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Yes, just like everything else in life, there are sadly rules to fanfic submission as well. At least they're simple:
  • 1)You must include a summary and a rating with your story
  • 2)Unlike most sites, authors notes are fully allowed, including rants, as long as there's a story as well.
  • 3)Your rating and summary may be changed or edited for content and length
  • 4)You must either send the fic to me (tais_gurl2000@yahoo.ca) as an attached .txt file or pasted in the body of the e-mail.
  • 5)Please put something in the subject of the email about "submission to the fanfic section"
  • 6)Unless specified by you, I'll use your email address as a link when I list you as an author, so fans of your work can contact you.
  • 7)Finally, I'll wait until I have several stories to upload until I update the New catergory, so please be patient ^_^ I will post your fic!

    I look forward to your submission!

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