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October Contest Winners!

Wow, may I just say that the response to this contest was amazing! I had sooo many submissions that my computer crashed and I lost them all . . . yes . . . that's what happened. . .

Okay, I admit it, the truth is Izzy's flying monkey minions (Konpyuta-san is the only person that's going to get that lol) flew off with the submissions ^_^ Sadly, all that remains is my own. And here it is:

Grand Prize Winner: Tai Luva

First Prize Winner: *surprise surprise* I can't take the suspense . . . it's . . . TAI LUVA . . .

I'd like to thank the academy, ah who am I kidding? The academy's got nothing . . . it's all me baby. . . yeah, that's right, screw the damn academy, muahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Sorry, I'm done now. ^_^

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