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Break A Leg- Chapter Four

Odd Jobs

Last Time: Davis started his first day of work…and was spotted by TK. Nothing but pleasantries came out of the encounter, however. Later on, Kari and TK went skiing and Kari ended up breaking her leg on a treacherous slope. TK carries her back, but can’t help but feel a little afraid of everyone’s reactions.

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Break A Leg: Part 4

After delivering ice and newspapers to each door, Davis was ready for his next task. He had to set each and every table for the breakfast buffet. He looked around and found that there had to be at least 25 tables.

Davis sweatdropped. “Is this lodge really THAT big?”

He shrugged and rolled the nearby cart towards the first table. The table was neatly cleared and the only thing covering it was a quaint little maroon tablecloth. He looked at the cart and recalled the strict orders Mr. Blaine gave him earlier.

‘All you have to do is set a napkin by each chair and place a spoon, knife, and fork in that order from the left on each napkin. Place one basket of fruit on the center of each table. Place a candle at each side of the basket and DO NOT light the candle. And most importantly of all…DO NOT EAT any of the fruit!’

Davis remembered those orders well. So the first thing he did was grab a napkin and set it by each table. Then he grabbed the silverware…and paused.

~* It was spoon, knife, and fork. Or was it knife, spoon, fork? Or was it fork, spoon, knife? Or was it spoon, fork, knife? Um…uh, oh. *~

Davis felt like his brains were being scrambled. He struggled to remember which order the silverware went in. Then he finally shrugged and decided to mix up the order. By one chair, he put a knife, fork, and spoon. Another one had spoon, fork, knife. The third had knife, spoon, fork. And the last one had spoon, fork, knife. He felt proud of himself and continued with his next task.

The next thing Davis did was take the fruit basket and place it at the center of the table. He resisted the urge to eat any of the fruit. Then Davis grabbed two candles and placed one at each side of the basket. He looked at the table and frowned.

~* Oh…it looks so boring. Why wouldn’t he want me to light the candles? I’m sure he won’t mind. *~

Davis reached into his pocket and pulled out a lighter. He took the lighter and lit each candle. Davis had to admit that the table looked much nicer. He felt awfully proud of himself and was ready to move on. He took the cart and moved it to the next table…moving calmly until…


Davis turned around and his eyes nearly popped out. One of the candles had tipped over and the whole tablecloth was on fire. Davis panicked and pulled another tablecloth out and tried to beat down the fire in a desperate effort to put it out. Of course all that did was light the tablecloth Davis had in his hand on fire as well. He dropped the tablecloth and ran to get a fire extinguisher.

The fire extinguisher let out a loud hiss as it sprayed over the flames. The fires were effectively put out and all that remained of the tablecloths were charred black fabrics.

Davis sighed deeply. “Whew…hope no one saw that.”


Davis sweatdropped. He knew what was coming next.


Luckily for Davis, things didn’t go as badly as he expected. Mr. Blaine was pretty lenient for the most part, considering how the goggled bellboy had almost set the lodge on fire. Davis remembered his words.

‘I’ve fired dozens of employees for less than that, Motomiya. But then again, none of those employees ever worked for free. So I’m willing to cut you some slack and give you another chance. All you have to do is attend to each of the guests, check them into their rooms, and carry their bags. Let’s see if you can do that without messing up.’

Now came the boring part of being a bellboy. Davis was stuck sitting on a nearby chair waiting for guests while Mr. Blaine had them sign in. First came a pair of newlyweds, looking to be no older than Tai or Matt.

“Allow me to congratulate you,” Mr. Blaine told them. “You’re all set. Our bellboy will escort you to your room. Motomiya, escort these two to Room 132.”

Davis enthusiastically ran over and picked up the couple’s two suitcases. They were pretty light, so Davis’ grin widened. “Your room is this way.”

The job was easy enough. Davis walked up the stairs, taking the lead as he usually liked to do, and walked the couple up to their room. He inserted the key and turned the knob, leading the couple into their room.

“Here it is! Beautiful, isn’t it?”

The groom thanked Davis and handed him a nice tip. Davis looked even more cheerful than before. He happily took his tip and went back to the front desk.

Mr. Blaine eyed Davis…and gave him a very quizzical look. “Motomiya…I just got a call for Room Service.”

“Oh, I’m ready, sir! Which room is it?”

“That’s the problem. It’s from YOUR room! Motomiya, you aren’t keeping any extra guests in there, are you?”

Davis felt something sink in his stomach. He knew EXACTLY who was making the call. “N-No, sir. I’m sure it’s a mistake.”

“See that it is,” Mr. Blaine sneered. “Because if it isn’t and you’re keeping guests without reservations, then not only are you out on the street, but I’ll also call the police!”

Davis had a huge sweatdrop on the side of his head. Rather than take any more verbal abuse, Davis quickly grabbed the Room Service cart and rolled it towards his room. It was a long walk and Davis was beyond steamed. He knocked on his door.

“Who is it?” a voice called out.

“Room Service!” Davis scowled through gritted teeth.

“Oh, one second. I’m just getting out of the shower.”

The room’s door opened and standing in one of Davis’ robes and a toy pipe in his mouth…was little Veemon. He had a big smile on his cheerful face, but Davis wasn’t happy at all.

“Do you have my order, bellboy?” Veemon grinned.

“Veemon! You can’t be calling Room Service! I can’t serve you!”

“You can’t serve me?” Veemon repeated in shock. “I thought this was a respectful resort that was free of prejudice and discrimination. I thought all guests would be treated equally regardless of race, creed, or species.”

