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Bring It On

Yes, I admit that the only Digimon Iíve seen is the American Fox version, so to you Japanese version watchers who are way ahead of me in the series, sorry if this is off the mark. Season three premiered this morning and I was absolutely breath-taken. I thought I would hate the new kids and miss the old gang, and I do miss them, Iíll always have a place for them in my heart, but Iím so drawn to the new characters I just had to write something. This takes place at the end of the first episode, and itís in Takatoís (sp?) POV. Itís incredibly short . . .

ďRenamon, walk all over him.Ē I freeze. The leaves and her hair quiver soundlessly in the breeze. The wind seems to be breathing for me in itís irregular little gusts. Thank god, because I seem to have forgotten how to do it on my own.

Thereís no way this is happening. It canít be, these last two days have been a blur. I know her, sheís like something from a dream, she is from my dream - my nightmare. She wants to destroy me, to take Guilmon away, I can see it in her eyes. Her deep, guarded eyes.

How can I hate her? I desperately want to but canít. Sheís against me, my brainís telling me that but my heart is screaming no, she needs me. She needs me more than I could ever need Guilmon, more than I can even comprehend. Sheís lost. I can tell by the way her voice quavered before.

That voice - cold, guarded - it doesnít seem to match her at all. Something has hardened it, hardened her, and I need to find out. But how can I when all she wishes is to fight me? A part of me wants to submit . . . to let her break me down and wear me out until Iím just the shell of what I was, waiting to be filled with her power . . . a part of me wants to succumb to the strength that seems to emanate from her every pore. Thatís what she wants, though.

I canít do it. It wouldnít be fair to Guilmon. Or her. Or myself. I canít let her win . . . but most importantly I canít let myself lose. I wouldnít just be losing my pride or some stupid battle, Iíd be losing a friend - Guilmon. And Iíve only just found him, the adventureís only just begun and she canít take that away from me. No one can - not my disbelieving friends, not my mother and her stupid no pet rule, not that blunt terriermon and his tamer, and definitely not her.

I take another moment to study her. At a quick glance, sheís nothing special, just another girl, but as I look at her again I feel the same chill of excitement and fear that ran down my spine when I saw her in my dream. Iíll not ashamed to admit it, I am a bit afraid of her. Sheís amazingly focused, as if battling and winning were the only things that mattered to her. Iím also not ashamed to admit that Iím drawn to that fact. All the girls Iíve known before have been so submissive, so one dimensional, sheíd take them all on. Hell, sheíd take all the guys I know on too. I love that.

Did I just say love? How can I love her? Iíve just met her, she wants to crush me and my digimon, but something tells me my heartís not lying. To be honest, I could tell from the moment I dreamt of her that she was unlike any other person Iíd known. I knew that I wanted to give her my heart, even if the only thing she would do to it was crush it to pieces. But I canít give her my digimonís power. I canít give her /his/ heart.

And thatís why Iíll fight her. It doesnít matter that Iím afraid, or that Iím clearly outmatched, or even that I love her. All that matters is keeping Guilmon safe. So bring it on, dream girl, Iím ready for you.

The End

Told you it was super short . . . and nicely pointless too. Oh well, whatís a girl to do? I had to get it out of my system, and personally I think Takato and that girl (is her name Rika?) should get together. Anywho, thanks for reading ^_^

-Tai Luva

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