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Mr. Tangerine Speedo

Prologue: Reunited and It Feels So Good

~~~ Flashback

*~*~*~* Change of Scene (either different time, or same time and different people)

This is dedicated to I Am Canadian (Canada does truly rock, doesn’t it?) and Canopy 44 .

Disclaimer: *sighs* No, I don’t own Digimon, or Tai *weeps* or any of the other characters for that matter but I will . . . someday.

Yes, the title is weird, but Tangerine Speedo by Caviar is the song that inspired me to write this fic (well, the song and about eight cans of Tahiti Treat). I vow that I will find a way to work it into the plot later . . . (laughs deviously at her plan or perhaps just from the sugar high) This takes place about four years after Oikawa used his strength to restore the digital world and like 21 years before the ending thing (with everyone’s jobs and kids) in ‘A Million Points of Light.’

“I return victorious!” announced Tai Kamiya, flashing some colorful envelopes in front of her in his over excited hand. Like everything else about him, it was more animated than usual. Kari looked up from her math homework.

“You got the tickets?”

“Yeah! Oh man, I’ve got to call Sora and Matt. Well, that’s stupid. I should either call Sora or Matt, they’ll tell each other. But I want to tell them both. Maybe I should call Izzy first ‘cause he’s got to email the final information to Mimi . . .and he can probably call Joe. Then you or I have to call Davis, Cody, Ken, Yolei and T.K. . . . Matt! Matt can tell both Sora and T.K.- perfect. And then . . . ”

“Tai! Breathe.”

He sat down on her bed, his right knee bouncing up and down in pure pent-up energy, “Right. I have to be calm . . . I can’t be calm!” He stood up from the bed and bounded over to where she was sitting, “I still can’t believe mom’s okay with this. And the other parents too. The digidestined are . . .” he struck a dramatic pose, held his brush up to his mouth, and belted out, “REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD! REUNITED LIKE . . .”

“TAI! I’m trying to do my homework here. Besides, except for Mimi we all see each other at least three times a week.”

“But never in Antigua! This is going to be my best birthday ever, you only turn nineteen once!”

Kari still couldn’t believe what Tai was doing for his birthday. She guessed it had started in January. For Matt’s nineteenth birthday, Mr. Ishida and Ms. Takaishi went in together and bought him a new car. Since then, Tai had been hinting that he was in desperate need of money for a car for college next year- after all, his tuition was paid entirely by a full scholarship he had received from soccer but he had no way to get around the campus.

Three weeks before his birthday, her parents had given him a check for $30,000 - an amount that had made Tai’s jaw literally drop. He protested and tried to give it back to mom and dad, but they had explained that they had been saving it for him since he was born and it was his to do with as he pleased. He had spent about two days following them around and thanking them, then began to act very suspiciously - stuffing papers under the mattress whenever Kari entered their room, spending hours on the phone pleading with someone, and stealing her book where she kept all her important phone numbers for days on end. She was just about to ask him what he was up to when she found an invitation to “Tai’s Pre-Birthday Party” addressed to her in their mailbox. And what a party it was . . .


“Hey Kari,” said Sora. She waved to Kari as she and Matt entered the Kamiya household and began to take off their coats and boots. T.K. followed a few steps behind.

“Hi.” He pulled her into a warm hug, “How are you?”

“Same as I was ten minutes ago when you called to say you guys were on your way,” she replied laughing, pulling herself from his embrace to take their coats.

“That’s good. You never know though, it might have changed.” He kissed her nose, something she loved, and hung his jacket on the hook behind the door.

“Get a room,” coughed out Matt, very audibly.

Sora elbowed him playfully in the stomach, “Anyway Kari, do you know why Tai’s having a pre-birthday party?”

“I’m as much in the dark as the rest of you. Everyone else is in the living room, we’re just waiting for Yolei to show up. Oh, and the pre-birthday boy, I have no idea where he is.”


They had just sat down and got comfortable when they heard the front door open. It was amazing that they had even heard it at all, when they all got together they tended to be rather loud, but the room quieted immediately. Yolei ducked her head around the corner and smiled brightly, “Hey guys!”

“Hi Yolei,” said Kari, and the others echoed with a similar response. Kari thought it was strange that she had just let herself in.

“Yolei. Here, I’ll hang up your coat,” came a muffled voice from their foyer. It was Tai. Yolei disappeared around the corner and they both came back moments later, each carrying a small shopping bag, “Hey guys! What’s up?” asked Tai, seemingly ignoring the curious look on all their faces.

“Well, to be honest, we’re kind of wondering why we’re here.” Leave it to Davis to be blunt about it. Everyone nodded their agreement.

“Well, first you have to follow me to my dad’s office.”


“Just do it,” replied Yolei, smiling mysteriously.

