conservative hard liners who moaned about immorality and the need for swift punishment and liberals who defended Heidi and her lofty goal of women's equality. The phone lines were jammed with calls on the local talk radio station. The boys who had been in the shower were interviewed. Typical responses: "Hey man, Heidi's got a bitchin' bod. She can shower with us any time. Go Heidi!" and "Dude! I think I'm in love. What an ass on that babe!"

Probably, the liberals were in the minority. Kockum's Mills was a logging and farming town and the majority of the population was bedrock Christian conservative who viewed Heidi as a "shameless hussy", out to destroy the morals of their young men. The fact that there were any liberals at all was probably due to the presence of the private college at which Harold Lawson, Heidi's dad, was a professor of physics. Jan, Heidi's mother, was active in local Democratic party politics. They had moved to Kockum's Mills three years previously. They were liberal and proud of it, and they supported their daughter and her causes, popular or not. Still, they were not wealthy, and the looming loss of the scholarships was a crushing blow.

The filing of the lawsuit caused the school board to go into special session. They called upon their attorney, Willard Allen, to advise them.

"Well what's the bottom line, Willard, can they sue us for enforcing a school rule?" asked Bob Teech, the chairman and head of the local grange.

"I don't think there was a rule specifically saying anything about this, Bob," said Willard smoothly.

"Hell, it's obvious, you can't have boys and girls showerin' together."

"We've got to be able to maintain order," said Marjorie Simmons, another board member. Her husband, Ralph, was the minister of the Foursquare Church. "Naked in the shower with these young men. Imagine! I know what would have happened in my day."

Willard cut off what looked like the start of a time-wasting tirade on morals, the church, godliness and whatever. "All I'm saying folks is that you have a situation here. This is getting national coverage and the spin is that the punishment here is way out of line. They could change venue on us and move this case to Boise. A Boise jury could crucify us." Willard let that sink in.

"We don't want to let it get to that. Let's settle this thing."

"How, Mr Allen?" asked Martha Fleck. " If we back down now, students will walk all over us. She has to be punished and we have made our decision."

"You know me, Willard," said Vernon Twoomy, "and you know I'm being straight when I say Martha's right. I know these kids and parents. We got to stand our ground." Willard expected no less of Twoomy. He was ex marine, a staunch disciplinarian who ran a tight ship. And he didn't much care for the Lawson's and their fuzzy attitudes about discipline.

"So she says it was for women's e-quality." They all turned to their oldest board member, Ned Cramer. Ned was chuckling. He had just been talking to Kelly, who was his niece, about this very thing. "In my day, they knew what to do. The principal had a big paddle an inch thick. He'd a laid that wood across a student's tail ten or fifteen times and that would have been it. Everybody would know they'd got a whuppin' and nobody would do it again. Got my share and it made my behavior straighten up, yessiree."

"Ned, we don't paddle any more. Haven't done that since 1979. It's not an option," said Bob.

"It oughta be," huffed Vernon, "Make my job easier."

"I agree," said Martha. "Under certain controlled, well-defined conditions, a spanking is an appropriate response. The bible says so."

"Well we can't do it now," said Bob Teech, reluctantly. He couldn't recall exactly where it was in the Bible, but he reckoned Martha was right. It was probably in there somewhere.

Willard had listened to this exchange in silence, staring thoughtfully at the ceiling, his fingers pressed together.
"Bob, Martha, let me ask you something. If we could settle this thing by having that kid take a paddling, would the school be willing to give her back her valedictory status? Remove the rest of the sanctions? Let her retake her tests?"

The board and the staff looked at each other, thinking. A few nodded. Martha spoke. "From our perspective Willard, that would be OK. I think it would satisfy everyone that she'd been justly punished without messing up her future. The students and parents would have to know she'd been punished, but we could imply a lot without being specific--just say she agreed to take corporal punishment or something."

There was more discussion, but all agreed that such an option offered a way out. The administration could save face on discipline and Heidi could be valedictorian. But would it be legal? "Sure," said Willard, "we just get releases from her and her parents."

"But it has to be a real lickin'," cautioned Ned. "No namby-pamby pats on the butt."

"Well what do you consider a real licking, Ned?" asked Marjorie.

"I'd say about 15 swats, that's what we used to get. And sometimes bare butt, 'scuse my French, ladies. Never did me any harm, though."

"But she's a girl, Ned. Isn't that a bit harsh?" Jim Owney, the local State Farm agent was also on the board.

"Well, hell," countered Ned, "didn't she say she did it for women's e-quality? Let her take what a man would take."

He had a point. They came down to this proposal. All honors would be restored if Heidi would submit to 15 licks with a wooden paddle firmly applied to her well upholstered seat.


Willard laid it out for J Preston Gatewood. "Pres, it's a good deal. Time is working against you. Graduation is in 3 weeks. And you'll never get money damages and you know it."

Pres did know it. The suit was a PR move to garner support for his client in the court of public opinion. He knew he had little chance for monetary recovery.

It was on the Friday afternoon following the board's Thursday night meeting that he met with the Lawsons.
"They want to do what?" exclaimed Jan Lawson, a near carbon copy of the daughter. At 42 she had a great figure still, albeit with a bit more padding. And, if you looked at Jan walking away, there was little mystery as to the genetic source of Heidi's sexy rear end.

"We have never hit our daughter, Mr Gatewood, not once. This is unthinkable." Hal Lawson was a tall gangly man of 44, soft spoken but passionate about his ideals. And utterly devoted to the women in his life. "We have to sue these bastards...we'll..."

"Daddy, stop," Heidi spoke up. Then she addressed J Preston. "Mr Gatewood, if I agree to this ah, spanking..."

"Paddling," corrected Gatewood, "licks with a paddle, Heidi."

"Ok, a paddling. Will I get to give the valedictory address, go on the senior trip, get my scholarships back?"

Gatewood nodded. Hal could see that Heidi was thinking about it.

"Heidi, you can't be serious. This is 2000, not 1951. And you're a girl!..." Hal knew he'd made a mistake as soon as the words left his mouth, but it was too late. It was a very un-PC remark for Hal, long an avid supporter of women's equality. Still, Hal thought of his own female offspring as a tender flower, but in truth Heidi was made of sterner stuff.

"I know what I'm doing Dad," Heidi shot back. She was stubborn, Hal knew that. "How do they...I mean how many, er, times would they..." she stammered, addressing J Preston.

"They said 15 licks with a wooden paddle. The school community would be told you had submitted to some form of corporal punishment."

"This is crazy!" said Hal.

"Just a minute, Honey" said Jan. She understood the reality of the situation and knew her daughter well. "Can we take the weekend to think about it?"

The meeting concluded. They would give Preston an answer by Monday. Heidi had to leave. She had a date with her current boyfriend, Eric, a junior at the college. Heidi's parents were just as liberal with their daughter's dating habits as her politics. They allowed this for they knew that she was a smart girl with high standards, but suspected that she was not a virgin.

"Well," said Hal, as soon as Heidi had left the house with Eric, "what do we do now?"

"She knows her own mind, Hal. And she's not afraid of an embarrassing and painful experience in order to save her legacy at this school. It shows courage."

"Yes but being hit with a paddle? It's barbaric."

"Don't you get it? She's doing it for us. The scholarship money. She knows we'll bankrupt ourselves to send her to college and she is willing to suffer this...this terrible indignity to spare us."

"Oh," said Hal. He hadn't considered that.

"Hmmm," Jan mused. "Wait here a minute."

A befuddled Hal was left standing in the family room while Jan trotted off upstairs. Hal could hear clunking and clattering from a storage closet. Jan returned bearing three objects. Clutched in her hands were a frat paddle (his old ceremonial Beta Tau Epsilon paddle--never actually used), a teardrop-shaped paddle from some kind of beach game, and a rubber backed ping-pong paddle.

"What are you going to do with those?" said Hal.

"An experiment," said Jan, unclipping her skirt and dropping it to the floor. This left her in full cut white nylon panties that could barely contain her plump bottom. She looked delicious in a tight sweater the the panties--and nothing else. "I wouldn't let Heidi go through anything like this unless I feel first hand what it's like. I've never had a paddling and I don't know what one feels like. It's only fair that we see what is in store for her before we counsel her either way."

"You want me to paddle you?" said Hal incredulously.

"That is exactly what I want, darling. I want you to spank me with each one of these paddles. Firmly. They won't give her love pats." She regarded the wooden implements. "Let's see, they propose to give her 15 smacks, so why don't you give me 5 each with each of those paddles?"

Having made her request Jan moved to the sofa where she leaned over, offering her bottom for the juvenile correction. Putting her hands across the sofa's back she braced herself. Curiously, she found that the act of stripping for her husband and bending over putting her tender fanny at her husband's disposal was having an effect on her libido. She began to feel wet between the legs. Why did she find this naughty-girl pose so arousing?

