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Break A Leg- Chapter Three

Day One

Last Time: Kari and TK arrive at the Akakura Mountain Lodge with their families. But what they don’t know is that Davis has a new job as the lodge’s new bellboy.

Break A Leg: Part 3

Veemon hadn’t gotten much of a good night’s sleep. Yes he was exhausted after Digivolving to Raidramon and transporting him and Davis to the Akakura Mountain Lodge, so logically Veemon should have slept like a baby. But once again, he had underestimated the power of Davis’ snoring.


He had known Davis for more than a year and Veemon was starting to believe that his snoring had actually gotten LOUDER over that time. But the little blue Digimon knew he’d have time to sleep while Davis was working and that time was coming soon. Veemon was told to be a Digimon alarm clock at 6:30 and it was already 6:29, so it was time to wake Davis up.

Veemon climbed onto the comfortable hotel bed and leaned over the snoring, drooling twelve-year old Davis. Veemon calmly took a deep breath and…

“WAKE UP!!!”


Davis literally flew three feet in the air and fell off the bed. He landed hard on the plush hotel carpet. But that didn’t mean to say the landing didn’t hurt.

“It’s 6:30, Davis,” Veemon said cheerfully.

Davis groaned. “I know I asked you to wake me up at 6:30, Veemon, and I appreciate it. But couldn’t you be a little quieter so could I sleep for a few more hours?”

Veemon shrugged and plopped into the bed. He pulled the warm covers over his body. “Sorry. It’s my turn to sleep.”

Veemon could hear Davis grumbling in the background. But he wasn’t hearing any of it, because the little blue Digimon was already falling asleep.


Davis reluctantly got to his feet and looked across to the chair which held…his bellboy uniform. He sighed deeply. This would be his first day on the job and Davis was beginning to wonder what possessed him to go through with this. Was he THAT obsessed with Kari?

At this point, even Davis was beginning to wonder if he had gone too far. He had gone all the way up to the mountains, lied to his family, and taken a job…all to keep an eye on Kari. It sounded so crazy. But Davis had already come this far, he figured he might as well go through with it.

Davis grabbed his bellboy uniform and changed. He got into the red ensemble and looked into the nearby mirror. The bellboy hat barely fit on his head and the uniform looked out of place on him. He felt like a tool…until he realized something was missing. He reached for his treasured goggles and placed them around his neck. He started to feel much better.

It was 6:45 and Davis was ready for his first day of work. He walked towards the door and looked back. Veemon was sleeping soundly on the bed.

~* I hope Room Service doesn’t come in. Wait…I AM Room Service! *~

Remembering that made Davis feel a little better. It didn’t look like anybody would discover Veemon. So without any further delay, Davis walked out and walked towards the front desk where Mr. Blaine was waiting.

“Ah, you’re early,” Mr. Blaine said. “I like a punctual employee.”

“I aim to please!” Davis said enthusiastically. “Just tell me what to do, sir.”

“I like your enthusiasm! So here’s your first task.” Mr. Blaine brought out a cart holding buckets of ice and copies of today’s newspaper. “Leave a bucket of ice and a newspaper in front of each door. It shouldn’t take you too long, especially since not all of our guests have checked in. Once you’re done with that, you can go into the dining room and set each table before our breakfast buffet opens. And after that’s done, report to the front desk and wait for any guests and help them to check in and carry their bags. You got all that, Motomiya?”

Davis’ head was spinning, but he got it all down. “Uh…yeah. I got it, sir.”

Mr. Blaine looked pleased. “Good, then you can start immediately.”

Davis grabbed the cart and rolled it towards the elevator. He had no idea he’d have THIS much to do. He was beginning to wonder if he’d even have TIME to watch over Kari.


Davis continued pushing the cart forward. He left a bucket and a newspaper in front of each door that had a tag on it. It was a simple enough task and Davis only had a few more rooms remaining. He walked in front of Room 213 and was about to leave the bucket and newspaper…before the door flew open.

Davis looked up and gasped. Much to his horror…the person standing at the door, wearing a robe and slippers, was…


TK was in shock, but obviously recognized the goggle boy. “Davis? Is that you?”

Davis couldn’t believe it. His cover was already blown. “Um…uh…h-hey, TK.”

“What are YOU doing here?” TK asked curiously.

Davis thought fast. He couldn’t tell the truth or he’d be in a lot of trouble. Then he realized something. He had the perfect explanation. It was right there. In fact, he was literally WEARING his explanation.

“I…got a new job!” Davis answered cheerfully. “I’m the lodge’s new bellboy for the holidays.”

“A new job?” TK repeated. “Hey, that’s great, Davis! Um…but…isn’t this kind of far? How did you convince your mom to let you get a job so far from home?”

Davis sweatdropped. “Well…I told her how I…always wanted to be a bellboy and she didn’t want to stand in the way of my dream.”

“It’s your dream to be a bellboy?”

“Uh…YEAH! Nothing wrong with that, is there?”