“Come on,” urged Tai as they rose slowly from the chairs, couch, and floor, and followed him down the hall. As they filed into the small office, Tai turned on the CPU and monitor, waiting for the computer to load.

“What are we . . . ?” began Matt but Tai cut him off.

“You’ll see, just wait.” They stood in silence as the desktop loaded onto the screen and Tai connected to the internet. Seconds later a familiar face appeared on the screen, broadcast via a web cam - Mimi.

“Hi Tai! What is this all about? It’s been driving me crazy all day, can I open it yet?”

“In a minute.” Tai began to pull small packages with their names on them from the shopping bags. Once everyone had one, he spoke again, “Before you open them, there’s something I want to say. You guys are the best friends I have ever had. We share something that no one can take away - no matter where we go in our life. I don’t know what’s going to happen to us - Matt, Sora, Izzy, Joe, Mimi, we’re all going off to college next year, and who knows where we’ll go from there?”

“Kari, T.K., you guys used to be the youngest in our group and now you’re turning sixteen. You’ve grown up. We all have grown up. We’ve been through everything . . . I mean, we’ve saved the world. Twice. We couldn’t have done it without you four as well - Davis, Cody, Yolei, Ken . . . that’s why I want you guys to share in this too. All of you are greatest people I know. Sometimes I look back and wonder what would have happened if I never was a digidestined . . . all I can see is a big void where my friends should be. I think someone once said that the greatest gift you can give yourself is to give something meaningful to a friend - so in a way I’m being a bit selfish, I guess. You can open it now, I hope you enjoy it the way I’ve enjoyed sharing my life so far with all of you.” The opening of the gifts was postponed for several minutes as all the girls were reduced to tears, Kari included. She never realized that her brother could be so eloquent.

“Come on, stop crying you guys,” urged Tai, “this is supposed to be happy. Please,” he flashed them his trademark lopsided grin and the sobbing subsided. “Alright, you ready to open them?” he paused and looked around the room, “Okay, go!” Her father’s office was silent except for the sound of ripping paper. Kari looked at her own gift, but she didn’t understand it. It was two brochures - one for Antigua and another for some hotel - and a little slip of paper with strange stuff written on it like:


DAT: 03/13/04

DPT: 04:00

ARV: 16:00

CHKIN: 17:00

Of course, Izzy was the first to figure out what the slip meant, “Tai . . . you didn’t . . .”

“I did. Well, with help from Yolei of course.”

“But you can’t afford this . . . ”

“I can do anything I set my stubborn mind to. You should know that by now.”

“What are you guys talking about?” asked Davis, looking up from his own slip of paper. “What did Tai do? And why is there something about a chicken on this?”

“Not chicken,” he replied, laughing, “check in. I’m taking you all to Antigua for my nineteenth birthday over March break.”

“Tai,” Matt looked at him with disbelief, as did everyone else in the room, “But what about your car?”

“It’s not going to kill me to walk, besides, thanks to Yolei’s uncle, I still have enough left over to buy a nice used one.” They just continued to stare. “You know, you guys could be a little bit happier.”

Suddenly, as the reality of the situation hit them, the room erupted with noise; everyone talking excitedly and clamoring to thank Tai at once.

“Uh . . .” came Cody’s voice as the initial excitement began to wear off, “I don’t mean to bring everyone down or anything, but what about our parents? I mean, my mom’s not going to let me fly halfway around the world with no adults.”

“Won’t she? I’ve called her . . . actually, I’ve called everyone’s parents. And you’re allowed to go. By law, technically Izzy, Matt, Sora, Mimi, Joe and myself are all adults anyway.”

“But I can’t take a week off school, Tai,” said Joe, sounding worried.

“Sure you can, we’re going during your reading week. Which means no classes unless I’m mistaken. I’ve taken care of all the details, you guys just have to pack and we’re on our way in two weeks.”


“Kari? Are you listening to me?” asked Tai, snapping her back to reality, and looking at her impatiently.

“Uh, yeah. Sorry, what were you saying?”

“Just asking if you’d packed yet.”

“Tai, we’re not going for three more days. I probably won’t pack till Friday night anyway.”

“Procrastinator. Anyway, I’m going to go call everybody and tell them I’ve got the tickets,” he said, sprinting out of their room and down the hall. She heard him singing under his breath, “Reunited and it feels. . .” and began to laugh in spite of herself.

To be continued . . .

-Tai Luva

AN- You may have already guessed this is not a epic dramatic saga . . . it’s more just for fun. I figure the DD’s have been through enough drama to last them a lifetime, they don’t need me to add to it ^_^ . For those of you that we’re groaning at the Takari and Sorata in the middle there, let me assure you that it gets a whole lot more interesting in the next chapter . . . *laughs cunningly* . . . entitled: Isn’t That Right, Honey?

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