Hal found it arousing too. His penis began to swell at the sight of his wife's full buttocks arched up for him in such a submissive pose. The two curvy moons begged to be spanked. In fact he recalled that when they had first been married he had, on occasion, chased Jan around the apartment, the silly fun that newlyweds engage in. He had caught her and had turned her over his knee in fun, then baring her bottom, peeling away the skirt and pantie layers while she squealed. He recalled the sight of the lush buttocks coming into view. Gently smacking the resilient globes as she yelped in mock protest, he had mastered her. Sex invariably followed and it had been hot. Why had they stopped doing that? Had feminist politics made this kind of fun unacceptable?

In what was becoming a feverish rut of desire, Hal took up the ping-pong paddle. Lightest first, he decided. He placed his hand at the small of her back and tapped her resilient bottom with the paddle. He felt her body shiver. "Are you sure about this, Jan?" he asked.

"Yes, darling. Go ahead. Give me 5 good solid smacks. Pretend I've been naughty."

Naughty. The word had a lascivious ring to it. Yes, his naughty little wife. She needed a good spanking.

He brought his arm back and Smack! full across the center of her bottom. Then Smack! again. Her flesh rippled, then sprang back to its normally curvy shape. Smack! She sucked air between her teeth. Smack! A soft "ow" escaped her lips. A few seconds later...smack! That was 5.

"Are you allright darling?" said Hal, concern in his voice.

"Y-yes, dear. That wasn't so bad. It tingles-- stings, actually. Go ahead with the next one."

Hal picked up the beach toy paddle, a teardrop-shaped implement about 3/8" thick. The five licks with this paddle made more of an impression. Each smack sounded sharper and there was more jiggle in the lush bottom cheeks at impact. Jan hissed through her teeth at the first three and yelped at the last two. Hal could see her behind glowing a dusky red under the panties.

"Oooh, ooh darling, I need to stand up for a minute. Ow, now that stung," she gasped standing and rubbing her bottom cheeks. For some reason Hal found the sight extraordinarily sexy.

"You know honey, they won't let Heidi stand up and rub in the middle of her punishment," said Hal pointedly, now taking charge, "so you'd better bend back over and stick it up, here comes the last 5."

"Yes, dear," said Jan submissively, and she once again assumed the position presenting her delectable ass.

Hal hefted the frat paddle now. It was heavy. Must be maple or some dense wood, he thought. He lined it up on Jan's backside and drew back.
Swat! "Yeoww!" screeched Jan and she shot up out of position clutching her bottom. "Ow! ow! ow! That hurts!" she yelped.

"Back in position, Jan," commanded Hal. Jan, her legs shaking, obeyed.
Swat! "Ouch! ow!" wailed Jan again, but she held on to the sofa back.
Swat! "Ohh, ow, stop Hal, I can't take it. That paddle hurts too much." She broke position and stood, rubbing.

Hal stopped. Maybe she was right. Jan rose rubbing furiously. "Oh, God you don't know how that stings. That frat paddle is too much."

Hal put his arms around his brave wife and hugged her. When Jan had calmed down, she realized that the hot glow in her seat had made her feel very sexy. She put her arms around her husband's neck and pulled his mouth to hers. Pressing her body against him, Jan kissed Hal passionately, her tongue invading his mouth. Hal, already in a state of arousal from the experience of delivering a paddling to his wife's sexy bottom returned her ardour.

In an unexpected move, Jan dropped to her knees before Hal and unzipped his fly. Hungrily, she grasped his throbbing penis and pulled it out. She eyed the hard rod for a moment. Had paddling my ass done that? Lovingly she inserted the plum-shaped head between her lips and ran her tongue around the glans. Hal stiffened at the sudden surge of pleasure. Soon she was slurping and sucking, her head bobbing up and down. Hal could only stand there, weak-kneed as Jan continued to pleasure her husband with her mouth.

Unable to stand it no more, Hal pulled Jan to her feet. Clothes were frantically discarded, and they ended up entwined on the couch. Hal knelt between her legs and taking his cock rubbed it up and down the length of the wet slit, taking special care to massage the little button of her clitoris with the head. At Jan's breathless urging he plunged his shaft into her hot slippery pussy. Hal began pumping his hard shaft in and out of Jan's sodden, slippery vagina which tightly engulfed his member, her hips meeting his, thrust for thrust. Neither could remember such a vigorous shagging in quite some time. They came in a blinding shattering climax that left each of them limp as a rag doll.

Then they tried it again, this time with Jan bent over, buttocks thrust out as if inviting more punishment. But this time the slow measured strokes were delivered with a rod of a different sort.

In the afterglow of their lovemaking, Hal's thoughts turned to the problem at hand. It was basically a physics problem. The pain resulting from impact was proportional to momentum, momentum equalled mass, (m) times (v), velocity. There was a padding factor as well based on clothing. So, in mathematical terms, p= (C)mv, where C, clothing or covering would be some number less than one. Say point 9 for panties, point 7 for jeans and panties, point 5 for a wool skirt. Jan couldn't handle the frat paddle. The wood was too heavy, too dense. But she could tolerate the others. That was the key, then. He could not control v, velocity. The one giving the paddling would hit hard, he knew. Could they negotiate the detail of the paddle itself? The covering allowed? He could help Heidi without her knowing it.

A Very Bright Girl Ch 2

At that moment in Eric's apartment across town, Heidi was lost in thought. "Whatcha thinkin'?" asked Eric. She seemed somewhere else tonight. And his roommates were out of town. What timing. Here he'd been thinking that he had a perfect opportunity for some hot lovemaking with Heidi, and as luck would have it, tonight she's in a mood. The two had been an item since before Christmas, and in fact, Heidi had surrendered her virginity to Eric in this very apartment. She had a healthy sexual appetite too, and once they'd surmounted their initial nervousness, she'd turned into a willing and passionate partner. So her question from left field floored him.

"Eric did you ever get a spanking?"


"When you were a kid, did your parents spank? Mine never did."

"Well, yeah, I mean when I was a kid, my mom dished out the spankings," said Eric, not sure of where this was going.

"How old were you when you got your last one?" asked Kelly.

"I dunno. Maybe 12 or 11. The spanking stopped about when I hit puberty."

"Well," said Heidi snuggling in as they sat on the couch, "tell me about the one you remember most. The worst one. I promise I'll tell you why in a minute."

Hell, I'll play along, thought Eric. Heidi was brainy, but got weird ideas in her head at times. But somehow, the combination of all that intelligence and that off kilter wackiness made her all the more appealing.

"Hmmm...ok, ah, I was 11 I think, yeah, 11, and I had this chemistry set. And I liked to set it up in the downstairs bathroom in our house, but it made a mess. So my mom was having this afternoon tea or something and she very specifically told me not to put any of my chemical stuff in there because she had just cleaned it and these women were coming over. I thought sure, but there was this one experiment I wanted to do. But I heated something and it made all this stinky black smoke that got all over everything in there. So mom sees this smoke rolling out of there and just about has a fit. The party starts in an hour and the house is full of this smoke. I'm covered with this stuff.
"She pulls me out of there and boy, I know she's mad. I wasn't supposed to be in there. She's trying to calm herself. She does, but then gets this steely glint in her eye. She tells me to go upstairs and take a bath. I'm really scared. I knew I was blatantly disobedient and I've got this cold knot in my stomach. When I come out of the bathroom she's waiting in the hall. I'm wearing nothing but a towel. She pinches my earlobe and pulls me along behind her, and I can see we are heading for her room. All the time she's telling me how she has told me over and over again to mind her about that chemistry set.

"I'm squealing 'no, mom, no' but she yanks me by the ear all the way down the hall. When we get to the master bedroom she sits on the bed and pulls me in front of her standing between her knees. 'I told you not to use that chemistry set in there, didn't I?' and I nod, yes. 'And you disobeyed me, didn't you?' There was nothing I could say. She kind of pursed her lips and yanked the towel away. I was naked as a jaybird. Then she flipped me across her knee, bottoms up. I was squirming and begging, 'no, mom, no' even though I knew I had it coming. She just said 'you are to never disobey me like this again.' And then she started to spank. Hard. This relentless smacking. She must have spanked me nonstop for 5 minutes, lecturing as she blistered my ass. "

"Wow!" said Heidi. "Did it hurt?"

"Hell yeah, it hurt. At the time I thought she was skinning me alive. My little butt felt like it was on fire. That's what it feels like, this intense stinging heat that gets hotter and hotter. Funny thing though. An hour later I was fine. I mean I cried and blubbered while she was tanning my fanny, but the pain went away. My butt felt sort of warm and itchy for awhile. I threw out the chemistry set. I did not even want to be tempted. I sure did not want a repeat of that tanning."

"Well...," said Heidi slowly, "I'm asking because they, the school, I mean, they want to spank me for the uh, shower thing."

"What? Spank you?" said Eric, disbelief in his voice. Heidi told him what their attorney had said.

"Hmmm...," said Eric as he regarded his girlfriend. He was thinking it might not be such a bad idea. It was one he had toyed with himself. She did have a great ass. Such a hairbrained stunt! He'd been of a mind to put her over his knee himself when he had found out about it. He'd been miffed and, yeah, jealous about it. It sounded like a suitable punishment to him. "If it will get you back your scholarships and everything..."

"Yes," she said resolutely, "that's what I think too. But...there is something I need to know first before I decide."

"What is that?"

"What a spanking feels like. I mean, can I take it? I don't want to break down and blubber like some little kid..."

