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It looks like it's just you and me Kari. Isn't it romantic, the moon overhead . . .
That's the border, Davis.
Uh, the sultry glow of candlelight . . .
The unnatural glow of the computer screen.
Ahem, the soft sound of music drifting through the night . . .
The sound of the mouse clicking.
You're killing the mood.
Sorry, continue Davis Juan.
Thank you. Then I would take you in my arms and whisper this in your ear, "I . . ."
Boy, could I have used a map. I got totally lost. Hey guys!
*narrows eyes* Hello T.P.
So we get to do Fan Art, eh?
Yep. It's pretty cool, too. I love fan art, it can be so kawaii.
I guess we ought to explain how it works: This section is divided into galleries, each containing 15 thumbnails.
It's probably so it doesn't take forever to load. You can click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image.
And if you want to send one in, check out the submission rules here. That's about it. Hey, what were you guys talking about when I came in?
More specifically how Davis never would.
*eyes widen* WHAT? *blinks* Oh, in soccer. . . I thought you meant . . . *laughs* . . . never mind. . .
*laughs* Yeah, soccer.

Drawn By: Tai Luva

Drawn By: Trinka Chan

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