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Break A Leg- Chapter Six


Last Time: With Kari injured and in bed, Davis did the only (and worst) thing he could do. He tried to help. But it didn’t end up getting him anywhere. Now that night has fallen, though, Davis is ready to try something else.

Break A Leg: Part 6

Davis tried to be especially quiet. Kari was sound asleep and it didn’t look like anything could wake her up. And it was just as well, because Davis was busy. The door to Kari’s room was ajar and Davis was busy emptying out boxes and boxes of Christmas lights. He was hanging them all over the hotel room with the hope that the lights would brighten Kari’s night.

The lights were being hung very carefully and Davis was doing a good job of setting them up neatly. All Davis had to do was just climb onto the stepladder to set up one last string of lights on the cabinet in front of the bed. That’s when he ran into his first problem. The lights were all tangled up. Davis struggled to pull them apart and ended up knocking over one of the candles on top of the cabinet. Luckily, the candles weren’t lit, but it still hit the cabinet with a loud thump.

Kari opened her eyes and sat up. Davis didn’t even see her get up, because he was still trying to untangle the lights.


Davis was caught completely off-guard and he lost his balance. The lights were tangled on his arms and he was unable to regain his balance. The stepladder fell over and Davis came falling…right on top of Kari. The worst thing wasn’t that Davis landed on her in…a compromising position. The worst thing was that Davis’ left leg…fell right on Kari’s cast.


Davis gasped. “Kari, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

Kari was wincing in pain. “Get off my leg! Get off my leg! GET OFF MY LEG!!”

Kari shoved Davis off of her and the goggled bellboy fell off the bed and landed with a thud on the floor. Davis was left looking up at the ceiling.

“Are you ok?” Davis asked.

“What are you doing here?!” Kari demanded. “Who let you just break in here, Davis?!”

“I wanted to decorate your room,” Davis answered. “I knew you couldn’t leave your room with that cast, so…I wanted to make it look nice.”

Kari looked…less angry, but angry nonetheless. “Davis, I appreciate it. It’s really nice of you. But you can’t just come into my room without knocking! What if my parents see you? What if TAI sees you?!”

Davis sweatdropped and gulped. “Good point. Maybe I didn’t think this out all the way. But I DID get you one more thing.”

“I’m almost afraid to ask,” Kari moaned. “What is it?”

Davis quickly rushed out and came back in…with a wheelchair. “Maybe there IS a way you can leave this room. I brought this just in case you need to go anywhere.”

Kari blinked. “That’s…nice of you, Davis.”

Davis grinned. He was finally getting somewhere. “So where do you want to go?”

Kari didn’t have to think hard about that one. “The bathroom.”

That wasn't the answer Davis expected. “The bathroom?”

“Well I haven’t gone to the bathroom since before I broke my leg. And I COULD use a shower, even though I don’t know how I can stand in the shower with this leg.”

“I could help!” Davis blurted out.

“No thanks!” Kari snapped. “I’ll just wait for my mom to come back before I take a shower. But in the meantime, can you wheel me into the bathroom?”

It was all Davis was waiting for. Kari was asking for his help. So Davis was about to go over and help Kari into the chair…until he looked towards the door and saw…Tai.

“Davis…how did you get in here?” Tai asked, sounding a little miffed.

“He came in to bring me this wheelchair,” Kari answered. “That’s actually pretty sweet of him.” She looked over at Davis. “Thanks, Davis. But I think Tai can wheel me into the bathroom.”

“Do I have to?” Tai asked.

“YES!” Kari growled. “I’ll see you later, Davis. Oh, and TK called me earlier. He said he’ll meet you on the slopes tomorrow. Do you really know how to ski?”

Davis thought about that. He really didn’t know how to ski. But it didn’t look hard at all. He was sure he could do it, and maybe he could even impress Kari.

“Of course I do,” Davis replied. “I’m pretty good, too. You should see me sometime.”

“Maybe when I’m back on my feet,” Kari said. “I’ll see you later.”

Davis started inching towards the door. “Yeah…I’ll see you later.”

“Oh…and Davis?”

“Y-Yeah, Kari?”

“Thank you for the lights. They’re beautiful.”

Davis almost couldn’t believe what was happening. He couldn’t believe the way Kari was looking at him. He couldn’t believe it, but it almost seemed as if she were falling for him. All the effort he was putting in was finally beginning to pay off.

“Oh…you’re welcome. Anything for you, Kari.”