"You mean like me?"

"I didn't mean it that way," she said giving his arm a punch. "Seriously," she said sitting up straight now and looking him in the eye, "You can help me."

"How?" said Eric.

Kelly took a deep breath.
"I want you to spank me. Like your mom did to you."

"Really?" said Eric, smiling. This was really too much. This was typical Heidi, though. Such a brainy girl, but she would get a notion in her head--and she would try anything. She was an adventurous girl and gamely took to Eric's outdoor pursuits like bungee jumping and mountain biking. Any new experience, she wanted to try it.

"Well ok, but remember, you asked for it," said Eric with a wry grin.

Heidi gulped and nodded. "And it has to be real. I can't be able to stop it, so you have to hold me. We don't stop until you say."

It sounded like Heidi had thought this through and there was no stopping her. Eric knew that from experience.

"Now, uh, how do you want me?" she asked. She was sitting up now, smoothing her skirt with her hands, eyeing him nervously.

Eric thought. "Well, I think you should come across my lap, Heidi. Naughty girl style." And he sat back on the couch and patted his thighs. Heidi slid across his lap, her short skirt pulling up in back. She put her hand back there to pull it down. Eric grabbed her hand and held it in the small of her back. "Take that hand away, Heidi. Spankings are given on the bare bottom, at least mine were. You wanted it like my mom gave it to me, well, I was buck naked. I won't make you strip, but these panties are coming down."

Heidi just said, "Ohh...this is so embarrassing." She had taken her clothes off for Eric before, but somehow lying across his lap with her bottom about to be bared was different. But she did not resist.

Eric lifted her skirt to reveal Heidi's plump, rounded cheeks encased in pink nylon panties. Heidi sucked in her breath as Eric ran his hand across the bulging moons, squeezing and patting. Then he inseted his fingers in the elastic and slid the flimsy garmet to her knees baring the most beautiful and sexy derriere that Eric had ever seen. He let his hand continue to roam over the satiny globes, patting and stroking. Heidi turned her head partly around and said, "A spanking, Eric, you were going to give me a spanking."

Eric chuckled. "Just getting the lay of the land, Sweetie." Then more seriously, " Ok Heidi, here it comes. Now remember, just like I used to get. You can squirm, you can squeal, you can kick, but you're not getting away and I decide when it stops, Ok?"

"Ok" said Heidi meekly. Eric raised his palm.

Splat!...splat!...smack!...crack!....splat! Eric slapped from cheek to cheek, alternating sides. The spanks fell briskly on Heidi's tender seat. She gave a little jump at each one. Eric held her over his knee firmly. He was determined to give his sweetheart a memorable experience, and continued smacking from cheek to cheek. The twin moons bobbed and jiggled with impacts from Eric's hand, and he could see red handprints left by his smacking palm.

So this is a spanking! thought Heidi. It tingles, it's warm...ooh now its stinging... stinging, "Ow!" she cried and fluttered her legs. Eric kept right on spanking. His mom used to smack his butt for 4 or 5 minutes solid with little pause between smacks, so he kept right on going, oblivious to her sounds of distress. Smack! Splat! Crack! Heidi made soft mewling noises and writhed over his lap.

Eric thought it must be hurting now after two or three minutes, but he kept up the steady pace of the spanking. Her luscious ass was red now, and he wondered how long to go on. He recalled from bitter experience that a sound spanking from his mom usually ended in tears and blubbering for mercy. Then he steeled himself, thinking about Heidi in the shower with 6 other boys. He spanked slower now, but harder.

It really stung! thought Heidi, but it was hot too. Her bottom was positvely roasting! She could feel juices in her pussy. She was getting wet. Ohhh! It was turning her on. She wiggled her bottom to the steady splat!...splat!...splat! Without even thinking about it she began raising her fanny in time to meet meet Eric's descending hand. Eric noticed this--and he also noticed the glistening folds of her labia. She's becoming aroused, he thought. He decided that about 25 more good firm licks should do it, then it would be time for other things.

He was spanking slower now, but harder, determined to teach her a lesson. As her bucking had become more frantic, he unconsciously increased the tempo of the slaps to her jiggling fanny. She moaned but it sounded more like arousal than pain. "Nnngghh....nngghh...ahh....ohh....ohhh", her bleats sounded in response to the crisp splats of his palm on her cherry red buttocks. With a final Splat! Splat! Smack! Eric rested his palm on the inflamed cheeks of Heidi's ass. She was still moaning. Eric slid his fingers into the slippery wetness between her legs.

She opened her legs to give Eric access to her furry slit. He found her little knob and massaged it with his index finger. His thumb was deep into her vagina. She was bucking and writhing anew, now in the throes of passion. Eric could tell her orgasm was near. At once she stiffened and her body gave a shudder as wracking spasms of climax hit her. She remained flopped over Eric's lap like a limp rag.

When she had calmed she slid off of the couch and knelt beteen Eric's legs. Deftly she pulled down the zipper to his pants and pulled out his turgid penis. As she regarded the swollen glans she held in her hands, she bent her head to take the hard member into her mouth. She sucked greedily, intending to bring Eric to climax.

Eric had other ideas. He pulled her head back gently and motioned for her to get on the couch on her knees. "Ohh, are you going to spank me some more?" asked a wild-eyed Heidi. She did not seem too upset at the prospect.
"No, sweetie, just a new position," said Eric now moving behind her. He took his rod and pressed it between the freshly spanked bottom cheeks into her wet pussy. It slid in like a greased pole. Eric slid in until his pelvis mashed against the resilient ass. Then he began stroking in and out. Slowly at first, then he built up speed. Heidi started bucking and humping in response, on her way to a second orgasm. When she came a second time, so did Eric.

Collapsed together on the couch in each other's arms, spent for now, Heidi spoke.

"Wow! So that's a spanking!"

"Well...hah," said Eric, "but I never got turned on like that from one of mom's lickings."

"Maybe you weren't old enough. Anyway," she said, propping her head up in her hands and looking at Eric thoughtfully, "now I know it's not so bad. I mean it stung and all, but it was a good feeling too. A good heat. Like you said, it got hotter and hotter and I wanted you to stop, but I didn't want it to stop too." Looking over her shoulder she said, "Oooh, look at my butt--it's really red. But it doesn't really hurt. It just makes me hot. Hot! Hot! Like you," she said giggling and she grabbed him around the waist. "Can we fuck some more, now?"

What a woman, thought Eric.
A Very Bright Girl  Ch 3

Hal was now ready to talk to Pres Gatewood and negotiate the details of his daughter Heidi's punishment in exchange for the restoration of her honors lost as a result of the shower incident. Pres suggested a meeting with Willard Allen attorney for the school. Several School board members, Martha Fleck, the principal and Vernon Twoomy, the vice principal would be there. Hal and Jan should come. Heidi wanted to come but Jan convinced her that it would be easier to arrive at agreement if she stayed home.

Hal had spent the weekend doing research. He had handled wood samples. He had made calculations. He had talked to Jan at length, of course, for it was she who had actually felt the painful smack of several paddles on her luscious derriere.

It had to be a lighter wood. He was sure of that. Oak, Maple, or any other hard dense wood was too bruising. Indeed, Jan sported bluish bruises on her buttocks, the result, Hal was convinced, of the 3 licks with the frat paddle. That paddle was 3/4" thick and 20" of business end, all in a heavy uncompromising hardwood.

J Preston Gatewood opened the meeting. "We have considered your offer and my clients are willing to drop all claims if Heidi's status is completely restored. In exchange Heidi is willing to submit to moderate corporal punishment."

"What do you mean, moderate, Pres? My client feels that she is due a real punishment, not some token pats."

"That's right," seconded Martha. "We have discipline to maintain and if we let Heidi off with a slap on the wrist, the kids will all know there are no consequences for behavior like this."

"See, Pres, from our point of view, it's got to be the real thing. Old goin'-to the-woodshed discipline. Hope you understand, Mr and Mrs Lawson," Willard said, adressing them directly.

"What exactly do you have in mind, Willard?" asked Preston.

"I'll let Mr Twoomy address that. Vern?"

"As you know I'm dean of discipline so this falls under my baliwick. Kelly and I were looking in an old storeroom and found these." As school secretary, Kelly had volunteered to help.
Twoomy reached into a bag and pulled out two paddles. One was dark and heavy-looking, about 24" long with dime-sized holes down both sides. The other was much shorter, about 15" long, 3" wide and much thinner, about 3/8". It was made of a lighter wood. In fact it was plywood. Hal knew at a glance that he had to negotiate for the lighter paddle.

Twoomy picked up the heavier one. "I called Jess Cranston. He coached here and was acting VP in the 60's. This is the official paddle used for discipline in those days. This is what we propose--10 licks--she can wear thin slacks or a skirt, not too thick. It's the way they all took it back then."

Twoomy handed the implement to Hal, and he and Jan perused it. "It's like your frat paddle, Hal, it'll kill her," whispered Jan. "I've still got bruises and it was only 3 swats." Hal nodded.

"This paddle could injure someone. What about the other one?" asked Hal.

