Kelly's Digimon Fanfiction

Since the arrival of Digi-tamers, our poor 02-er's are out of work. So I enlisted their help. By the way, my name is Tai Luva and whenever you see white, I'm typing. Why don't you guys say hello:

Hi, my name's Yamato (Matt) Ishida. I'll be writing in sexy red. *makes pouty face*
Matt, stop trying to seduce the poor visitors!*thwaps him on the back of the head* You're lucky I don't get jealous. By the way, I'm Sora Takenouchi and I'll be writing in bright green.
*cracks up* Hi, my name's Yamato Ishida and I'll be writing in SSSEEEXXXYY teal. For a good time call 1-900-Teenage-Wolves. *gets hit by Matt* You're gonna pay for that Ishida. . . oh yeah, I'm supposed to be greeting the visitors. I'm actually Taichi (Tai) Kamiya. It's easy to remember: Tai-Teal, Tai-Teal . . .
In fact it was the only color you could remember, wasn't it?
*stops chasing Matt around the room momentarily* Shut up, Izzy! Orange is an ugly color anyway.
Teal's not even in the basic color wheel.
Uh, guys? Can we get on with the introductions?
I'm Jyou (Joe) Kido, and I'm writing in dark green.
I'm Mimi (Mimi) Tachikawa writing in perfect pink!
Mimi, your name doesn't change in the dub. Why'd you put it in brackets?
Um . . . I . . . well . . . uh . . .pink and red clash, you're not allowed to talk to me anymore :P
Ha! Matt got denied.
Anyway, onto the 02 Digidestined. Lol, they all get stuck with the crappy colors
Not all of us. I'm Daisuke (Davis) Motimiya. The webmistress likes me so I got blue. After all, I am on the top of every page.
Yeah, thanks for adding to his ego, Tai Luva. He really has such a self-confidence problem. I'm Miyako (Yolei) Inoue. I'm writing in bright purple.
If you're taking light purple than I'm claiming dark, Yolei. I'm teal boy's little sister, Hikari (Kari) Kamiya. ^_^
Meh, of the three colors left, I'd say yellow is the best . . . even if it is burn your retna's bright. I'm Ken Ichijouji.
Writing in a color lovingly refered to as 'vomit' by the webmistress (honestly, check the html), I'm Iori (Cody) Hida.
Hey guys, sorry I'm late. I didn't miss anything, did I? Ew . . . what's wrong with my text color? *wacks the side of his computer* I can't change it . . . guys?
*snickers* Sorry little bro, you got stuck with brown. Oh, and say hi to the visitors.
Brown?? *sarcastically* Great. Hi, I'm T.K. (Takeru) Takaishi and I get to write in brown. *thinks to himself* The webmistress must be a Daisuke fan . . .
Damn straight!
*nervously* You know what I'm thinking?
I know everything that happens here. *smiles sweetly* Anyway, I've given you guys all a piece of paper that has the URL of the section you're going to be helping out with. I'll see you there!

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