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Break A Leg- Chapter Eight

Escape Plans

Last Time: Davis and TK settled their differences regarding Kari and have now united with one cause in mind…to escape the snowed-in cabin. But to do that, they'll need ExVeemon and there's no food in the cabin. With not much time remaining, Davis gets the idea to purposely put himself in danger to get Veemon to Digivolve.

Break A Leg: Part 8

There was still no way out of the cabin. Davis and TK didn't know how much snow was covering the cabin, but they both knew a well-placed Vee Laser would free them. That's why they needed Veemon to Digivolve into ExVeemon. But that wouldn't happen unless Veemon had enough energy or unless Davis was placed in danger. And since there was no food in the cabin, that meant they would have to resort to Plan B.

Davis was going to have to purposely put himself in danger. But the trick would be…how would he do that? That's when Davis got an idea.

Davis went up the stairs and stood by the edge. He looked down and the trip down suddenly looked A LOT longer than it used to. It would be just what he needed.

"Veemon! Are you looking at me, Veemon?!"

"I see you, Davis! What are you doing?"

Davis turned around and looked at TK. "You know what to do, right?"

TK shook his head. "Are you sure about this, Davis?"

"Just do it, TK!"

"But what if something goes wrong?" TK frowned. "You could get seriously hurt."

"It's the only way, TK. And don't worry. This will work. Have I ever been wrong before?"

"Do you REALLY want me to answer that?"

"Um…no. Just do it."

TK sighed and reluctantly reached over and grabbed Davis by the back of his shirt. He lifted him about an inch off the floor…and braced himself to throw him down the stairs.

"Veemon!" Davis cried out. "Help! TQ's gone crazy! Help me! I'm in danger!"

TK sweatdropped. "Do you have to make it sound so obvious?"

"Whatever works, right?"

TK sighed and carried Davis towards the stairs…and threw him. Davis could immediately feel the bumps and bruises he was about to get by hitting the stairs repeatedly. And to make things worse, things didn't exactly go his way.

"I'll save you, Davis! HEY!!"

Instead of Digivolving, Veemon tried to save Davis by running up the stairs and trying to catch him in his current form. But that only led to Davis and Veemon colliding and sending them both tumbling down the stairs. Finally, Davis hit the ground with a huge thump. He looked up and saw Veemon was still Veemon.

"VEEMON! You were supposed to Digivolve to save me!"

"I thought I could save you like this," Veemon tried saying. "I thought I could catch you. I mean…I have been working out."

TK rushed down the stairs. "Davis…are you ok?"

Davis struggled to get to his feet. "I feel ok…except for my arm, my leg, and my neck."

"I knew this was a bad idea," TK groaned. "We need to think of something else, Davis. Another one of your bright ideas might get you killed."

"If we don't get out of here soon, we'll be dead anyway," Davis pointed out. "I might as well put my life on the line."

Veemon sighed deeply. "I wish I could Digivolve. But I don't have enough energy."

Davis shrugged. "I just have to put myself in even MORE serious danger."

"It gets MORE serious?!" TK asked wide-eyed.

"Of course it does!" Davis grinned. "And I've got another idea!"

Davis knew this next idea could be extremely dangerous. It might even get him killed, in fact. But if he didn't get out now, they would all starve to death. Death would either come now or later. But Davis hoped that it wouldn't come at all.


Kari sat on her wheelchair and looked out her window again, but it was still dark outside. TK and Davis hadn't come back from skiing and TK's family was still looking for him. Matt was supposed to stay behind, but even he snuck out to search for his brother. Kari felt alone, since she was still recuperating from her broken leg. She silently cursed herself, because if she were healthy she could be out looking for her friends.

Suddenly, a small gift-wrapped box was placed in Kari's lap. She looked up to see her brother, Tai. Even through all this, he managed to keep a small smile for his sister, but it was evident that he was worried too.

"Tai…what is this?"

"I wanted to give this to you. I found it a few hours ago at one of the shops and I thought it would really help."

"But Tai…at a time like this?"

"Just open it, Kari."

Kari sighed and opened her present. It was a telescope. "Tai…you didn't have to do this."

Tai took it out and set it up. "It should help take your mind off everything. It might get your mind off your leg and TK and Davis."

"Well…maybe. Thanks, Tai. I love it."

"I'd better go out and find Matt. He should be back in a few minutes…"

"Wait! You know where Matt is?"

"Of course I do," Tai smirked. "Who do you think was the one he told was sneaking out?"

"Oh, of course," Kari sighed. "I should have known."

Without waiting another moment, Tai walked out of the room leaving Kari alone with her new telescope. It was a nice night for looking at the stars, but Kari had a different idea. She turned the telescope horizontal and looked straight ahead. Hopefully, she would be the first to see if TK and Davis were coming back.


"Davis…are you sure this'll work?"

"I'm sure this'll work, TK. As long as Veemon doesn't know about it. Just let him walk in here and find me on the ground. Just know when to call him."

Davis had set up an elaborate scheme to put himself in danger and get Veemon to Digivolve. There were mattresses and boards set up on the second floor that made a direct path towards the stairs. And in one of the bedrooms, there was a box holding…a 16-pound bowling ball. Davis didn't know WHAT a 16-pound bowling ball was doing lying around in this cabin, but he didn't ask unnecessary questions.

All Davis had to do was tug on a rope and lie right under the stairs while the ball came rolling down the hall and down the stairs…on a collision course for Davis' head.

