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Break A Leg- Chapter Nine


Last Time: Davis tried a lot of crazy ideas, but none of them got Veemon to Digivolve. There seems to be no ideas left. What more can they do to escape the buried cabin?

Break A Leg: Part 9

After a night of eavesdropping on other people, Kari knew she should have quit cold turkey. It wasn't a healthy habit and it was very unlike her. But for some reason, the next night Kari was back at the window looking through her telescope.

She hoped it would take her mind off TK and Davis, who were STILL missing. There had been no sign of either one of them. TK's mom said he never came back to the hotel room and the hotel manager said Davis still hadn't reported back to work. They were seemingly gone without a trace.

Kari's parents had encouraged her to look up at the beautiful stars during the night. And while the night's sky was lovely, Kari decided to view something a little more interesting. So with no one else in the room, she moved her telescope from right to left hoping to find something interesting. Then she found one lone person out there in the distance.

It was a shady-looking bald man with a huge beard and sunglasses. He was looking around to make sure no one was watching. Then he dragged a huge bag through the snow. He struggled with it, thus revealing that the contents must have been heavy. Kari wondered what could be in the bag. Then she saw a series of red stains. She gasped in horror.

~* I-I-It can't be a b-b-b-body…can it? *~

Kari's morbid curiosity was getting the better of her as she zoomed in. The man looked around and reached into the bag for a shovel covered in red stains. The red on the shovel's handle flowed over to the man's hand, convincing Kari that it HAD to be blood. She felt her stomach sink at the thought of being witness to this. Finally, she decided to turn her wheelchair and look away.

~* I'll just pretend I didn't see that. I didn't! Maybe it's not even what I think it is. *~

More than anything, Kari wanted to believe it was something else…ANYTHING else. But the crimson evidence was all over the bag, the shovel, and the man's hand. It couldn't be anything less than…MURDER. And this shady individual had to be burying the body. Then a thought hit her. The bag was too big to be just ONE body. It could have been more than one. Then a sick thought went through her head.

~* The bodies in that bag…could it be…………………TK AND DAVIS?! *~

Kari shrugged. Such thoughts were insanity. There was no evidence and such a possibility had to be impossible. It couldn't be true…

…could it?


Once again, three stomachs growled simultaneously. A whole day had passed and Davis, TK, and Veemon hadn't had a single thing to eat. It was an excruciating pain to say the least and Davis desperately wanted something to eat.

"You know something, Davis?" TK moaned. "Lighting that propane tank doesn't sound like such a bad idea right about now."

Davis raised his head excitedly. "Oh, then I'll just…"

"NEVER MIND!! It was just an expression."


Davis tried to get the gears turning in his head again. But he was fresh out of ideas. He didn't even have any CRAZY ideas left. There was nothing left for him to do. He couldn't think of a single thing.

"I should have known following you guys up here was a bad idea," Davis sighed. "What did all this get me? Snowed in with no hope of ever seeing my family and friends again. And not to mention this lousy job where I'm working for free!"

"What'd you even come in here for in the first place?" TK asked.

Davis reached over for the bag he was supposed to take. "I was supposed to bring this to Mr. Blaine."

"What's in there?" Veemon asked.

Davis shrugged. "Beats me. It's probably important."

Being a little scavenger, Veemon walked up to the bag and zipped it open. He immediately noticed…piles upon piles of Christmas cakes and cartons of eggnog.

TK's eyes widened. "DAVIS!! We had food here all along?!"

Davis scratched the back of his head. "I don't know. I guess so."

"Then what are we waiting for?!" Veemon salivated. "Let's eat!!"

"W-W-What?!" Davis cried. "But my boss will kill me!!"

"That doesn't matter anymore, Davis!!" TK growled. "We have to think of our lives!" TK was about to chow down…but he thought about it and handed it to Veemon instead. "You need this more than we do. If you have enough energy to Digivolve, then you can get us out of here."

Veemon smiled. "It has been a while since I've eaten. Thanks, TK."

It was a good idea and it was an idea Davis couldn't argue with. At this point, there were no other options. If Veemon could Digivolve, there would be a chance for them to survive.

As Veemon kept eating, Davis could only cross his fingers.


Kari shut her eyes again. She couldn't get the sick image out of her head. She kept thinking that this psychopath with the bloody body bag might have done away with her friends and she would never see them again. It was like a nightmare was coming true. Finally…Kari couldn't take anymore. She turned back around and looked through the telescope.

Once again, she saw the sinister-looking bald man. And he was finishing up…a neat burial. There was no sign of the bag. All Kari could see was the red blood that was all over his hands. She couldn't take the horrible sight, yet she couldn't turn away.

The man looked around again to make sure no one was looking. Then he pulled something out of his pocket and looked away. Kari was unsure of what he had, but then he turned around. The man was holding a pair of binoculars. And then he looked…directly at Kari!

The shady man had spotted her. Once he saw he was discovered, the man removed the goggles and had a crazed look of fear on his face. He stumbled back and started running away. Kari felt catatonic. She had been caught by this murderer, this man who killed her friends, and that meant…she might be next.



Kari panicked, but only turned around to find Tai. Her brother had a worried look on his face and Kari looked down at her hand to see why. Her hand was shaking profusely. She was scared out of her wits.

"Kari…what's wrong?"


Tai sighed and hugged his sister. "I know you're really worried about them. I just wanted to check up on you, because Matt and I were about to go looking for them again."


"Just try to relax. We'll be right back."