"Don't know where this came from, but it's too light-you couldn't feel this through jeans. Not acceptable." Vern crossed his arms. Martha nodded in agreement.

"I know where it came from." They all turned around and looked at Kelly Shore, who had been taking notes. Kelly was the school secretary, a former student now in her mid 20's. "If I can speak?"

"Sure Kelly, tell us," said Martha.

"I went to high school here 7 years ago. This belonged to Miss Finnegan, the girl's PE teacher. It-it wasn't supposed to be used, you know, I guess they had done away with spankings...officially I mean. But if you had detention with Miss Finnegan she would give you a choice. She made us run laps and stuff and do pushups and write lots of lines sometimes too. But you could also wipe the slate clean with swats, or really, a spanking. It was a secret, I guess, I used to get in trouble a lot, so I knew. She only did it with a few of us. You would tell her you'd rather get option 2 rather than option 1--lines. So if you wanted option 2 you went and waited outside her office. There were always 2 or 3 of us that took option 2 'cause it was over with fast and you got out of there.

"She'd come down to her office which was in the basement and take us in one at a time. She'd put a chair in front of her desk and sit in it. Then she'd ask again if you were sure you wanted the licks. If you said yes, she told you to pull your skirt up or take your pants down and get over her lap like a little kid. I hated that part. It was so humiliating, so childish. But she said it was part of the punishment--it was supposed to shame us a little. Then she'd ask you to lift up a little and she'd slip her fingers in your underwear and slide it down to your knees. So there you were, bare butt sticking up. Talk about embarrassing! But it was her way or no deal. Then she'd tell you to hold on tight to the bottom rungs of the chair. There was this wait for a moment then you'd get it. She gave between 10 and 15 spanks with that paddle. Wow, did it ever sting. I cried every time. So did some other girls."

Everyone listened to this was gaping in amazement. Then Willard spoke. "Ah, Kelly, were you bruised at all? Any lasting effects?"

"No," said Kelly thoughtfully. "I didn't feel like sitting down for a while, that's for sure. But, no, there were no er, butt was red though--really red." Kelly blushed.

"I'll be a..." said Vern in wonderment, "Racheal Finnegan. Who would have thought?" Vern had taught history during Racheal's tenure.

"Pres, can I have a minute with my clients? Be right back."

When they came back in 5 minutes later, Willard spoke.
"Ok, this is the offer. We'll agree to use the light paddle, but Heidi takes 15 licks with it, bare butt."

"C'mon Willard that's indecent. She's an 18 year old girl!"

"Who jumped in the shower nude with half a dozen boys," Willard shot back.

"Ten and she gets to wear gym shorts, " said Hal. The board members shook their heads.

" We'll go for 12 swats, but no shorts. She can wear a thong to cover her private parts, but her buttocks will be bare. This has to hurt." Martha was emphatic.

Hal and Jan looked at each other. At least it was the light paddle. "Ok," said Hal, "but who, ah, does it?"

"I guess that'd be me," said Twoomey, "but I can't say I'm comfortable with it. Seems indecent."

"Can't it be a woman?" pleaded Jan. Martha thought for a moment. She saw the problem. It would be indecent, a man giving a ripe 18 year old schoolgirl a bare bottom spanking.

"Well," said Martha, turning to Vern, "we can get Sandy Smith to do it." Vern nodded. A logical choice. Sandy Smith was the new girl's PE and health instructor and coached girl's volleyball and tennis. She was 31 and single, a recent transplant from Texas.

"Ok, I'll talk to her," said Martha.

"I guess that's it then," said Willard shuffling his papers, "we'll draw up the releases. Heidi will have to sign too. Her reinstatement will be effective as soon as you dismiss your suit. Martha, I'll leave it to you as to when Heidi gets her paddling."

"I insist on being present," said Jan.

"Ok, but Vern has to be there along with Martha," said Willard.

"And I insist on having our attorney there," said Martha.

Jan and Hal knew they couldn't spare their daughter's modesty. They argued about it, but eventually reluctantly agreed.

They bought it! She couldn't believe it, but they bought it! Now Miss Brainy Heidi Lawson was going to get her plump fanny well and truly tanned! Kelly's subtle manipulations had paid off. From the suggestion she'd planted in Ned's head as they were chatting in the school office, to planting the light paddle(purchased from a sex shop--she had been embarrassed to even go in there) in the storeroom and "finding" it for Twoomy. And ah, the crowning achievement, telling that totally fabricated story about Miss Finnegan. They had actually believed it. One last thing would make it perfect--for her to witness Heidi's humiliating punishment.

Actually Kelly liked Heidi. That was the strange thing. But for some reason, the image of the cute teenager bent over for a paddling on her plump derriere was exciting. The thought made her weak in the knees and made her pussy wet.

When they got back to school it was too late to call Sandy Smith in, she had already gone home. While she was getting ready to go home Kelly heard Martha talking to Sandy on the phone, telling her the story. She hung up and came into the outer office.

"Sandy wants to know, Kelly, if you could run the paddle out to her place on your way home. Could you do that?"

"Sure. I know where Sandy Smith lives. It's right on the way," offered Kelly. Yummy! Here we go, thought Kelly.

What Kelly had not told anyone was her ultimate fantasy-- what she secretly wished had transpired in Racheal Finnegan's office. In the heat of a passionate schoolgirl crush, she really had once actually suggested to Miss Finnegan that she be punished in this way, but Miss Finnegan had brushed it off as ridiculous and had made her do detention the standard way.

In Kelly's imagination, though, there had been something sexy and arousing about the idea of a paddling from Miss Finnegan. And the whole idea of a paddling for Heidi's stunt was incredibly sexy too. Kelly imagined feelings of fear, embarrassment and arousal upon reporting to Miss Finnegan for a paddling. Racheal Finnegan had been a beautiful and imposing woman. She was so sophisticated and worldly compared to the simple country girls in Kockum's Mills. She had been tall, with stylish long dark hair, and an athletic figure--and piercing blue eyes that made Kelly weak in the knees. Kelly liked boys, too, but from the beginning there had been an undeniable attraction to Miss Finnegan. And Miss Finnegan had been so firm, such an imposing, self-assured lady. Kelly had melted in the unwavering gaze of those blue eyes. And the strange thing was, Kelly had never even spanked. So why was the idea so exciting? Why did she lie across her bed at night, buttocks bared, and spank herself with a broad backed hairbrush, watching herself in the full length mirror as her bottom turned pink?

So in her imagination, she had bared her buttocks and had willingly laid across the lap of the beautiful gym mistress. She had endured the stinging swats of the paddle. She had allowed the tears to flow. But when it was over, Miss Finnegan had caressed her red stinging behind, soothing her in low tones, telling her what a good girl she had been to take her punishment well. Then the fingers had strayed into the warm dampness between her thighs, caressing her mound, then slipping inside. Kelly had been so startled that first time. But it had felt so good, so natural. Kelly would start to hump and flop around, becoming excited by the insistent manipulation of her clitoris. Miss Finnegan would whisper, "Pinch your nipples, Kelly, go ahead," and Kelly would pinch the swollen nubs, writhing across Miss Finnegan's lap mewling in pleasure at the wicked sensations. Her pussy would be soaking, the fingers sliding in and out of her cunt until she came, bucking and squirming in orgasm.

Then Miss Finnegan would let her up, and give her a hug followed by a tender kiss. It was her "reward" Miss Finnegan said, for being a good girl and taking her punishment. Then the mist of the fantasy would fade, leaving Kelly alone in her bed contemplating her tingling pink bottom.

In reality, Kelly was a stammering schoolgirl around Miss Finnegan. Even coming across her path in the hall, Kelly's mouth would be dry, her heart hammering. Still, whenever she had a detention she would imagine asking for the ignoble childish punishment and in her fantasy Miss Finnegan would oblige. Racheal Finnegan left midway through Kelly's senior year. Kelly was devastated. She admitted finally to herself that she had been in love with this woman, that she had had a schoolgirl crush on a teacher. She even imagined Racheal Finnegan, alone in her apartment at night stimulating herself to orgasm after orgasm with a lifelike dildo or a buzzing vibrator. Would she replay in her mind the delicious spanking of Kelly's nude buttocks as the sweet teenager lay across her lap, bare and vulnerable? Would she savor the memory of each crisp smack of the spanking paddle, the quivering of Kelly's fleshy ass cheeks, and the throes of sexual exctasy experienced by the girl under the expert ministrations of Racheal's gentle hand? Kelly imagined that she did indeed.

But now to action. The plan was in motion. Heidi Lawson was going to get her little sit spot soundly paddled. And she was off to deliver the implement of Heidi's chastisement to Miss Smith.


           A Very Bright Girl Pt 4

Kelly, of course, knew Sandy Smith because she was a teacher at the high school. Sandy was a tall, athletic woman in her early thirties, with streaked blonde hair that she wore in a ponytail. She had long, firmly muscled legs and a full bust. Her shoulders were broad and her arms were developed from working out. And she was pretty, with a lightly freckled face and the tanned skin that comes from being outdoors. She was popular with the girls, but nevertheless strict, and, she had penetrating blue eyes that drew Kelly like a moth to a flame.