Usually when he got such a compliment from Kari, Davis would almost immediately end up putting his foot in his mouth. He knew it, too. So that’s why Davis walked out the door and went back to his room. But he felt very proud of himself.

It looked like Kari was finally starting to like him…at least a little bit.


“So…she actually likes you?”

After coming back from Kari’s room, Davis felt like he was on top of the world. He knew he had to tell someone, but there was only one he could tell. Davis told his story to Veemon, who was busy finishing up a Diet Coke.

“It sounds like it,” Davis said happily. “I think she’s finally coming around, Veemon! I’m finally attracting her with that Davis charm! I reek of it!”

Veemon leaned over and sniffed around Davis’ armpit. “You reek of something, all right. Is THAT the Davis charm I smell?”

“That’s not what I meant,” Davis said dryly. “But I think Kari really IS coming onto me.”

“Does TK know?” Veemon asked curiously.

“I don’t think he should know…yet,” Davis answered. “I’d rather wait until AFTER we go skiing. Then I’ll tell him.”

Veemon quickly sat up. “Skiing? Can I come?”

“Veemon, I told you. No one can know you’re here. What would everyone say?”

“They’d probably say ‘There goes a guy who loves his Digimon’.”

“Not everyone knows about Digimon, though,” Davis pointed out. “We don’t want people reporting ‘Monster Sightings’ up here.”

“Aw, Davis…”

“Promise me you’ll stay here, Veemon.”

“Oh…ok…I promise.”

Feeling a little more reassured, Davis moved on to another matter. He sniffed underneath his armpits. He didn’t want to believe Veemon was right, but he DID notice an irregular odor.

“Maybe I’d better take a shower.”


The next day at noon, Davis took his break and grabbed a pair of rental skis. He was decked out in his coat and a pair of thick pants. And of course, he had his ever-present pair of goggles on his head. He walked out to the slopes and that’s where he saw TK. TK had his green ski jacket and pants, his own pair of goggles, and…his trademark white hat.

“Hi, TK!”

“I’ve been waiting, Davis. Any problems with your boss?”

“Who, Mr. Blaine? I mean…sure I’ve set some tables on fire and dropped some suitcases, but he and I get along great! Of course, he wants me to pick something up in one of the cabins at the bottom of the hill.”

“Oh…well, now that you’re on your break, I guess we can start skiing. I’ll meet you at the bottom of the hill. And BE CAREFUL! We don’t want to end up joining Kari on the injured list.”

“Ok. Ready…1…2…3…GO!”

Davis and TK both rushed down the hill. Davis seemed to be going a lot faster than TK. He couldn’t understand what was so hard about skiing. It all seemed so easy. Then Davis tripped over a small bump and went flying up in the air. He didn’t want to share Kari’s fate, so Davis turned…and landed on his side.

Of course, Davis didn’t stop moving. Once he was down, Davis started rolling down the hill with no sign of stopping. Davis continued to roll faster and faster until he finally reached the bottom of the hill and stopped.

“I give you a 10 on the roll, Davis.”

Davis raised his head. He saw…Veemon, decked out in a ski cap, coat, ski jacket and pants, and dark sunglasses. He had the total skier look, which made the little blue Digimon look rather cute.

But Davis wasn’t amused. “Veemon! You promised to stay!”

“I did…but I didn’t say how long.”

Davis slapped his forehead. Not because of the excuse…but because it was the exact same excuse Davis would have used in the same situation. Sometimes it’s like he and Veemon were cut from the same mold. He was about to say something else, but he suddenly noticed the log cabin Mr. Blaine told him about. He figured he should go in and get the supplies he wanted as long as he was there.

Davis turned the knob and walked into the cabin. He looked around for the box Mr. Blaine wanted. It had to be around somewhere. So he walked into the next room and ducked behind the couch, leaving Veemon in the cabin’s living room. He then saw a closet and decided to look in there.


Veemon shrugged as Davis walked into the other room. As long as he was here, he decided to try out the couch. But Veemon didn’t like that the couch felt like a rock. It wasn’t very comfortable and made the little blue Digimon cherish the bed back at the lodge.


Veemon looked over at the cabin’s front door to see…TK Takaishi. He had a very curious look on his face…so Veemon just gave off his charming smile.

“How did you get here?” TK asked.

It sounded like such an easy question. “How did I get here? I had to Digivolve, of course. How else could I get Davis up here?”

“What do you mean?” TK blinked. “I thought Davis’ mom brought him up here everyday for his new job.”

“How’d you get that idea?” Veemon scoffed.

“Oh…I don’t know. It sounds pretty bad. You really bring Davis up here everyday?”

