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December 29, 2001: Merry Christmas everybody! Ah, my vacation's been great so far, and, if you haven't noticed, it's given me loads of time to update the site! We've got a whole new look ^_^ Yay WATW! I'll leave everyone else to tell you what's going on while I try to figure out how exactly to work the new digital camera I got!
First off, November/December's contest winners are up, as well as the answers to the INSANELY DIFFICULT (AND EXTREMELY POINTLESS) DIGIMON TRIVIA. There's no contest for January because, frankly, Tai Luva's too lazy . . .
*looks up from a tangle of wires in the back of her computer* Hey! . . . oh wait, that's true . . . never mind . . .
But the hint she left for February is "favourite couples" so start working on it now . . .
Oh, and speaking of couples, Tai Luva put a a really kawaii picture of Yamaki and Riley in the fan art gallery. Plus, there's also a super cute picture of chibi Tai and Kari asleep, the picture of Matt from the index, and a sketch of Tai stargazing. As well, she got sent a very awesome oekaki from Trinka Chan!
And speaking of very awesome things, Tai Luva made a doujinshi (fan drawn comic) to the Blink 182 song, "I Won't Be Home For Christmas," of which I'm the star. It's in the newly addedComics Section.
And in which you go completely mental. Man, it's hilarious. The best part is the coding which lets the song play as you read the manga. Very impressive.
*holding cords in mouth* Phanx Iffy
You know what else is impressive, the number of wallpapers in the wallpaper gallery has doubled, and she actually put on the first tamers wallpaper WATW has ever had. As soon as Tai Luva figures out how to download pictures from the digicam to the computer, there'll probably two or three from every episode from now on.
Score! Oh, and the last major update is that there's a new fic by the Create Card in the Fanfictions section. For fans of the Takeru (TK), Daisuke (Davis), and Hikari (take off the Hi) triangle, this is a must read.
Oh, I remember something else I was going to say. Thanks to everyone for the birthday cards and wishes, I really appreciate it, sixteen is such an awesome age. I just got my licence ^_^ Plus my mom was actually cool and let me have a huge bash in my basement! Yay! Oh, and don't forget to check out and submit to the You Know You're Obsessed With . . . section!

Everybody have a happy 2002 (don't party too hard) and enjoy the WATW renovation sensation!
You are such a dork . . .
And damn proud of it too.
That's why we love ya!
*pulls out cable from back of computer* Hey, I think I've got it. If I just hook this in, my webcam will work.
Uh . . . before you do that you might want to just . . . *plugs in cord*
*computer explodes*
. . . turn it off first.
Thanks for the warning.

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