Tai Luva's Digimon Fanfiction

Worth A Thousand Bruises

Where is everybody? We've been here for like three minutes . . . why is nothing happening?
Every second that passes worries me more . . . Tai Luva can only be plotting something truly evil. . .
*Door opens* Hello boys. . . my name's Rika and I'll be your dominatrix digidestined for the evening.
Um . . . hello
You will not speak unless you're asked to bitch!
Okay . . .
What's so funny Gilligan?
Well.. I never pictured Joe being talked to by a dominatrix..actually that's just the way I pictured his sexual experiences... *snickers*
INFIDEL!! quiet you! Tai Luva gave me permission to do with you as I wish.
Oh that's comforting. *shrivels into fetal position*
Now you little magots, put these on
But . . . but they're girl's clothes.
yes ma'am
I would like to introduce you, the readers, to our "lovely" assistants *Joe and TK enter dressed respectively in a tight blue top, a white mini skirt and hooker boots,and a pink halter and tight white shorts* Mimi and Kari reciting a revised version, created by yours truly, of the classic poem The Raven.
Once upon a midnight dreary
Davis was acting rather queerly
When asked about the recent soccer score
He sat there only blinking, it must be said he wasn't thinking, he looked as if he'd been drinking, drinking on his bedroom floor
Saying only, "she's a whore."

Ah distinctly I remember
It was in the bleak December
that he had to whack his member
There upon his bedroom floor
Though this might have seemed quite ordinary, it in fact was extrordinary, for his girlfriend Kari left him - left him yanking on his core
Saying only, "she's a whore"

Hey . . . wait a second
Infidel . . . KEEP READING! *pulls out a whip and chains*
Yes ma'am.

It seemed she had been banging
With a boy who had been hanging,
Hanging 'round her apartment door.
Not a moment's thought was paid, to her boyfriend as she was laid, and she thought she had it made, while she screamed for more
Davis heard her through the floor
And muttered only, "she's a whore"

Now as he whacked his member
Enraged with a viscious temper
He plotted out a war
For his friend had been misleading, and his actions with Kari he'd been keeping while together they were sleeping, they didn't know what was in store
For that bastard and that whore.

There was only one he could call
A person assured to know all,
Mimi Tachikawa, the sumpreme queen whore
"Hello Sugar" she said flirting, and his member started hurting, and from his mouth came blurting, his statement from before,
"Kari Kamiya is a whore."

"But she can't be greater than I?"
That indignant shocked slut did cry,
"For I've fucked Matt, Izzy, Joe and Tai,
and left them wanting more!"
"But that's clearly not the question, and I've got a sad confession, I've forgot the new D-destined. Even though TK's a bore,
I'll show them all who's a true whore."

And so for a good measure
She banged TK at her leisure
And filled him with such pleasure
He forgot his former whore
Now Davis is living his dream, and it's he who makes Kari scream, while TK phones Mimi's machine, with the same message as before,
Saying just, "I want a whore!"

Excellent, infidels . . . now for your next trick . . . *cracks her whip*
*begins twitching*
*resumes his fetal position*
*Begins to laugh* My work here is done.

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