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Break A Leg- Chapter Five

A Broken Spirit

Last Time: We looked at Davis' hotel tasks that DIDN'T always go as well as he had hoped. But everything was turned upside-down when TK rushed in with Kari, who had broken her leg. In the scramble to find a doctor, everyone discovers bellboy Davis. So what happens now?

Break A Leg: Part 5

Kari was in the hotel room with her parents and the doctor. TK and Matt's parents were getting dinner and everyone else waited outside the door…

…including Davis.

Even with Kari's situation being first in his mind, Davis couldn't help but notice one thing. Tai, Matt, and TK were all staring at him.

"Do I have something up my nose?" Davis blinked.

"What are you doing here, Davis?" Tai finally asked.

"Yeah, how did you get here?" Matt added.

Davis sweatdropped. "I…uh…"

"He just got a new job," TK chimed in. "Davis is working here for the holidays."

"A job here? Why not find one close to home?" Tai asked curiously.

"It's his dream to be a bellboy…or something like that," TK answered.

"Something like that would normally sound weird to me," Matt said. "Then again, I remember this is the same Davis who dreams of owning a noodle cart."

"Hey! Don't make fun of my noodle cart!" Davis said indignantly.

Before things could get ugly, the door of Room 213 opened. The doctor came out and was about to leave, but Tai quickly stopped him.

"So how's my sister?"

"She has a stress fracture just below her knee," the doctor answered. "The swelling should go down in a few days and once it's down, she should be able to walk on crutches. In the meantime, she will have to stay off her feet completely. She should be back to her old self in a couple of weeks."

"Weeks?!" everyone asked.

The doctor nodded. "Until then, there is to be no activity that could aggravate her injury. And remember…keep her off her feet until the swelling goes down."

TK hung his head down. "Poor Kari. She was really looking forward to this and now she'll have to stay in bed."

"I wish there was something we could do," Tai added.

TK shook his head. "Maybe you should and Matt should get something to eat. I'll go in and talk to Kari. It's the least I could do."

Something in Davis' head rang. "I can go on my break right now. I'll come with you."

TK shrugged. "I don't see why not."

Deciding to leave the two boys alone, Matt and Tai walked out and walked towards the buffet. Davis let TK walk in first and the goggle boy walked in behind him.

Davis and TK were heartbroken by the sight before them. Kari was laying on the bed with a huge cast on her right leg and a dejected look on her face.

"Well so much for MY Christmas," Kari said sadly. Then she looked over at Davis. "Davis…what are you doing here? And what's with the uniform?"

Davis sweatdropped. "I…got a new job. I'm working as a bellboy for the holidays."

Kari didn't ask any more questions, but rather smiled. "That's great. It's nice to see you're keeping yourself busy." Then her frown returned. "Why did I have to be so stupid? I wish I had never gone down that hill. I never should have taken such a stupid risk."

Davis tried to help…in his own unique way. "Kari, you can't keep beating yourself up like this. So you took a stupid risk. I do stupid things all the time. I'm pretty used to it by now."

"I don't want to get used to it," Kari said dryly. "And besides, the stupid things you do are mostly harmless. You never hurt yourself the way I did." She sighed deeply. "I guess in a way…that makes me stupider that you."

"Nobody can be stupider than me!" Davis declared. Then he thought about what he just said. "Wait…I mean…you are not stupider than me. You aren't stupid at all, Kari. You just made a mistake."

"And it was a really bad mistake," Kari went on. "I can't even get out of this bed now. I just single-handedly ruined my entire vacation!"

TK leaned towards Kari's bed. "Kari…I'm still here. I'll stay with you if you want."

"Thanks, TK," Kari sniffled. "But right now I just want to be left alone."

"That's right, TU," Davis piped up. "She wants you to leave us alone."

Kari sat up. "That's not what I meant! I meant both of you leave me alone!"

Davis didn't comprehend that right away, so TK dragged him away by the arm. Kari sighed sadly and laid back on her bed. There didn't seem to be any happiness in Kari's usually cheerful demeanor.

Davis desperately wished he could do something to cheer her up.


The clock struck 7 and Davis' workday was done. But there was always the possibility that Mr. Blaine could call him back in to work overtime. Davis had just gone through the motions of his workday while thinking about Kari. He couldn't get the image of her sad face out of his head.

Davis turned the doorknob and walked into his room. He paused when he saw Veemon blissfully laying back on the bed, watching TV.

Veemon sniffed. "I smell something." He quickly got up and looked over at the door. "Oh, it's just Davis."

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" Davis exclaimed.

"I thought you had my hamburger and my Diet Coke," Veemon clarified. "I'm hungry, Davis."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Veemon," Davis moaned. "I completely forgot. I've had a lot on my mind today."

"Sounds like work was tough."

"It wasn't work. It was…something else."

"Did you watch Kari and TK today?"