Sandy had had her conversation with her principal and knew Kelly would be stopping by. Sandy knew Kelly as a young, cute, efficient secretary who was a former student. There was something about Kelly though, that had alerted Sandy early on. Kelly was a conniver. She seemed to be in the middle of a lot of "office politics"-- often, it seemed to Sandy, as a provacateur. And there was something else. Sandy was aware that Kelly was attracted to other women. She had seen "the look" in Kelly's eyes as she had studied several of the more attractive female teachers. Sandy was no stranger to female relationships, and had experimented in this arena herself, mostly in college. Generally though, Sandy preferred men.

What Kelly didn't know was that Sandy had been a close friend of Racheal Finnegan's. Racheal and Sandy had spoken at length before she took the job. One night in a bar after a few drinks, Racheal had told her this astonishing story of a besotted student who had requested, of all things, a spanking in lieu of detention. Racheal had declined, of course, but she had named the student--Kelly Shore. So Sandy knew at once that the story of Kelly's punishment at Racheal's hands was pure fantasy. More puzzling, however, was Kelly's motive.

When Kelly had first laid eyes on the pretty, vibrant gym teacher her heart had skipped a beat-- she reminded Kelly so much of Miss Finnegan. It wasn't any similarity in looks, they actually looked different from each other. It was some undefineable presence or bearing or poise. Maybe it was the intense, piercing gaze, the deep blue eyes. Part of it was control. Sandy Smith was charged with the oversight of the behavior of groups of high-spirited adolescents, and there was no doubt that she was in charge. She was kind but firm, strict when she had to be. Kelly wondered if she'd ever had occasion to paddle anyone. They hadn't allowed that for years, but maybe in Texas? Kelly shivered at the thought of an imperious Sandy Smith commanding an unlucky Heidi Lawson to bend over and present her behind for correction.

When Kelly drove up, Sandy was waiting.
"Hi, Miss Smith, I brought you the paddle they agreed on." Kelly started to pull it out of a shopping bag.

"For goodness sake, Kelly, come on inside first." Kelly allowed herself to be let in as Sandy held open the door.

"I don't know about you, but I'm just floored by all this. Martha Fleck called and told me that Heidi Lawson might agree to take 12 licks with a paddle so she can get reinstated as valedictorian--and that I have been asked to give them to her. Imagine!"

"Uh...yes, I was there. But, I don't know, it seems fair and well, appropriate somehow. You know, jumping in the shower naked like that with those boys. It was sort of a kid's prank. Maybe it merits a kid's punishment."

"Yes," Sandy laughed, "you have a point there. Maybe what Heidi really needs deep down is a good spanking."

Actually the thought had already crossed Sandy's mind. She was from Texas, and there was no doubt as to how any number of school districts in that state would have handled it. Heidi would have been sent to the vice principal's office almost immediately after the offense. There she would have been required to bend over a desk or put her hands on her knees. The vice principal would have taken down a heavy wooden paddle from a hook on the wall and would have laid on 3 to 8 swats full force that would have blistered her buttocks and reduced her to tears.

Sandy had been paddled once, and it had been no picnic. She had slipped out with some girlfriends in the middle of the day and had been caught. The punishment had been severe--detention for a week and 5 licks. That day Sandy had worn a short thin skirt that had clung to her nether curves like a second skin. How embarrassed she had been to bend over, her elbows flat on the Mr Harvey's desk. It had felt like her bottom was being offered up for some pagan sacrifice. It had been a very embarrassing and painful experience. The paddle swats had burned, a blistering fiery sensation that had lasted for hours afterwards.

And maybe a good licking would be good for Miss High and Mighty Heidi Lawson. Sandy had no doubt Heidi was a good kid, but at times she did seem a bit big for her britches. Well, as Sandy understood her principal's instructions, those britches were coming down for a dose of paddle medicine with the paddle that Kelly was bearing.

But there was one little problem here--Sandy had absolutely no experience with administering a paddling. Once she had recovered from the initial shock of Martha's call, her mind had turned to the task itself. How to do it? What position would she put Heidi in? Over the desk? Leaning over, hands on the wall? What if she refuses to stay still and take it? Should she put her across her knee and hold her down? As she thought about it, she realized that there were pro's and cons for each choice. And the number of licks--12--was a lot. The most she had ever heard about was 15 and that was some kind of urban legend. Usually it was 3 to 6 licks, and over clothing. But Martha had said something about the paddle chosen--that it was lighter. So it had to be 12--and bare.

"But you know," chuckled Sandy, "I don't have a clue as to how to actually give a paddling. I should practice on some pillows or something." Taking the paddle in her hand and swooshing it through the air she mused, "How hard to hit, that's one question. Ever get paddled Kelly?"

"Hunh? Oh, er, yes Miss Smith," Kelly admitted with a blush. "Um, in fact, I got it with that very paddle." And she told her the story of Miss Finnegan. The same tale that Martha Fleck had alluded to in their phone conversation.

"That's astounding, Kelly. I had no idea. That was very risky for her to do." What a whopper, thought Sandy. Then an idea formed. A wicked idea.

"Yes, I know," continued Kelly, oblivious to the wheels turning in Sandy Smith's mind. "But from our point of view, and there were only a few of us, we got out of detention fast, so it was worth it."

"That's quite a story, Kelly," said Sandy, nonchalantly twirling the paddle. "Who else got it?" This took Kelly aback for a moment.

"Umm, Gretchen Carlisle and Linda Manning...yeah, those two," said Kelly brightly.

"You know, Kelly, that's an interesting story..."

"Yes?" said Kelly.

"But its a lie. A whopper, Kelly." Kelly's face fell. Then she tried to recover.

"N-no, really. It happened just like I said."

"Kelly, I know Racheal. We are friends. We talk sometimes. Before I took this job she told me a little story...about a student who wanted to take a spanking instead of detention?"

"Oh! N-no," mewed Kelly. Busted!

"Should we call Gretchen and Linda? Will they back up your story?"

Kelly blushed ten shades of red and covered her face with her hands. "I-I didn't think anybody..."

"Would find out, Kelly?"

"Please don't tell. Please don't. I'm so embarrassed." Kelly hung her head.

"And you should be. Racheal's reputation has been injured. What about that?" Kelly just looked at the floor, chagrined.

Sandy continued. "But you know, Racheal is 2000 miles away, so it won't make any difference, really. I tell you what. You help me with a little project, and I'll keep your secret."

"Oh, sure, Miss Smith" said Kelly eagerly, "whatever you want. I'm glad to help."

"Good," said Sandy with a smile. "Now you know how I was saying that I had never given a paddling before, and I did not know how to do it?" Kelly nodded. "Well, you can help me gain some first hand experience." Kelly looked at her quizzically.

"You mean you want me to use the paddle on you?" said an astonished Kelly.

"Oh, no, Kelly, quite the opposite," laughed Sandy.

Kelly's mouth opened and her hands flew to her face as if a light bulb had popped on in her head. "You mean you, y-you want to paddle me? For practice?" Kelly's eyes were as wide as saucers. A delicious chill ran through her body as she grasped the import of Sandy's words. She was going to be spanked! Kelly nearly swooned. Then a panicky thought hit her. Before, it had all been fantasy. This might hurt. Suddenly she was scared.

"That's right Kelly."

"But...but, Miss Smith, I-I..." stammered Kelly. She did not know what to say.

"Kelly, seriously, you have been deceitful about this whole thing. At the very least, you truly deserve what Heidi Lawson is going to get. So let's stop dawdling. Take off your skirt. I'm going to paddle you." Sandy was in the same take charge mode now that she used on her students.

"M-my skirt?" squeaked Kelly, her hands pressed to her hindquarters unconsciously.

"I believe Mrs Fleck said the paddling was to be given on Heidi's bare bottom. Isn't that right? And that little idea was based upon your description of your spankings from Racheal Finnegan, right?"

"Yes," said Kelly with a grimace. She was trapped and she knew it. Kelly slowly unbuttoned the clip at the side of her skirt and unzipped it. The pencil thin skirt slipped to her feet, leaving her in panty hose with sheer blue bikini panties underneath.

"I think the blouse too. It would get in the way."

Blushing, Kelly took off her blouse leaving her now in a bra, panties and tights. She still wore her heels. Now Sandy took notice. Kelly was a very attractive young woman, about 5' 6" with light brown hair, big brown eyes and a curvy figure.

" do I want you?" said Sandy, regarding her blushing charge and tapping the paddle in her hand. "I don't want you bent over too tightly..." Sandy knew from anatomy that bending over too tightly would expose the hip joints normally protected by the fleshy mass of the gluteus to the impact of the paddle. "Let's do this. Bend over and put your hands on your knees. Go ahead."

Kelly moved to comply. She bent over gingerly, sticking out her delectable rear end.

"Oops, almost forgot, Kelly," said Sandy gesturing, "tights and panties down, if you please. Just down to your knees will do."

"Oh, Miss Smith do I have to?" whined Kelly.

"I'm afraid you do, Kelly. Let's go now, let's bare that little bottom," said Sandy impatiently tapping the paddle in her palm.

