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Break A Leg- Chapter Seven

Making Up Is hard to do

Last Time: What started off as a day as friends quickly turned into total war between Davis and TK. But in the midst of their fight, an avalanche covered the log cabin they were in with snow. Now they’re both snowed in with no way out…and no one knows they’re there.

Break A Leg: Part 7

Kari sighed deeply. She was about to take another risk. She knew she would look back at this and see it as another dumb idea she should have never tried. In other words, it was a Davis-like idea. But Kari couldn’t stand being immobile the whole day on that bed. So she carefully moved her cast…and tried to stand up.


Just as she thought, trying to stand up brought her pain. So she laid back on her bed and looked at the lights Davis had hung in her hotel room. They were a lovely red and green and their brightness brought a smile to Kari’s face.

Someone knocked on the open door. It was Tai. “Kari? I thought I heard you yell.”

“It’s no big deal,” Kari sighed. She turned her head to face her brother, who had just come back from skiing with Matt…again. “The lights…they’re beautiful, aren’t they?”

Tai nodded. “I just can’t believe Davis went to all that trouble. He seems to do that a lot.”

“This was really sweet of him,” Kari smiled. “He really cheered me up with this.”

Tai looked at his sister strangely. “Um…you’re talking about Davis? You don’t…like him, do you?”

Kari returned her brother’s strange look. “Now where did that come from? What makes you think I like Davis?”

“Oh, so you don’t,” Tai continued. “You did tell him that, right?”

“I’ve been telling him that since we first met.”

“No, but I mean did you tell him that AFTER he hung up the lights?”


“So all you did was compliment him? You just thanked him?”

“Yeah. I told him this was really sweet. Is…that a bad thing?”

“Kari…this is DAVIS we’re talking about.”

Kari gulped and a huge lump hit her throat. She suddenly remembered what kind of person Davis could be. He may have misinterpreted everything. She didn’t want him to get the wrong idea.

“Maybe I’d better talk to him. I don’t want him to think I like him.”

Tai nodded knowingly. “Especially when you like TK.”

Kari shot Tai a glance. “Tai! How many times do I have to tell you that TK and I are JUST FRIENDS?”

Tai grinned teasingly. This was what frustrated Kari and TK the most. It was the fact that their brothers just wouldn’t get the hint. They’d always believe that Kari and TK were a couple when Kari and TK themselves knew that it wasn’t true.

“Look, you’re missing the point!” Kari groaned. “The point is, I don’t want Davis to get the wrong idea. I don’t like him. Not…that way, anyway.”

“I’d tell him that if I were you,” Tai said. “Or else things might get worse. Davis can be impulsive…like me.”

“He can be JUST like you,” Kari said teasingly. “That’s one of his worst qualities.”

Tai frowned. “I don’t have to stand here and take that. I’m getting some dinner with Matt. Just holler if you need anything.”

“Wait, Tai. Are TK and Davis back from skiing yet?”

“I haven’t seen them around,” Tai answered. “And I think the hotel manager’s running around like a chicken with its head cut off because he says he’s missing a bellboy.”

Kari blinked. “Shouldn’t they be back by now?”


If there was one thing Davis had an excess supply of at that moment, it was snow. Plenty of icy snow. And that’s what helped him ease the pain below his eye where TK had punched him earlier. Davis put a handful of snow below his eye while he glared at the other side of the couch where TK was nursing his own wounds.

TK was rubbing his wrist painfully. Davis had twisted it hard and he had quite a grip on his neck for a while. But it appeared that the worst offense of all was that in the middle of the brawl…Davis had torn TK's white hat.

TK finally decided to break the silence. “Are you ok?”

Davis stayed silent. He didn’t want to look at TK. They had managed to maintain a tight friendship through thick and thin, but Davis always saw TK as someone who could take Kari away from him. And never did he see him as that more than at that moment.

TK stood up and slowly approached Davis, but it didn’t look like he wanted to fight. He had a sad look on his face. “Look…I’m really sorry. I should never have let my anger take over like that. I didn’t mean to tackle you…or punch you…or hurt you in anyway. I guess when you said what you did, I just went over the edge.”

It could have been settled there, but Davis opened his mouth again. “Truth hurts, doesn’t it?”

Davis saw TK clench his fist in anger. The hatless boy was looking down on the ground trying to withhold the rage he had to be feeling.

“Why…are you making this so hard?” TK muttered through gritted teeth.

Davis didn’t really have an answer for that at first. He thought about why he was being so harsh with his friend. The jealousy was always there, but never had it manifested in such a manner. That’s when Davis decided to be honest.

“Because I know you like Kari as much as I do,” Davis answered.

“I keep telling you we’re JUST FRIENDS. Why do you think I like her that way?”

“I think you’re denying it, TK. If you like Kari as just a friend, then you wouldn’t have gotten so angry when I said what I did. I think you reacted the way you did…because you DO like her.”

Davis struck something in TK, but it wasn’t a nerve. TK released his fists and frowned, still looking down on the ground. It looked like TK was thinking hard…thinking about his true feelings.

“I’ve known Kari for so long,” TK began. “I didn’t know I’d ever feel this way. But the more I’m around her, the closer we seem to get. I know she and I are just friends, but I can’t help but think we can be more than that someday.

“I made a promise one day. It’s more of a solemn vow. I said I’d always watch over Kari and take care of her, no matter what. It was hard to keep that vow when my mom moved away and took me with her. But when I came back to Odaiba…we picked up right where we left off. Kari and I renewed our friendship…and when the Digital World came calling for us a second time…I renewed my vow. And somewhere along the way…maybe it was during one of our adventures against the Digimon Emperor, or maybe it was when Kari was taken into the Dark Ocean, or maybe it was when we were fighting MaloMyotismon…I started to feel something else for Kari.