“That’s not what I mean!” Davis growled. “No one’s supposed to know you’re here! Mr. Blaine thinks I’m sneaking guests in here!”

“Well, technically you are, aren’t you?” Veemon pointed out, still wearing his blissfully ignorant smile.

“Yeah, but HE’S not supposed to know that!” Davis shot back. “And he’s going to think that if you keep ordering Room Service!”

“Can you think of a better way for me to get my hamburger and Diet Coke?”

Davis tried to keep his composure. He couldn’t blame Veemon; he didn’t know any better. “Look…I’ll tell you what. I’ll bring you food and whatever else you want AFTER I’m done working. But you have to promise to stop calling the front desk. You’re going to get us BOTH kicked out and maybe even thrown in jail.”

Despite the concept of jail time, Veemon was still smiling. “Ok, I promise. So can I have my food?”

Davis sighed. “I don’t see why not.”

Veemon took his food, almost tripping over the oversized robe, and walked back into the room. He was about to shut the door, but Davis held it open.

“Where’d you get that robe?” Davis asked dryly.

“Out of your suitcase,” Veemon answered casually. “Fits me like a glove, doesn’t it?”

“Fits you like one of MY gloves would! Just be careful with it.”

“Ok, Davis. Good luck. And don’t forget to bring back some more food.”

The door finally shut and Davis was left with the cart. He easily had the perfect excuse. He would say that the rooms were mixed up and he delivered the food to the right room. There was one problem, though. Davis didn’t get any payment for the food. It would have to come out of his tip money.

With any hopes of profiting off this trip dashed, Davis rolled the cart back to the front desk.


Davis slowly moved forward. This next couple only had one suitcase, but it was a HUGE one. Davis struggled to step forward and struggled to make sure the suitcase didn’t collapse on him. He still managed to carry it in his arms and his strong soccer legs helped him stay upright.

“Are you sure you don’t need any help with that, young man?”

“I’m fine, ma’am,” Davis answered.

Slowly, Davis inched forward. He carefully went up the stairs one step at a time. It didn’t look like he would drop the suitcase, but then the lodge’s front door flew open.

“Excuse me! We need some help down here! My friend broke her leg!”

Out of sheer morbid curiosity, Davis turned his head and looked down the stairs to see who was down there. But Davis felt his heart sink, because he recognized the voice that cried out. Davis looked down and saw TK…holding Kari in his arms. And Kari’s right leg was bent at a sickening angle.

Davis’ concern immediately overtook him. “KARI!”

In his outburst, Davis had dropped the huge suitcase he was carrying. The suitcase opened and rolled down the stairs leaving clothes, toiletries, and unmentionables lying all over the stairs.

Kari looked around. “………………Davis?”

Mr. Blaine looked towards the stairs. “MOTOMIYA!!”

Davis sweatdropped. He scrambled to try and pick up the clothes, which meant going all the way down the stairs and picking everything up from stair one. But as Davis began to pick up the first shirt, he looked over to see TK and Kari looking right at him.

“What are YOU doing here?” Kari asked in shock.

Davis had to stick to the explanation he gave TK, but he couldn’t even give that much before…


Davis looked at the lodge’s front door to see Tai and Matt. They dropped everything and rushed towards the twelve-year-old girl. Tai and Matt led TK towards a couch where they gingerly laid her on her back, making sure there was no pressure on the leg.

“Her leg broke while we were skiing,” TK explained.

“Great, we were supposed to keep an eye on them!” Tai groaned. “My parents are going to kill us!”

Matt took a step back. “Excuse me? Your parents are going to kill YOU. She’s not MY sister.”

“Oh that’s great! Some friend you are, Matt.”

“I’m just saying. My little brother’s just fine. I shouldn’t be the one to get any of the blame for this.”

“We’re supposed to stick together!”

“How come we always have to stick together whenever YOU’RE the one about to get in trouble?”

“GUYS!” TK snapped. “Can you two argue later? We’re supposed to be helping Kari!”

Tai pushed everyone aside and kneeled over his little sister. “Kari, I’m so sorry I wasn’t there. This is my fault. I should have been watching you.”

Davis started to feel his heart sink. The whole purpose of him being there was to watch over Kari. He wasn’t there for her.

Kari frowned. “Tai, stop! This is NOT your fault! You’re not the one who told me to ski down that hill.”

“But I should have been there.”

“It doesn’t matter! I’m my own person and I make my own mistakes. You can’t just watch over me nonstop.”

Those words particularly hit Davis hard. It was one thing he failed to realize. He couldn’t watch over Kari all the time, no matter how much he wanted to. She was her own person.

Tai sighed in relief. “So…you think you could tell Mom and Dad that?”

Kari smiled. “I will……………if you GET ME A DOCTOR RIGHT NOW! THIS REALLY HURTS!!”

Tai, Matt, and TK turned their heads towards the front desk. “YOU HEARD HER!!”

Mr. Blaine sweatdropped. “Um…absolutely. We’ll get the doctor right away. Get down here, Motomiya! I need you to get the doctor for me.”

Tai and Matt blinked. “Motomiya?”

Tai, Matt, Kari, and TK all looked towards the staircase at the goggle boy in the red bellboy uniform. All Davis could do was wave sheepishly.

“Davis?!” Tai and Matt both exclaimed in disbelief.

Davis knew he’d have a lot of explaining to do. But for now, the first priority would be to get the doctor.

Next Time: We get a prognosis on Kari. And with Kari in no condition to go anywhere, what will TK do? What will DAVIS do?

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