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November's Contest!

Unlike last month's contest where you were supposed to ('supposed' being the operative word) submit your work, this month's contest tests your supreme knowledge of all things digimon in season 01 and 02. Some of these questions are fairly easy, but others truly are:


(Which is actually the name of this contest)

1) What is the only episode in which Davis actually wears his goggles on his eyes (and ended up looking like a total freak in the process of doing so, but that's besides the point)?

2)What kind of pet does Mimi have?

3)What is the name of Tai's cat?

4)(My gift question to you . . . ) How many people are in Matt's band and what instrument does he play?

5)What is the number on Davis' soccer jersey?

6)What is the name of Sora's cousin?

7)What colour was Ken's digivice before it turned dark?

8)What digimon worked in the chinese soup restaurant along with digitamamon?

9)Is Sora's helmet hard or soft? (List proof to support you answer)

10)What is the entire Christmas poem Kari recited at the end of "A Very Digi Christmas"?

BONUS: What was Mimi doing when she was like "I know why you were so unconfortable, Joe, you had this pack of seeds in your pocket."? Sure, it seemed like a reasonable statement at the time, until you actually thought about it and then you're like, "Whoa, there's something seriously wrong with that." So, I was just wondering if any of you can you tell me what the hell Mimi was doing fishing around in Joe's pocket? It's the only question I don't know the answer to . . .

The answers will be posted on December 1, 2001.


This month's prize is fairly small, but still worth it. Your name and the number of questions you got correct will be posted up here and I'll send you a private thank you URL. Also, if you get first (or tie for first, or come up with a really good answer for the bonus lol) you get a special button for your site!!

~ Good Luck ~

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