With a groan a hotly embarrassed Kelly slid the panty hose and panties to her knees baring two white, unblemished, and quite lovely moons. Kelly was now naked from her knee hollows to her upper back. She bent over nervously, her hands touching her knees. This posture thrust her rear end back forming a prominently rounded target.

"Ok, Kelly, here it comes. Now hold still." Sandy had taken a stance to Kelly's left. She drew the paddle back and brought it down on the fleshy rump with what she thought was moderate force. Kelly jumped at the loud SMACK! and yelped. Sandy gave her another  swat, SMACK!

"Ow...ow! Oh, Miss Smith, that really stings. Please not so hard!" Kelly could not believe how much it stung. SMACK! another swat landed on the lower part of her jiggling behind. "Yeeoww!" screeched Kelly and she shot upright.

"No, no, Kelly. Stay bent over. We're not nearly done yet." So that one really got to her, thought Sandy. The lower part of the buttocks, that's where to hit. Mmm, if I start low and come up like this...CRACK! The fleshy mounds wobbled.

"Ahhh! Ahhh!  Nooo! Miss Smith, please."

CRACK! Munber five was administered the same way. Kelly was on fire. She had never felt pain like this. When she spanked herself in her room at night with the brush, she had just made it sting a little--just enough to make the buzzing vibrator more exciting as she masturbated. She even arranged her full length mirror so she could watch. But that was nothing like the searing heat she was experiencing now.

"Ok, Kelly you can stand up and rub now." Sandy was thinking this over. Could Kelly or Heidi, anybody for that matter, maintain a position of hands on knees for 12 hard swats? She wasn't even hitting that hard. Might be time to try something else.

Sandy walked over to the dining room and dragged in a chair while Kelly hissed and rubbed her bottom. Kelly viewed the chair with apprehension.

"A-aren't we done, Miss Smith?" asked Kelly, her voice quavering.

"Oh, no Kelly, not yet. I'm afraid you've hardly had a proper paddling yet. We're going to try it like you described in your story. C'mon over here and get across my knee."

Kelly shivered at the thought of turning herself over Sandy's knee. Her behind felt red hot, but at the same time she could sense the onset of sexual arousal. She shuffled over to Sandy and lay across the attractive lap, permitting Sandy to push her forward, adjusting her so that her naked buttocks were centered directly over the sturdy thighs of the imperious gym teacher.

This might be better, thought Sandy, although it sure was intimate. She smiled to herself. She could see some feminine dew glistening in the folds of Kelly's labia. With this position she could bring the paddle down at any angle she chose.

Sandy proceeded to lay on five hard cracks of the paddle to Kelly's quivering seat. Kelly wailed and wriggled, kicking her legs back after each smack, trying to shake off the atrocious sting. Her bottom was a hot red now. Tears were starting to form. This was a good position, thought Sandy, it put Kelly's buttocks at her disposal very nicely, and with her arm clamping Kelly's back, Kelly could not evade the spanks. But she could only swing from the elbow--she couldn't get her arm into it. She had one more idea.

"Up you get Kelly. You can rub again." And she pulled Kelly to her feet. Kelly stood, mouth open, her face a mask of pain.

"Uhhh....unhh..." moaned Kelly, rubbing her flaming buttocks. "A-are we done yet?" asked Kelly hopefully.

Kelly's face fell as Sandy said, "Almost."

"Come over here to the sofa, Kelly." Sandy pushed the chair away and strode to the sofa. It was a low-backed leather sofa, very padded. "Bend over the back and stretch forward."

Kelly tearfully complied. She wasn't really crying yet, but her eyes were red and watery looking. As Kelly assumed the ignoble position fanny up, Sandy was pleased. The sofa back was low enough that Kelly's bottom cheeks were relaxed and her fanny pointed almost straight at the ceiling. This would enable Sandy to use a forehand stroke like a tennis shot and hit the undercurve of the buttocks, the sweet spot, right where she sat.

"Get ready Kelly, hold onto a pillow. And don't get out of position. If you raise up, the swat will be repeated, understand?"

"Oww...please Miss Smith, how many?"

"Until I am satisfied that we are done," said Sandy primly.

With another groan Kelly arched her body over the sofa back and gripped the seat cushion. Sandy lined up the paddle in her best tennis stance and swung in a straight arc from the shoulder. SPLAT! The paddle smacked perfectly evenly across the twin cheeks. Kelly yeowled. SPLAT! Another hard swat a little lower. Kelly howled and wriggled. SPLAT! A third hard swat right across the crowns of Kelly's buttocks.

Kelly could not believe how much this set stung. It was worse than the other two sets. Miss Smith seemed to be hitting harder, and more accurately. She blubbed for mercy. She knew she was going to cry, she just knew it. SPLAT! A searing band of agony. SPLAT! Kelly knew she could stand no more, then...nothing. It had stopped.

Kelly's butt was a deep red. She was writhing in pain, sniffling and hiccuping. Sandy knew she'd had enough.

"Ok, Kelly, all done. You can get up now."

Kelly rose, gingerly touching her scorched seat. "Oh, ow, ow. You really paddled me hard, Miss Smith. Oh, it hurts, oh," she said continuing to rub the fiery nates.

"I know, Kelly, but you deserved it now, didn't you? Anyway, now I think I've got the hang of it. You stay here, I'll get some cold cream." And Sandy headed for the bathroom in search of ointment. Sandy returned a few moments later, jar in hand, and sat on the couch. Kelly noticed she had changed into a short silk housecoat. "Why don't you just take off those panty hose altogether, Kelly?"

"Oooh, ok, Miss Smith," said Kelly still massaging her bottom, "er, how do you..."

"I think you can just stretch out over my lap, Kelly, and I'll rub this in. It will help take the sting out."

Kelly nodded and laid herself across the sturdy thighs once more. Sandy scooped a generous dollop of cold cream and smeared it over the reddened summits of Kelly's behind. Kelly sighed as the older woman began rubbing it in in soft sensuous circles. As she began to relax, Kelly became aware once again of some intensely sexual feelings rising in her consciousness. Her pussy was becoming shamelessly wet. She could not help it, but she began to writhe in response to Sandy's ministrations. It was like her fantasy, and it became more so when she felt Sandy Smith's fingers invading her womanly cleft and massaging the bud of her clitoris.

What a sweet cutie, thought Sandy. Kelly's submissiveness and vulnerability had ignited a flame in Sandy's libido. The way she had willingly presented her curvy bottom for the harsh kisses of the paddle, the intimacy of the juvenile smacking across Sandy's knee, the ripple of her fleshy moons when the paddle struck, and ah-- now the musky smell of the nectar emanating from her labia as she lay bottoms up over Sandy's knee--all of this had aroused Sandy past the point of no return.

"Oh...Miss Smith," moaned Kelly, "ohhh, don't stop."
Sandy kept up the slippery manipulation of Kelly's little bud. Kelly rocked and humped in respose, her writhing becoming more pronounced as she neared orgasm. "Nnnh...unhhh...oh God!" Kelly bucked and her whole body stiffened as a powerful climax washed over her.

When her breathing had returned to normal, Sandy turned Kelly over in her lap and kissed her, deeply, the older woman's tongue invading her soft mouth. Kelly returned the kiss ardently, her emotions inflamed with infatuation for her new friend. Sandy tenderly lifted Kelly to her feet and stood. She opened her housecoat revealing the fact that she had no panties on underneath. Kelly marvelled at the lovely thighs, the flat tummy and the womanly bush at the center of the triangle between thighs and hips. Sandy seated herself on the couch once again, gently  urging Kelly to her knees. Sandy opened her legs to reveal a pussy glistening with feminine dew. Kelly did not have to be told what to do. As if she had been doing it all her life, she knelt between the legs of her pretty mentor and pressed her lips to the furry patch. As Kelly's tongue started to dart between the slippery folds, Sandy moaned in exctasy. And it was only the beginning of the weekend.

           A Very Bright Girl  Pt 5

"Heidi, are you sure you want to do this?" Hal asked as the family sat around the table perusing the papers. The Lawson's attorney had worked out the wording of the settlement agreement with Willard Allen. Hal, Jan, and Heidi especially, read section 4(a) very carefully. Heidi felt a flutter in her stomach as she read the words.

" consideration of the terms as set forth herein...Miss Lawson will accept the administration of reasonable corporal punishment to be inflicted upon her person, to wit, 12(twelve) strokes with the instrument identified in paragraph 7 herein, to be applied to her bared buttocks by a designated school authority; and she will cooperate with said school authority in its execution."

Gosh! thought Heidi. It sounds like a death warrant for the electric chair. I probably won't want a chair for a while after they do it.

"I'll sign, dad, mom. I just want to graduate as valedictorian. I worked too hard to quit now." She picked up the pen and scribbled her name with a flourish. "There!" she said forcefully.

"You're a brave girl, sweetheart," said Hal.

The agreement was signed on Monday. The lawsuit was dismissed on Tuesday. Now on a bright Wednesday morning in May all that remained was the paddling to be inflicted on Heidi. Heidi had been told that they would do it on Friday--to let her have the weekend to recover. In the meantime she returned to class. Everyone wanted to know what had happened, but Heidi was closed mouthed about it. She told her friends an announcement would be made. All of her friends except Clark Freeny, that is. She had a special talk with Clark. Clark was thought by all of his classmates to be something of a techno-dweeb. The science club, sound guy for the drama club, multimedia and computer freak--that was Clark. Heidi thought he was sweet--and he was hopelessly smitten with Heidi.