“What are you talking about, TK? We’ve been staying here for the last few days. Davis is working for free so he could stay here.”

“Why would he do that?” TK asked pryingly.

Veemon sweatdropped. He suddenly realized that he may have set up his partner for a huge fall by opening his big mouth. So Veemon just remained silent.

“Veemon, why would Davis work for nothing more than room and board?”

“I…can’t tell you.”

“Veemon, tell me!”

“I can’t!”

TK took a step forward. “If you don’t tell me…I’ll tell Gatomon about that time you lost her favorite ball of string.”

“You wouldn’t!” Veemon pleaded. “I didn’t lose it on purpose. I just wanted to learn some tricks so she would like me better!”

“So tell me the truth, Veemon.”

Veemon sighed deeply. He didn’t want to rat out Davis. Davis was his best friend. He couldn’t bear to do it.

It looked like TK understood that. “You don’t have to say anything. I think I know why he’s here. So if I’m right…just nod. Did Davis come here…to be with Kari?”

Veemon wasn’t smiling anymore. He nodded. “He came to watch you two.” Veemon suddenly covered his mouth. He had unwittingly ratted out his best friend and he felt horrible for it.

“He’s SPYING on us?!” TK asked indignantly. “DAVIS!!!”

Veemon felt his heart sink. Throughout this whole exchange, Davis was still in the other room looking for his boss’s bag. But things were about to get really bad really fast.


Davis had finally found the bag Mr. Blaine wanted when he heard TK yelling for him. He was worried at first. He thought TK had broken a bone, like Kari. So he rushed out to the living room, but only found that TK was standing there perfectly healthy.

“TK, you scared me,” Davis sighed. “I thought you had broken your leg. Um…is something wrong?”

“You came out here…to SPY on me and Kari?!”

Davis sweatdropped. “W-W-Where would you get…?”

TK interrupted him by pointing to a cringing Veemon. He clearly looked ashamed and that could only mean he spilled the beans.

“VEEMON! How could you?!”

“I’m sorry, Davis,” Veemon said sadly.

“Then it IS true, isn’t it?!” TK shouted. “You came all the way out here and took a job as a bellboy JUST to watch over me and Kari?! Just to spy on us?!”

“Maybe at first,” Davis said sheepishly. Then his confidence came back. “But then I realized I shouldn’t have done it.”

“Well…I guess that’s not so bad.”

“Because Kari ALREADY likes me!”

TK was turning red. “I cannot believe you! You are SO delusional! What makes you think Kari has ANY interest in you whatsoever?! She’s rejected you in every way humanly possible. The only thing she hasn’t done is say ‘NO’ right to your face!”

“You’d want that, wouldn’t you, TG?!” Davis shot back. “Then you can have her all to yourself! That’s why you came up here!”

TK slapped his forehead and groaned. “You just DON’T get it, do you?! How many times do I have to tell you that Kari and I are JUST FRIENDS?! We only came up here because our families are close and we wanted to vacation together! It’s NOT ROMANTIC!!”

“I should have known it wouldn’t be,” Davis spat. “Because I know Kari wouldn’t EVER want to be with YOU!”


TK Takaishi was always a peaceful young man. He hardly ever let his anger overtake him, even though he would get irritated once in a while. And he had always been able to tolerate anything Davis ever said. TK would never lash out in total anger. But upon hearing that single hurtful, spiteful sentence… v…TK finally lashed out.


In an act completely unlike him, TK let his anger take over and became violent. He tackled Davis and slammed him against the wall. The two boys took each other down and started yelling insults, threats, and obscenities towards one another while trying to reach for each other’s throats. And the volume gradually increased…until…


Davis and TK immediately stopped brawling because the ground was shaking. The sounds of the rumbling were getting louder and were deafening. They continued getting louder until they abruptly stopped.

Davis and TK knew one of them should check what happened. But they had their hands lodged on the other’s throat and didn’t want to let go. The only one who got up was little Veemon. He walked towards the front door and opened it. And when he did…a pile of snow spilled into the cabin.

“An avalanche!” Veemon exclaimed. “We’re snowed in!”

The reality of this suddenly hit Davis. There was no way out of this cabin. He would be forced to stay here, stuck inside with no way to escape. And he would be stuck…with TK Takaishi. He looked into TK’s eyes to see that he was thinking the same thing. Immediately, the first statement to come from each boy was…


Next Time: D’oh! Davis and TK are snowed in. How long will it take everyone to notice they’re missing? And is there any way they can escape?

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