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If I Let You Go - Part 2

OK, you asked for it, you got it. Part Two of my kouyako fic. Since I am a huge Takari lover, there may be parts of it in this, so don't get all mad at me because of it. A disclaimer isn't necessary from here on in, because I put it on the first chapter. However, I do own the character of Kaiya, Yolei's cousin.

Dedicated to all the usual people. You know who you are!

Special Note: As DigitalAnimeFox has her birthday on the same day as me, this part (actually the whole fic, if I add more parts to it) is a birthday gift from me; early, late, or on time depending on when she reads this. Happy Birthday!

Also, the first part to this was written in the ‘I' perspective, while this part, although still in Yolei's POV, is changed around a bit. Hope that doesn't confuse people!

Enough of the babble, onto part 2!


If I Let You Go, Part 2

I Can't Believe It

By: me! I Am Canadian

Yolei walked out the arrival gate in Vancouver and anxiously looked around for her cousin. Having just spent practically a whole day traveling, mostly on planes, she was ready to do some serious sleeping. "Yolei! Over here!" called a voice. Yolei spun around. She saw her cousin, Kaiya waving at her.

Yolei almost ran over to her. "Kaiya! Oh my god! I haven't seen you in sooo long!" Yolei exclaimed.

The two cousins hugged for a minute. "Wow, Yolei. You look really different than the last time I saw you! But, that was almost two years ago" said Kaiya.

Yolei fingered her long purple hair. "Really? You think so? If you ask me, you're the one that changed" replied Yolei.

Kaiya giggled. "Honestly?" she asked. Kaiya had shoulder-length bright red hair and bright green eyes. Her black skirt and turquoise shirt made her really eye-catching. "Enough chit-chat" said Kaiya. "Let's go get your luggage and then I'm gonna take you over to my place where we can do all the catching up we need. Oh, and I was planning to have a few friends over. Do you mind?"

"Nope." said Yolei. She picked up her backpack and headed off to the baggage claim with Kaiya, feeling happy that she had come to Canada

"Mmmm, the weather is so nice here! Nice and warm too!" exclaimed Yolei. She and Kaiya were driving along in Kaiya's convertible, on the road to Kaiya's apartment.

Kaiya laughed. "Believe me, it isn't always like this. I think this must be one of those fluke times the weatherman was actually right for a change. So what made you come here anyway? Not that I don't like having you here or anything, I'm just curious."

Yolei paused for a moment. "Well, I really wanted to travel abroad for awhile before starting college, and I've already been to America, Australia, and some parts of Europe, so I decided to come to Canada. Besides, I wanted to see you again, of course." answered Yolei, smiling.

"Of course," said Kaiya. She spotted their exit and pulled off onto the ramp. "Almost there!" she said. "But I'm warning you, it's not a palace or anything"

"I don't mind. And frankly, I don't care" said Yolei as Kaiya pulled into her apartment building's parking lot.

"And here we are!" exclaimed Kaiya, opening the door to apartment 103.

Yolei stepped inside. She felt a blast of cool air, relief from the hot Vancouver sun. The apartment, or what she could see of it, was decorated in shades of blue and everything looked neat and tidy. Yolei turned to Kaiya, "I love it! The way you decorated is soo cool!" she said.

"I'm glad you like it," replied Kaiya. "Go dump your stuff in my room and get settled, while I get the gang over here"

"Ok" answered Yolei, dragging her suitcase down the hall to Kaiya's room. //man, why did I pack so much// she thought. Yolei and Kaiya walked over to a park that was across the street from Kaiya's apartment. Kaiya headed towards a rather large group of people.

"Hey everybody," she called.

"Hi Kaiya, wuz up?" a few of them replied.

"Guys, I want you to meet my cousin Yolei. She's here on vacation from Japan, but speaks English really good. Yolei this is Kellie, Molly, Blake, Drew.."

Yolei's head started to spin. How was she ever gonna remember all these names? Her eyes drifted over the group and she spotted a boy, about her age that looked very familiar to her. //have I seen him before// she thought //nah, that's impossible// "...Tamika, Adam, Alex, Liz, Alessandra.." Kaiya's voice went on. "And finally, Izzy. He's from Japan too, Yolei"

Yolei's eyes nearly popped out of her head. ‘Izzy' was the boy she thought she recognized. But was it ‘her' Izzy? Izzy looked at Yolei and smiled.

"Nice seeing you again" he said. Yep! It was the Izzy she once knew!

"Oh my god! I can't believe it's you!" exclaimed Yolei, running over to give him a hug. "What are you doing here? I thought you went to LA?"

"I did," Izzy replied "But my dad's company opened a branch here in Vancouver. I've only been here less than six months, but I met Kaiya and she introduced me to everybody here." Yolei then realized she still had Izzy in a hug. Blushing like crazy, she let him go. She looked up at Izzy and could see his face turning red too. Yolei turned around to her cousin.

"Kaiya? Do you think me and Izzy could have a little time to ourselves? We have a lot to catch up on" she asked.

"No problem" said Kaiya. She leaned over to Yolei and whispered into her ear, "you have a crush on him, don't you?" she asked.

"How did you know?" whispered back Yolei. "Because, when two friends re-meet, they don't put each other in a hug and blush like crazy afterwards" responded Kaiya.

"Were we that obvious?" asked Yolei, blushing again. Kaiya nodded. Then, talking louder, she said "C'mon guys, let's leave the two of them alone" Everybody walked away, leaving Yolei and Izzy by themselves

"I still can't believe I'm seeing you again" exclaimed Yolei.

"Believe it" said Izzy, smiling. //man, he has such a killer smile!// thought Yolei. "Enough standing around. Let's go find somewhere to talk. We do, after all, have some catching up to do" he said.

They started to walk off, and after releasing it and bringing it back several times, Izzy put his arm around Yolei's shoulder. //oh my god! Is he doing what I think he's doing? He is! Does this mean he likes me? please, oh please say he does. But should we rush into this? I mean it's been almost 2 years, but who really cares? I say let him keep it there// thought Yolei frantically.

She turned and looked at Izzy. He blushed, which made Yolei blush too. She moved a bit closer to Izzy and said, "look, there's a bench over there. We can talk there" //I still can't believe this!//thought Yolei, smiling. And so they headed off towards the bench, Izzy's arm around Yolei, making anybody that passed them think they were anything but two friends who had just re-met 5 minutes earlier after almost two years apart.


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