Friday morning finally came. Heidi had been on pins and needles all week. It was hard concentrating on school. She contemplated her wardrobe. What do you wear to your own paddling, she wondered?
She was getting it bare, she knew, so she had bought some thong panties that covered not an inch of her sumptuous behind. She chose a loose pleated skirt, one she could unclip and step out of, and a thin sweater. What about stockings? She felt positively naked under her skirt. Finally, she decided on a garter belt and hose. She felt it would be undignified to be yanking down her tights. Thus attired, she regarded herself in the full length mirror in her room. She turned and, looking over her shoulder, hoisted her skirt and regarded the pale moons of her bottom framed by the tiny garter belt. They won't be pale for long, she thought with a shiver.

There was an awkward moment at school that day when she ran into Sandy Smith in a near-deserted hallway. Sandy gave her a wry smile. "Hello, Heidi," she said evenly. "Oh, hi, Miss Smith," said Heidi, unconsciously twisting her fingers, "Uh, I guess we have a date today, huh?" Geez, this felt awkward. Heidi's eyes travelled nervously over Sandy's buff frame, especially dwelling on the strong-looking arms and shoulders. Sandy sensed the teenager's nervousness.

"Look, Heidi, no hard feelings, I hope. They've given me a job to do, and I have to do it."

"I understand, Miss Smith. It's ok," said Heidi, trying to smile.

Sandy tried to give her a reassuring smile. "Look at it this way. It could have been worse. It could have been Twoomy."

"Yeah," said Heidi with a grimace. "I guess you're right."

There was an awkward silence as both women stood there, not knowing quite what to say. Sandy broke the silence. "Well, I've got to get going. See you at 3 o'clock."

"Yeah," said Heidi, "See you at three." Oh God! The full weight of this awful drama hit her. At three pm this woman, who was now striding purposefully away, was going to order her to bare her bottom and present it to a room full of people and be paddled. Twelve hard licks with a wooden board. She feared the ordeal would be very different from the sexy lover's spanking given her by her boyfriend. A surge of arousal hit her as she recalled the previous weekend. But the spanking had stung too, and Eric had just used his hand. A wooden paddle would be much worse.

The whole day Heidi kept watching the clock. The waiting seemed unbearable. Finally the bell rang for last period. It was about halfway through her history class when the announcement came over the intercom: "Heidi Lawson, please report to the office." This was it! Heidi felt a cold knot form in her middle. She hastily gathered her things and left the class. No one knew what was about to happen.

In the outer office Kelly smiled sweetly at Heidi when she came in. "I think they're ready for you," said Kelly with a smirky grin, enjoying Heidi's obvious discomfort. Now she'll find out what a real bare butt licking feels like. "I'll buzz Mrs Fleck." She turned to her intercom, "Mrs Fleck, Heidi is here."

Mrs Fleck's monotone emanated from the squawk box. "Send her in."

Heidi was so nervous that she felt that her legs were about to give out on her. Her mouth was dry, her heart beating like a triphammer. They were all there standing around the inner room of Martha Fleck's office. A low portable table had been positioned in front of Mrs Fleck's desk. Next to it was a heavy armless chair. Somebody had put a pillow on the table. Her mother grasped Heidi's hand and gave it a squeeze. "Are you ok, honey?" she asked. Heidi nodded. She looked around the room. Twoomey was there. So was Willard Allen. The school board was represented by Marge Simmons.

Standing beside the desk was Sandy Smith. She was wearing a tank top and warmup pants, gear that gave her plenty of flexibility of movement--and she was holding the paddle. It was the first time Heidi had actually seen it. It looked scary--15" by 3" of laminated plywood tapering to a gripping handle.

Martha Fleck began. "Heidi, you know why we are here. Before we begin I just want to say that what you did was a hairbrained stunt and you are now to be punished for it. You will receive twelve strokes with the paddle from Miss Smith. Do you have anything to say?"

At this moment Heidi gathered herself and took a deep breath. "No ma'am. I've already said all that I have to say about this but it is my hope that female students here keep protesting about the deplorable conditions in our facilities until something is done about it!"

"Very well, Heidi. That's quite enough." She shook her head. For such a bright girl Heidi had sure pulled a lamebrain stunt. And for what? Looking around she said, "Anybody else?" A few shook their heads. Turning to Sandy she said, "Miss Smith, you may proceed."

Sandy nodded and turned to Heidi. "Heidi, here is how this will happen. You will adjust your clothing as agreed and bend over with your elbows and forearms flat on the table. There is a pillow you may lie across. You will remain in position until all twelve swats have been given. You will hold that position and not get up. If you rise up, that swat will be repeated. If you rise twice, we will discontinue the paddling in this position and you will come over my knee as I sit in this chair and take the remainder of your swats that way. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes, Miss Smith." Inwardly Heidi groaned. The penalty swats had been in the fine print. Put there by that Willard Allen no doubt. He was a smart cookie--didn't miss anything.

"All right then, let's begin. Either lift or take off your skirt."

With shaky fingers Heidi fumbled at the catch of her skirt. She unzipped it and let it drop. The effect was stunning. Heidi was virtually naked below the waist, clad now in only a garter belt, stockings and and thong panties that only emphasized the swelling cheeks of her curvy behind. The center thong disappeared into the deep cleft between her pouting bottom cheeks. A thin sweater hugged her top. The sight was so sexy that both Vern Twoomey and Willard Allen shuffled discretely to relieve pressure on erections beginning to sprout. Martha Fleck's eyes narrowed. The little minx--she did this on purpose. Martha had had some sympathy for Heidi before--now she hoped Sandy Smith would give it to her but good.

Having taken off the skirt Heidi looked to Miss Smith for her next instruction. "Assume the position, Heidi."

Heidi placed the pillow at the edge of the table and bent over. The height of the table was such that with Heidi's weight resting on her elbows, her body was bent at 90 degrees. Perfect, thought Sandy, her bottom is stuck out, the cheeks nicely rounded but relaxed. She took her stance to Heidi's right and measured the distance. Heidi flinched when she felt the cold wood pressed lightly against her butt. Sandy brought the paddle back and swung from the shoulder.

SPLAT! The paddle struck Heidi's buttocks dead on target right across the divide between cheeks. The fatty flesh rippled on impact. Heidi's mouth flew open. Her eyes bulged. A wave of searing pain hit her like nothing she'd ever felt. Oh...oh...she thought. This really stings! But she held on.

A few seconds later Sandy drew back again. SPLAT! The sound ricocheted in the small room. Heidi sucked air between her teeth. Omigod! she thought. The third SPLAT! was the hardest yet, nearly taking her breath away. Her knees dropped. She scrunched her eyes closed in agony.

Sandy was getting a rhythm now. She was hitting Heidi in the sweet spot between the crown and the base of her sit spot. The crowns of the curvy teenaged buttocks were circular red splotches. SPLAT! Number four produced a low moan from Heidi. SPLAT! "Ow...ow...," mewed Heidi. It was an unbearable sting. Swats number six and seven were also unbearable. Heidi yelped and shifted her feet. She was trying desperately to hang on to the table. Crack! The paddle smacked Heidi's jouncy buttocks for the eighth time. It was too much. Heidi gave a cry and shot upright clutching her burning bottom. Sandy stood back, watching Heidi's contortions. She shook her head. Too bad.

"I'm sorry, Heidi. That one did not count. Assume the position again."

Fighting for control, Heidi bent over again. WHAP! The second try to deliver swat number eight produced the same result. A teary Heidi broke position and raised up, clutching her inflamed nether cheeks. "Oh, oh, I'm sorry, Miss Smith it just hurts too much." Heidi was dancing around, hands behind, squeezing her bottom."

"I'm sorry too, Heidi. We're going to have to do this a different way." Sandy laid the paddle on the table with a clatter and dragged the chair in front of it. Seating herself, she motioned to Heidi. "Heidi, place yourself face down across my lap."

With an embarrassed groan Heidi laid across the lap of the attractive gym teacher. Sandy pulled her over her knees until she had Heidi's fanny uppermost and positioned just right. Clamping her arm over Heidi's back and pulling her in snugly, Sandy picked up the paddle. "We start with number eight, Heidi." CRACK! She whipped the paddle down with a brisk wristy motion. Heidi's bottom cheeks jiggled at impact.

In the classrooms all over the school students sat transfixed as they listened to the paddling that, unknownst to those in Martha Fleck's office, was being broadcast over the intercom. The wireless mic that Clark had placed in the heating duct and patched into the PA system was working to perfection. Teachers, who had not been told anything, thought it must either be intentional, or were too stunned to act. They were hearing the whole thing. And while the school board had planned a weekend press release after the fact, Heidi had one-upped them and broadcast it as a testament to her martyrdom.