Kari just kept on stuttering while Tai left the room and shut the door, leaving her by herself. She had desperately wanted to tell Tai what she saw, but something inside her kept her from doing so. Finally…she realized there was no one around and stopped stuttering.

~* Why couldn't I just say something? Is it because I don't want them to know I was eavesdropping? *~

Kari turned back around and looked through the telescope again. There was no sign of the shady man. All she could see was the plot where the body bag was buried. That's when Kari came to a decision. She would take matters into her own hands. She would go to that burial plot herself…even WITH the wheelchair.

Leaving the telescope behind, Kari reached for her coat and started wheeling herself out of the room. Before she left, she opened the door slightly and looked both ways to make sure there were no parents or siblings lurking around. When the coast was clear, Kari wheeled herself out of the room…but that's when she was discovered.

"Hey, what are you doing out of your room?"

Kari turned around to see sixteen-year old Matt Ishida. "I thought you were going with Tai."

"Tai left without me," Matt sighed. "But what are you doing out?"

Kari decided to come clean. "I saw…something out there with my telescope. It was a guy burying some bodies. I think it might have been TK and Davis."

"You were spying on people?" Matt asked, ignoring what Kari was saying.

"Are you listening to me?! I said this guy was burying dead bodies. I think he killed TK and Davis!"

Matt was starting to understand everything. "Are you sure?"

"I need some help if I'm going to find out," Kari replied. "Matt…will you help me dig them up?"


"Well, I can't exactly do it in this condition. Can you get a shovel and come with me?"


"PLEASE, Matt! I need your help. I can't do this without you. Do it for your brother."

Matt looked reluctant, but maybe it was because of the grim possibility that it WAS his brother buried under the snow that he finally agreed. "Ok…I'll be right back."

Matt made a mad dash into his room and grabbed a snow shovel. Once he was ready to go, he got behind Kari and started pushing her wheelchair. Both of them were now set to search through that burial plot.

Kari could only hope TK and Davis weren't buried under there.


There were only two stomachs growling now. Davis and TK hadn't had a bite to eat, but Veemon was happily indulging himself. There was an atmosphere of anticipation and hope that the sustenance would be enough to get Veemon to Digivolve. Finally, Veemon took one last bite and was done with all the food.

"Can you Digivolve yet?" Davis asked.

Veemon shook his head. "I feel better…but I don't think I can Digivolve yet."

Davis groaned. "Then maybe we should feed you more! There has to be more food around here!"

"Wait a minute, Davis!" TK piped up. "That might not be such a good idea. Remember that story I told of when Tai forcefully overfed Agumon?"

Davis gulped. The thought of something like Skull Greymon scared him and he didn't want Veemon to Digivolve into something completely different and turn on him, especially in this cabin where there was no means of escape.

But this also meant that there was nothing else Davis could do. He was stuck and all he could do was wait. He felt frustrated. This had all seemed so hopeless. Davis didn't want to die like this. He wanted to tell Kari how much he loved her. Instead, he was only stuck with TK.

With the cabin being covered in snow, things had gotten pretty dark very fast. So Davis decided to do something about it by taking a match and lighting a candle somewhere. He noticed that the only candle was in the kitchen.

"I'm gonna light that candle. It's too dark in here."

TK nodded at first…until Davis took out a match. Then he gasped. "Davis, NO!!!"

Davis lit the match, but it slipped and fell on the ground. Immediately, the kitchen ignited from all the gasoline Davis poured earlier. He was trapped inside the kitchen, surrounded by fire. He had completely forgotten about the gas from earlier and now there was no way for Davis to escape…

…or so he thought.

Veemon suddenly noticed his companion was in danger.

**Veemon…Digivolve to…ExVeemon!**

The combined factor of the extra energy along with Davis unwittingly putting himself in harm's way finally got Veemon to Digivolve. Now he was the much bigger ExVeemon and ExVeemon was ready to save the day.

"I'll save you, Davis!"

ExVeemon ran over to the open door and grabbed a huge pile of snow, much bigger than what an average Veemon could carry. With great strength, ExVeemon covered the fire with snow and soon enough, the fire was extinguished.

"Nice job, Davis!" TK said cheerfully. "You finally got Veemon to Digivolve! That was a great plan!"

Davis blinked. "Plan? Oh yeah! I meant to do that! I had it planned all along!" After modestly taking the credit (as much as Davis usually did, anyway), he turned towards ExVeemon. "Ok, now we're in business! Get us out of here, buddy!"

ExVeemon scratched his head. "Um…what should I do?"

Davis pointed towards the open door. "Blast a hole through that snow and give us a way out!"

"You got it, Davis!" ExVeemon walked towards the door and turned at an upward angle. "Vee Laser!"

Just as Davis and TK had hoped, the powerful Vee Laser was making a path through the snow. While snow would keep trying to cave them in, ExVeemon kept firing and that made a solid tunnel to the surface. Finally, they all had their escape path.

TK rejoiced. "All right! Nice job, ExVeemon!"

"Now let's get out of here!" Davis added. "Last one to the buffet is…"

"…one of your gym socks?" ExVeemon interrupted dopily.

Davis shook his head. "No, it's supposed to be a rotten egg!"

"Oh…I sure don't see the difference. Especially in odor."

Davis shrugged. "Never mind. Let's just go."

With Davis leading the way, everyone went through the tunnel…and to freedom.

Next Time: The story is coming down to its final chapters. What happens AFTER Davis, TK, and ExVeemon escape? And what'll Kari and Matt find underneath the burial plot?

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