"That's part of the problem. I didn't. And Kari ended up breaking her leg in a skiing accident."

"That sounds painful. Is she ok?"

"She broke her leg!" Davis reiterated. "And she didn't sound ok. She sounded really sad. I wish there was something I could do."

Veemon casually flipped the channels. "What if you bring her Room Service? I know that'd cheer ME up."

Davis thought about that. "Hey…that's not such a bad idea."

"Just bring her a hamburger and Diet Coke and that should take her mind off everything…for a few minutes."

"I can do more than that," Davis added. "Veemon, I'm a bellboy! I can do A LOT for Kari that TA can't. All I have to do is take care of Kari and make her feel comfortable. She'll like me for sure!"

"You know what you're doing, Davis," Veemon smiled. "I'm sure you'll do great."

"Thanks, Veemon. I'll be right back."

Veemon sat up. "Can I have some food when you get back? Some of the things in that fruit basket look really appetizing."

"No problem, buddy. Wish me luck!"

"Good luck, Davis."

Without waiting a single second, and without even taking his uniform off, Davis ran back out of his room. There were certain things a bellboy could do to help an injured girl feel better. Davis was ready to do whatever he could.


There were no sounds coming from the inside of Kari's room and there was no 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door. So Davis took out his keys. He had a key to each and every single room in the lodge. It was just one of the benefits of being a bellboy at the Akakura Mountain Lodge. Davis gently pushed the door open and he peeked inside. There was nobody inside…except for Kari, who was sound asleep.

Davis opened the door quietly, so he wouldn't wake her up, and rolled in the Room Service cart. He stopped it at the foot of Kari's bed and then he stopped to look at her. The cast on her leg was very big and it covered her entire right leg. It was the only thing keeping her leg from being dislocated further. Davis could recall soccer injuries before, but he couldn't fathom something as painful as a stress fracture.

But Davis wasn't focused on Kari's cast as much as he was on her face. He couldn't help but notice the peaceful look on her face, even as she slept on her back. There was something about the scene that warmed his heart. Then he noticed Kari grimace as she tried to toss her head around in an effort to get comfortable. That's when Davis…tried to help.

Thinking he could be of help, Davis tried to fluff Kari's pillow. Unfortunately, when he reached for it…Kari opened her eyes…and looked straight at Davis.



Davis fell back and ended up knocking over the Room Service cart. It was bad enough that the collision sent food flying everywhere, but even the metal tray flew up in the air. And the tray ended up landing, with a huge 'clang'…

…on Kari's cast.


Davis gasped. "Kari, I'm so sorry!"

"What are you doing in here, Davis?!" Kari demanded. "How did you get in here?"

Davis grinned and held up the keys. "I have a key to every room in the lodge. I just thought I'd help."

"You banged a tray on my cast!" Kari shouted. "That's NOT helping! And how could you just bust in here without asking?! What's the matter with you?!"

"I-I was just trying to help," Davis repeated. "I thought you could use Room Service."

Kari reached over and picked up the phone. "If I need Room Service, I'll give you a call. But right now, I just need some rest!"

"Oh…ok. Um…but can I come back anytime soon?"

A vein nearly popped out of Kari's forehead, but she managed to compose herself. "Well…not right now. Thanks anyway, Davis."

With nothing more to do, except send for a cleanup crew, Davis decided it would be best if he just let Kari rest. So he walked out of the room and closed the door gently. Then he thought about what she told him.

~* Not right now? Then that must mean…she wants me to come by later! *~

Davis felt awfully proud of himself. He grabbed his now-empty cart and was about to roll it back just as TK was arriving back at his room.

"You look happy," TK blinked. "How's Kari?"

"She's doing just fine," Davis smiled. "Especially now that I'm here."

TK sweatdropped. "Why do I doubt that?"

"All she needs right now is some rest, TM. Then I can visit her later. I can try and help again."

"I'm sure you're a big help," TK sighed. "Look Davis, I talked to Kari and she says she still wants me to have fun on this trip…and Matt and Tai have spent the whole vacation together. So I was wondering what time your break is tomorrow?"

"Sometime in the afternoon. Why?"

"We should do some skiing. You can ski…right?"

Davis blinked. He had never been skiing before…but it didn't look too hard. He didn't want to admit he didn't. Then he thought about what Kari would think if he COULD ski. She would be sure to like him.

"Oh yeah. I sure can."

"Great! Then we can ski tomorrow during your break."

"Sure, that'd be cool!"

"Then I'll see you on the slopes. I'll see you later, Davis."

TK opened his door and went back to his room. It was just as well, because Davis needed time to think. There had to be something else he could do to help Kari.

But then he looked out the window and saw that it was dark. Night had fallen. Then a new idea hit Davis.

Davis' face brightened. "She'll love it!"

Next Time: Another new idea from Davis? Can Davis pull it off without having it blow up in his face? And how will the next day go?

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