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November/December Contest Winners!

It seems my INSANELY DIFFICULT (AND EXTREMELY POINTLESS) DIGIMON TRIVIA!!! was indeed that. In fact, only one person was brave enough to submit, and so to Michelle Miller mandmandneko@yahoo.com, I tip my hat. Okay, I really don't have a hat . . . um . . . I tip my modem ??? (Izzy would be proud) Anyway, Michelle's the winner with 5 questions of the ten correct! She's been sent her thank you URL and a "Genius Status" button for her site.

And for the rest of you, I have the answers to the questions I'm sure have been driving you mad . . .

1) What is the only episode in which Davis actually wears his goggles on his eyes (and ended up looking like a total freak in the process of doing so, but that's besides the point)?

It's "The Good, The Bad, and The Digi", he wears them when the sand storm-ish thing comes up and says something to the effect of "It's a good thing I had Tai's goggles." Stop looking at me like that, just because I have everything Davis has ever said memorized does not mean I'm obsessed. :P

2)What kind of pet does Mimi have?

Sort of a trick question . . . in like the fifth or sixth episode, Mimi mentions that she misses her kitten and her baby brother, but then we never see or hear about either ever again for the rest of the two seasons . . . I think she's hiding something.

3)What is the name of Tai's cat?

Neko. As Michelle pointed out in her answers, it has to be one of the dumbest names ever because Neko actually means "cat" in Japanese. But then again, none of us ever loved Tai for his staggering intellect . . .

4)(My gift question to you . . . ) How many people are in Matt's band and what instrument does he play?

There are four members to the Teenage Wolves. Matt plays the lead guitar (though somehow you can still hear the guitar playing even when Matt is holding the mike in one hand. I love the magic of animation,) then there's a hot bass guitarist, a drummer, and a guy who plays the keyboard.

5)What is the number on Davis' soccer jersey?

Eighteen. You know if you subtract 1 from 8 you get my favourite number. I think it's a sign. *Everyone stares and shakes their head at Tai Luva's goggle boy obsession*

6)What is the name of Sora's cousin?

Dwayne. Poor, poor Sora . . . And he tried to kill Izzy too . . . grr

7)What colour was Ken's digivice before it turned dark?

It was a light greenish blue. It was actually kinda ugly, the black was much nicer . . . well . . . except for the evilness and stuff . . .

8)What digimon worked in the chinese soup restaurant along with digitamamon?


9)Is Sora's helmet hard or soft? (List proof to support you answer)

A definite trick question, but there was no wrong answer. In the one episode with Joe and the Bakamon, they use Sora's hat like a drum but in another episode (it's name and plot escape me at the moment) they fold it up and put it in TK's backpack. Suspicious? Just a smidge. It's right up there with Mimi's disappering family members.

10)What is the entire Christmas poem Kari recited at the end of "A Very Digi Christmas"?

T'was a Digimon Christmas
And everyone was busy.
Especially the likes of Tentomon and Izzy
Joe played with Gomamon
Matt and Gabumon ate
Palmon saw Mimi, isn't that great?
Cody and Upamon shared a little sushi
While Parurumon sat on Yolei's tushy
Tokomon went caroling
Ken's thankful for friends
While in Davis' dreams, the fun never ends
Goodnight, now
Merry Christmas!

And there you have it. If you have any insane digimon trivia from any season, feel free to send it to me because I'm going to have another round of INSANELY DIFFICULT (AND EXTREMELY POINTLESS) DIGIMON TRIVIA in March. ^_^

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