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As I said in my first, opening rant, there are many amazing digimon sites out there. Here are some I've discovered . . .


Youranimesite- The Portal for Japanese Anime and Manga

A great site for all your anime needs. 5 star Tai Luva approval!!

Cartoon Hero's

An affiliate of Worth A Thousand Words. Such a super kawaii site! I love it! And check out the cute button it has! (In affiliates)


An affiliate of Worth A Thousand Words. This is a fabulously funny shrine to one of my favorite characters, Izzy! The webmistress there is super nice.

Digital Sushi

A great site for all of your favorite digimon couples. I absolutely adore this page!

Daikari Mini-Shrine

A cute, one page dedication to, what else? Daikari. It's no wonder I love it, eh?

The Digimon-Lab

Just a basically good site - episode summaries, pictures, downloads, game info, ect. They have so much stuff I can't even begin to list it all. But that's what makes it so good.

Corrupted Taisuke

An affiliate of Worth A Thousand Words. This is such a great place! I love it! I go there almost everyday. It's an amazing Yaoi/hentai-ish site. Go see it for yourself ^_^

D Tamers . . .

An Affiliate of Worth A Thousand Words. What can I say except that I think this site is really awesome. Especially the picture section! *Squeals with the kawaiiness of it all*

Fox's Digimon Site

*sighs* I guess it's an okay site, but for actually having the domain name of digimon.com, I would've hoped for something more. Go if you must, I just listed them because I took their bios and tore them to shreds, lol.


Okay, it's not a pure digimon site or anything, but it's got the biggest collection of Digimon fanfics of anywhere I know. At the moment it contains over 17,500. If you like fanfics, this is the place to go.


If you'd like to affiliate with me, just copy one of these buttons and link it to www.geocities.com/tais_gurl2000. Then e-mail me and send me your URL and button ^_^

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