"Davis, you're nuts!" TK exclaimed. "You could be killed!"

"This will work. Just get ready to call Veemon."

Before TK could protest further, Davis pulled the rope and the box upstairs opened. He could hear the bowling ball start rolling down the hall and bump on the mattresses and boards. Finally, the bowling ball started coming down the stairs.

That was TK's cue. "VEEMON! Davis is in trouble!"

Unfortunately…Veemon wasn't coming in. There was no sign of the little blue Digimon anywhere and the bowling ball kept coming down. Davis gulped as he braced himself. The bowling ball was a few steps away from hitting Davis' face…and there was no Veemon.


There was no Veemon…and the bowling ball…


…smashed against…


Davis held his nose and howled painfully. It was crushed by the bowling ball. Meanwhile, a smiling Veemon came in from the hallway.

"Hey, Davis! Oh…what happened to YOU?!"

Davis didn't answer as blood just kept pouring down his nose.

TK shook his head. "A bowling ball broke his nose. We needed you to save him. Where were you, Veemon?"

"I was trying to take a hot shower," Veemon answered calmly. "But then I found out the pipes are busted."

"There's no water, either?" TK moaned. "Oh…what do we do now?"

Davis raised his head. "How about we GET A BANDAGE OR SOMETHING!! This really hurts!!"

TK and Veemon scrambled for a bandage or a gauze or anything that would stop Davis' nose from bleeding. The cartilage had to be shattered and Davis was in quite a bit of pain.

But while he held his nose in pain, Davis got another idea. And this one HAD to work.


Kari continued looking through the telescope and saw no sign of Davis, TK, Matt, or anyone else. The snow-covered ground was empty of people and that meant TK and Davis were still missing. Kari wanted more than anything to be able to go look for them, but with her broken leg, she couldn't do that.

But just then, Kari noticed something out of the corner of her eye. She turned the telescope towards her left…and saw a young couple, maybe 18 or 19 years old, heading towards a small shack. They were looking around to make sure no one was looking.

"Hmm…these two look like they have something to hide."

Kari was never the type to eavesdrop on anybody, but being completely immobile for the time being, her curiosity was getting the better of her. So she zoomed in with the telescope and watched…as the couple began to make out…madly.

"Ew…this must be what Tai and Matt dream of doing with Sora."

Things began to get a little more intense, though. The girl…began to remove her shirt. Kari immediately gasped and turned away. She gulped and blushed over what she almost saw.

~* They'll…need their privacy. They don't me watching. Hey…how can they do that in THIS weather? *~

Kari shrugged and took hold of her telescope again. She turned it around in another direction and decided to see what other types of excitement she could find. She turned it towards a nearby dumpster…and found the hotel manager, Davis' boss. He was lugging around several bags full of trash. He looked to be grumbling to himself.

Kari zoomed in with the telescope just in time to see the weight of the bags overwhelm the hotel manager and knock him over. As he kept grumbling to himself, Kari couldn't help but giggle at his misfortune. She knew that this had to be one of those little odd jobs that awaited Davis when he came back.

She felt like shrugging that thought off. It would only get her worrying about her friends again. So Kari just turned her telescope in another direction. But she had unwittingly turned it back towards where the couple was. There was a pile of clothes, but no sign of life. Instead…there was the old shack…and something bumping inside of it. Kari sweatdropped at the thought.

~* Um………………I'll have to remember to thank Tai for this telescope…I guess. *~


Davis (with a gauze and noseguard on his broken nose) didn't even bother to tell TK about this one. He knew all he would get were protests. But he knew this was well worth the risk. It would be the best way to get out. So Davis walked into the kitchen and towards the extra gas can. He poured the gas around everywhere…and grabbed a match.

Davis could have lit the match, but then he felt someone tackle him from behind. The match flew out of his hand. Davis looked back to see TK lying on his back and holding down his arms.

"YOU'RE INSANE!!" he shouted. "Have you thought this out at all?!"

"For your information, I have! If I light the kitchen on fire and trap myself inside, Veemon will be sure to Digivolve and save me!"

"You're out of your mind! I think that gauze is blocking the flow of blood to your brain! There's no way I'm letting you light the kitchen on fire!"

"So you're just going to let me light the carpet on fire instead?"

TK blinked. "What carpet?"

Davis pointed towards the living room at the carpet that had just blazed on fire. Then he did a double take. The carpet was on fire and Davis and TK both screamed.

But luckily before the fire could spread…a pile of snow fell on the fire and put it out. The one who put the fire out…was little Veemon.

"Veemon!" Davis whined. "You were supposed to Digivolve!"

"We'd be better off starving then going with your crazy ideas!" TK chided. "Maybe next time you should light the propane tank!"

A light bulb lit over Davis' head. "Hey! That's…"

"NO!!!" TK shouted at the top of his lungs. "Don't you know what happens…oh…never mind. Just forget I said that! Veemon, are you sure you can't Digivolve?"

"I've tried TK, but I just can't."

Davis started banging his head against the floor. "There has to be something we could do!"

And in an ominous moment…three stomachs started growling simultaneously. With no food supply…Davis, TK, and Veemon wouldn't be able to last much longer. They had to find a way out.

But the trick was…how?

Next Time: Do Davis, TK, and Veemon stumble onto a break or will they stay stuck in the buried cabin? And what else can Kari possibly do with a telescope? Where will her eavesdropping get her?

Any comments? Then mail me at AmericanCaptor@hotmail.com and don't forget to review below.

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