“I dismissed it as just a deeper feeling of friendship. I thought it was a kind of love like I have for a sister. But lately…I feel like it’s more than that. But I don’t want to say anything…because what if she doesn’t like me that way?”

Davis listened to the whole speech attentively. And by the time TK finished pouring his heart out, Davis felt like a complete jerk. He didn’t realize how much TK cared for Kari. It was the same way Davis felt about her. Now he saw TK as more of a threat than ever…but he also saw him as a wonderful person. And he didn’t deserve to be hurt the way Davis hurt him earlier.

“Maybe she does like you,” Davis mumbled softly. He raised his head and looked TK in the eye. “Look…about what I said earlier…I’m sorry. I’m sure Kari would love to have a wonderful guy like you.”

“You mean it?” TK asked.

“Of course, dude. But…I hope you understand that the feelings you have for Kari…are the same ones I have for her. I like her as much as you do…maybe even more.”

Silence. There was an uneasy atmosphere at that moment. But Davis decided to clear it all up.

“I’ll tell you what, TK. No matter what happens, I’m sure Kari will end up with a winner. I say we let Kari decide for herself…and may the best man win. All that matters is Kari’s happiness. And…no matter what happens…we’ll all be friends in the end…right?”

TK smiled. “Right. My thoughts exactly.”

“So can we call a truce?” Davis asked.

“Davis, I was never at war with you…except for a few minutes ago. But…ok! Truce.”

The two boys reached out and shook hands. Davis never felt closer to TK than he did then. If anything, being snowed in made their friendship stronger.

That’s when Davis remembered he was snowed in.

“Um…hey, TK? Now that we’ve called a truce…how do we get out of here?”

TK scratched his chin in thought. “Well…nobody knows we’re here. So I guess we’ll have to get out ourselves. But how could we…?”

Before TK finished his thought, a light bulb lit in Davis’ head. “Hey! What about Veemon?”

The two boys looked over at the couch and eyed little Veemon. The little blue Digimon pointed a finger at his chest, making the international ‘Who, me?’ motion. Davis and TK nodded enthusiastically.

“Veemon, we need you to Digivolve and get us out of here!” Davis suggested.

“We could sure use Flamedramon right about now!” TK added.

Veemon shook his head. “You left the Digiegg of Courage at home, Davis.”

Davis wasn’t deterred by that. “Ok, then we could sure use Raidramon right about now!”

Veemon shook his head again. “The Digiegg of Friendship is back in the hotel room.”

Davis felt a little frustrated, but he kept his cool. “Then we’ll have to do this the natural way. We need ExVeemon!”

Veemon excitedly got to his feet. “Now THAT I can do! Stand back!”

Davis and TK took a few steps back and gave Veemon the space he needed. Soon enough, they would have their way out. Veemon stripped himself of his ski attire and got ready to Digivolve.

**Veemon…Digivolve to……………………Veemon!**

Davis and TK fell over anime-style. Veemon sweatdropped.

Davis raised his head. “VEEMON! I hate it when you do that!”

“Sorry, Davis. I guess I don’t have enough energy to Digivolve into ExVeemon right now. Maybe I just need some food.”

“Um…Davis…how much food DO we have?” TK asked.

Davis gulped. TK made a good point. None of them knew how much food was in the cabin. Davis and TK exchanged glances…and both ran in opposite directions. TK headed upstairs while Davis rushed into the kitchen.

Davis scrambled through the kitchen’s drawers and cabinets. He searched through absolutely every nook and cranny. But there was no sign of food anywhere. The cupboards and cabinets were bare.

The search continued with Davis rushing into the other rooms and looking through every corner. Davis left no stone unturned in his search. He searched the bedrooms, closets, and even the bathroom. There was no food.

“Davis, there’s nothing up here!” TK shouted from upstairs.

“There’s nothing down here, either!” Davis wailed. “There’s no food!”

Feeling defeated, both boys met back up in the living room. They slumped down by the couch and moaned.

“No food,” Davis slurred.

“How will we survive?” TK added.

“I can’t Digivolve without food,” Veemon pointed out.

“He’s right,” TK sighed. “The only way to Digivolve naturally is if he has enough food or if his partner’s…in danger.”

TK turned his head slowly and looked at Davis mischievously. It was a look Davis had never seen from TK before. But in a short while, Davis knew exactly what TK was thinking…and his face brightened.

“Hey! That’s a great idea, TK!” Davis shouted triumphantly. “All we have to do to get Veemon to Digivolve and get us out of here is…put me in danger!”

Davis felt like it was the best idea in the world. But the trick would be to find out HOW to put him in danger. There had to be something they could do.

Finally, a light bulb lit in Davis’ head. “I GOT AN IDEA!”


Kari looked out the lodge’s second-story window in her wheelchair. There seemed to be no sign of life out there. The pain in her cast remained and her leg was still swollen, but the pain in Kari’s leg wasn’t like the pain she was feeling in her heart.

Night had fallen and neither Davis nor TK had come back from skiing. So far, her parents and TK’s parents had all gone out looking for them. Kari was more worried than anything, even though no one was more worried than Matt. Matt wanted to go out looking, too, but his father convinced him to stay with Tai and watch over Kari.

Kari sighed. She didn’t need anyone to keep an eye on her. All she wanted was for TK and Davis to be ok. But there was no sign that they were.

All she could do was hope they were ok.

Next Time: So to get Veemon to Digivolve into ExVeemon, Davis will attempt to purposely put himself in danger. But just how will he do that (and will hilarity ensue)? Also next time…Kari will get quite an interesting gift.

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