“Oh…of course not,” TK muttered. Then he smiled. “I’m happy to see you here, Davis. I didn’t think we’d see you again until we got back. Does Kari know you’re here?”

“Not yet,” Davis replied. “Don’t tell her, either, TP. I want her to find me herself, the way you just did.”

“No problem,” TK smiled. “So when’s your break?”

Davis sweatdropped. “To be honest, I don’t even know if I GET a break. Anyway, I’d better get back to work before my boss sees me.”

“Ok. Good luck, Davis. And thanks for the stuff.”

TK picked up the newspaper and bucket and went back inside, shutting the door on the way in. Davis breathed a sigh of relief. TK didn’t know his TRUE reason for coming. But then again, even Davis himself was starting to question his true reason for coming.

He kept thinking about it as he rolled the cart forward.


Finally, the first full day of Kari’s vacation was finally underway. But it wasn’t inside the lodge. No, no, no. Kari was standing atop the mountain looking down at the gentle, yet steep slope. She wore a pair of tinted glasses, her family’s scarf, a pink coat, and white pants. And on her feet…were her new skis.

The lessons were long and sometimes tedious, but at least Kari and TK were finally learning how to ski. But Kari looked down and didn’t think she could keep up with such a steep slope.

“You think we’ll ever be able to tackle that, TK?” Kari asked.

“Looks pretty steep,” TK replied. “Maybe Matt or Tai can.”

“Did somebody call us?”

Kari and TK turned around to see Tai and Matt…with their skis on…and their eyes on the steep slope. Kari recognized that look in his brother’s eyes. He was about to do something stupid.

“Let’s have a race, Matt,” Tai suggested. “First one down the hill wins. What do you say?”

“I say let’s make it more interesting,” Matt shot back. “We’ll make a bet.”

“Ok. Whoever loses has to give up $20 and do the winner’s chores for the week. Oh yeah AND the winner gets Sora.”

“HA! You’re on!”

Kari and TK sweatdropped. Tai and Matt had been fighting over Sora A LOT lately. They obviously both wanted her, but only one could have her. But Kari and TK both swore to themselves to stay neutral…unless things between their brothers started to get UGLY.

Tai and Matt took their positions side-by-side. “1…2…3…GO!”

Tai and Matt started their downward trek down the hill. Kari and TK looked over and were amazed at how well they were doing. The hill didn’t appear as treacherous as it did before, because Tai and Matt were making everything look so easy. It wasn’t long before they were both beyond sight. Kari and TK frowned. They couldn’t tell who was winning.

But Kari suddenly smirked. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Um…I think so,” TK blinked. “Wait! Kari…you aren’t…”

Kari couldn’t contain herself anymore. She had waited so long to get on her skis and now was her chance. The hill didn’t look as bad as it did before, so she took a huge chance.

“But Kari, you’re barely learning.”

“How bad could it be, TK?” Kari pointed out. “What’s the worst that could happen? Now are you going to join me or not?”

TK sighed. “I guess that’s true. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Kari and TK both positioned themselves to go down the hill. There was no fear in either one of them anymore. The excitement was beginning to overtake them. Without waiting another second, they both rushed forward and started skiing downhill.

Kari immediately noticed she had more momentum on her side as she quickly passed TK. But then she noticed she was going TOO fast. She knew the basics, but slowing down on this steep hill wasn’t as easy as it looked. She felt so relieved that there weren’t any trees in her way, otherwise the impact would have killed her. But she couldn’t see anything else that could possibly slow her down.

There was only one thing she could think of. Kari wanted to just turn 90 degrees and come to a screeching stop. Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to happen. Because Kari saw what was up ahead.

“Oh, no!”

The slope took a turn upward on a sudden bank and Kari was unexpectedly launched into the air. It felt like an eternity before she landed. But when she finally did land…she heard a sickening snap.


Kari had finally come to a stop, but this wasn’t at all what she had in mind. She collapsed on the ground and felt an agonizing pain rush through her right leg. She wanted to hold her injured leg with her arms, but…noticed that her leg was bent at an unnatural angle. Kari looked over at her leg and saw it was completely twisted from the knee. Her right leg was obviously broken.


As she made that desperate call, Kari looked up at the sky. TK launched himself off that snow bank too. But instead of falling on his leg, TK managed to fall right on his chest.

TK moaned. “I’m going to feel THAT in the morning.” Then he looked up and gasped. “Kari! Your leg!”

“It hurts!!” Kari shrieked. “I think I broke it!!”

TK looked panicked. “Y-You need help! I’ll get you back to the lodge!”

TK dropped everything and gingerly took Kari in his arms. He desperately tried to make sure he didn’t touch her right leg or bring her any discomfort. He looked around everywhere for a way back to the lodge. Then he saw the walkway.

His skis and his hat were still in the snow, but TK didn’t care. The important thing was that he get Kari back to the lodge. So he walked up the walkway and headed straight back. But how would they explain this to their families?

Next Time: We take a look at some of Davis’ first tasks (complete with the occasional disaster). And when TK returns with Kari, how does everyone react? How does DAVIS react?

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