Sandy spanked Heidi with slow measured licks of the paddle, carefully drawing back and taking aim each time. Heidi took the remaining five swats squirming and wriggling over Sandy's knee, her nude buttocks wobbling with each hard paddle spank. "Ow...ow...oh...," exclaimed Heidi sharply as each licky swat splatted against her fanny. With a final CRACK! of the hard paddle Sandy released her grip. A sheen of sweat covered her brow. This had been hard. But, she was not unmindful of the eroticism of this whole procedure and hoped that no one could smell her arousal. Maybe she would call Kelly later on.

"Ok, Heidi, we are all done. You can get up now," said Sandy, helping a wobbly Heidi to her feet.

Heidi rose on uncertain legs. Her ass was positively on fire. It was a livid red and looked swollen. Heidi gingerly stepped into her skirt handed to her by her mother who looked on anxiously. She did not know if she could stand to touch her butt, it hurt so. Her eyes were red and silent tears trickled down her cheeks. She had been soundly punished.

The faces of those in authority were smug. Sandy had really dished out a blistering. Justice had been done.

*      *        *         *

When the final bell rang, a stunned student body rushed for the doors. The word began to spread. "Did you hear it?" "I can't believe it!" "Omigod! Poor Heidi!" The story was on everyone's lips.

Heidi slipped out the side door and went home with her mother. After her mom had spead cold cream on Heidi's injured bottom, Heidi had rushed to Eric's arms for comfort, assuring her folks that she was ok.
By then the harsh sting of the paddling had receded to a hot glow that had unleashed a tidal wave of arousal in Heidi. Since Heidi could not sit comfortably, she had bent over while Eric had kneeled behind her and licked her wet slit up and down, tonguing her little bud while he mashed his face between her red and swollen bottom cheeks. Later they discovered that Heidi could sit comfortably astride Eric's strong thighs and impale herself on Eric's raging hard cock. She slid up and down on the hard shaft, pleasuring herself to orgasm while Eric pinched the hardened nipples of her breasts. Later they discovered that Eric could take her from the rear as she knelt on her hands and knees, as long as he took it ever so slowly. It was even arousing to have his groin softly slapping the red and swollen cheeks as he slid in and out of her tight pussy. Since his initial climax had taken the edge off, he was able to give her several long slow shaftings. She hid there all weekend.


The news spread like wildfire. It was a surprised Martha Fleck who was ambushed by reporters at her home that night. News headlines the next day proclaimed: "STRIPPED SCHOOLGIRL PADDLED" and "NUDE VALEDICTORIAN GETS A SPANKING". By Sunday camera crews from CNN, Fox, and other news organizations had descended on Kockum's Mills.

The initial media firestorm played itself out, eventually. Life returned to normal in Kockum's Mills--except for Heidi. There was still a huge interest in her celebrity. In a surprise move Heidi's family hired Willard Allen to be their point man. Heidi said she didn't have that much faith in J Preston Gatewood after he missed the penalty swat thing in the contract.

So, on a sunny day in June Heidi stood at the podium proudly and delivered her valedictory address. The press was in attendance as well. She was, after all, national news. There were a few snickers heard in the audience at parts of her speech like " as we leave behind these warm memories..." and "...we will always cherish the lessons that have been so firmly imprinted..." and "...the seat of learning will always be right here in Kockum's Mills...". Well, everyone said it was a fine speech. When she returned to her seat she found that some jokester had put a pillow there.

Throughout the whole thing Martha Fleck and the school board felt like they had been ambushed. She never found out how the damn intercom had been turned on all over the school. "You must have left the switch down when I called you to buzz Heidi in," said Kelly innocently.

Sandy Smith thought she knew. Kelly again, the little conniver. She smiled to herself, though. She wouldn't tell. It would be just one more excuse to justify warming Kelly's cute behind again.

Hal and Jan reevaluated the lovemaking practices they had given up years before. Now with Heidi gone a lot, they frequently had the house to themselves. Neighbors noted with some curiosity shades drawn in the middle of the day, but what they did not see was Hal, armed with a ping pong paddle chasing his buxom and very nude wife around the den until he caught her and dragged her over his knee. Giggling and promising to be good, Jan would nevertheless endure a lengthy spanking with the little paddle until she promised to eagerly suck the hard cock of her lord and master.

As for Heidi, what with all the media attention, she seemed not to have as much time for Eric. Eric made his dissatisfaction with this state of affairs known by frequently upending his girlfriend over his knee, tugging down her little panties and spanking her delectable nude fanny to a rosy glow. But that only made Heidi hot and ready for some steamy sex. Secretly Heidi loved squirming and wriggling over Eric's knee. She loved the feel of Eric's palm smacking her fanny to create a warm stinging glow. But noooo wood paddles! she thought.

           A Very Bright Girl--conclusion

The two attractive young women sat in a back booth of the dimly lit diner. It wouldn't do to be seen. They were smiling, but their conversation was conducted in hushed, low tones.

"As promised, here it is." The blonde handed the brunette an envelope. The envelope was thick. The brunette opened it and riffled through the stack of hundreds and fifties. "It's all there, all $10,000." The blonde smiled. "You didn't think we'd pull it off did you?"

The brunette shook her head. "I still can't believe it."

The blonde sighed. "It was all so predictable. With the media, I mean. They're like lemmings, falling all over each other for a juicy story. I knew the shower thing by itself would create a firestorm of publicity..."

"But you risked your scholarships," said the brunette.

"So what? The publicity, the talk shows, a book deal, a movie deal--who needs a scholarship?" she whispered. Then she added triumphantly, "You know who they want in the movie? Brittney Spears--it'll be her movie debut... and get this--she says she doesn't want a body double!"

The brunette just shook her head, smiling. The blonde laughed and continued.

"You know what was more dicey, though? Getting them to do the paddling. But, wow, when they went for it, I knew we were in like Flynn! That was the one that cinched the Playboy layout. Do you have any idea what they are going to pay me for some cheesy photos of me bending over in a little schoolgirl skirt showing my bare tushy?"

Kelly shook her head. "A lot," said Heidi, "a lot. You know, the tape that Clark made is now worth a fortune. There are no copies. The original is in my safe deposit box."

"But where did you get the idea in the first place?" said Kelly.

Heidi smiled. "Did you ever hear of a boy named Micheal Fay?" she asked.

Kelly thought for a minute. "That kid who got caned?"

Heidi nodded. "But you know what Micheal Fay's problem was?" Kelly shook her head, no. "His problem was that he was NOT an 18 year old high school girl with a cute ass," said Heidi with a giggle.

Kelly saw it now--the brilliance of the manipulation of the public's appetite for sensation. Heidi continued. "The media was all over him, but there was no money in it. But with me--I mean, look what they offered Darva Conger to pose--and all she did was get married on TV. That guy never touched her. And here you've got a schoolgirl jumping into a shower naked and then getting her bare fanny spanked for it? It's gold, Kelly, pure gold."

"And you did a great job, Kelly. I couldn't have done it without you. I mean, you tipped off Thompson right on time. You put the idea in Ned's head--I knew he'd go for it, the old fart."

"The tricky part was the school board, right?" said Kelly.

"Yeah, but they saw that it gave them the perfect out," said Heidi. Actually the tricky part had been getting Willard on board, because Heidi knew that the school board would do whatever Willard told them. But when she had dangled the ten per cent fee under his nose, Willard had snapped it up. Now he represented her exclusively. And took his 10% off the top.

"I knew mommy and daddy would back me when I said I did it for 'women's equality' and file the suit. They're like neo-hippies or something. And the Finnegan story. That hooked them. You told it just like I told you to. And showing Twoomy where to find the paddle..." Heidi had actually heard the Finnegan story--how Kelly had asked for a paddling to get out of detention--from a former classmate of Kelly's, Eric's cousin and Kelly's ex best friend. In fact, it had been that story that had started the wheels turning. And the fact that she was the school secretary had made the whole thing feasible.

"Yeah, but I didn't know about that other paddle," said Kelly. "With the light one you had to take it bare butt."

"Yeah-- having the punishment be bare butt--well, it was embarrassing all right, but in salacious publicity value it's probably worth half a million more. It was hard at the time and it stung like blazes--whew! But I even earned myself those two extra swats just so Miss Smith would actually put me across her knee like she said. That image will burn like a fever in the public's mind. The tabloids are just dying to get their hands on me. And believe me, it's going to cost them."

"Well it cost me, too, but mmm, it was worth it." Kelly told her about the paddling from Sandy Smith.

"Gee, you got it worse than me, almost," said Heidi. "So that's why that paddling stung so bad. She'd been practicing--on you. Poor Kelly! I'll tell you what, I'll pop an extra five in the next advance, Ok?"

That was nice, thought Kelly, but not even Heidi knew about the games Sandy and she played on weekends. In fact as soon as she left here she was going straight to Sandy's house and don a flimsy, short French maid's outfit--to be worn while Sandy would monitor her "dusting." Missing spots would mean paying a penalty  over Sandy's knee with a stingy little strip of leather applied to her naked fanny while she was plopped face down.

Oh well. Kelly grinned and shook her head in amazement. This was great. Money for nothing. Man, that Heidi--so smart to have figured all this out. To have covered all the angles. But then they always said she was a very bright girl.

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