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Break A Leg- Chapter Eleven

Going Home

Last Time: Things began to go awry as Kari and Matt sought out TK and Davis. Matt found TK by the bushes while Kari went on to find Davis…with a shovel…right in his face. Everyone reconvened in Kari’s room and Kari had a moment alone with Davis…so she could tell him what a jerk he was for following them. After one final slap to the face, Davis hopelessly walked out while Kari was left alone with rage…and remorse.

Break A Leg: Conclusion

This was as bad as it could ever get for Davis. He knew he had messed up in a really big way. He began to wish he had never come out here. It was starting to look like Kari…hated him. There was really nothing that could make things worse…or so he thought…

…because Davis suddenly bumped into someone. It was his boss.

“Where have you been, Motomiya?” Mr. Blaine demanded. “I’ve been waiting for over a day for my bag. Do you have it?”

Davis silently raised the bag and Mr. Blaine took it. He opened it up…to reveal empty cartons. The bag was empty of any food.

“It’s empty!” Mr. Blaine shouted. “It’s all gone! You ate everything! Our Christmas banquet won’t be the same without our cakes and eggnog! That’s it, Motomiya! YOU’RE FIRED!!”

Davis could have easily protested. He could have pointed out that he had just come back from being snowed in. He could have pointed out that the food was devoured for survival. But there was no will to argue. There was no point anymore. Davis just remained silent and went back to his room.

Obviously, he would have to leave tonight.


Kari sighed as she looked out her window. She thought about everything she had said. She wished she could take it all back. Even IF Davis had come just to spy on them, she shouldn’t have been so cold to him. Kari knew she was better than that.

“Hey, you packed yet?”

Kari turned around and gasped. “Tai! At least knock or something! You come in so quietly!”

“Sorry. But you’d better get packed, Kari. We’re leaving soon.”

“What? But I thought we were staying until Christmas day.”

“I think with everything that happened with TK and Davis, I think everyone wants to leave a little sooner. Besides, what more can you do with that broken leg of yours?”

Kari sighed. “I guess that’s true. Hey, Tai? Have you seen Davis around?”

“Um…I think I saw him heading for his room. I think he got fired.”

“Fired?! What makes you think that?”

“Are you kidding? The whole lodge could hear his boss yelling at him. He’s even louder than my math teacher.”

Kari hung her head down. Everything seemed to be going so wrong with Davis. But she knew she at least owed him an apology for being so mean. So Kari decided to wheel herself out of the room.

“Kari! You need to pack!”

“Can you do it for me, Tai? I’ll pay you back for it later.”


“Fine! I’m sure TK will be more than willing to help me anyway. I’ll be right back.”

As big brother Tai kept packing, Kari just rolled on out of her room and decided to go and find Davis. But before she could go any further…she ran into TK.

“Hey, Kari. Where are you going?”

“I need to find Davis.”

“Kari…you didn’t go overboard, did you?” TK asked. “Davis said he was really sorry for following us up here. He admits it was the wrong thing to do. You gave him a chance to explain, didn’t you?”

Kari frowned. “I didn’t. TK, I really need to apologize to him. Can you help me find him?”

“Oh…sure. Let’s go look for him.”

Being the gentleman he was, TK helped wheel Kari down the hallway. They went out to look for Davis together.


It felt like the longest trip down the stairs ever for Kari, but that had to be because of the guilt she was feeling. But the guilt was soon replaced by fear. She gasped loudly, which got TK to stop in his tracks.

“Kari? What’s wrong?”

Kari pointed forward. Signing out at the front desk was…the shady bald man she had seen bury the body bag. The man turned to face Kari and started sweating nervously.

“S-S-So you know, don’t you?” the man asked in a helium-pitched voice. “You were the one that saw me.”

Kari only nodded.

“I-I didn’t mean it!” the man continued. “It was an accident! It was n-n-never supposed to be this way!”

TK blinked. “Kari…is this the guy you thought…?”

“It’s him!” Kari squealed. “It WAS blood on that bag, wasn’t it?”

“Y-Yes it was,” the man answered. “It was never s-supposed to happen like that, but I never saw it coming. I didn’t mean to kill that deer!”

Kari didn’t even go any further. It took a while for that sink in. “Did you say…………deer?”

“YES! I did it! I killed that poor deer! I didn’t mean to! It just came out onto the road and froze upon seeing my headlights! I hit it with a huge thump, I did! Poor thing never stood a chance against my new SUV.”

“Wait a minute!” Kari exclaimed. “If this was just a deer, then why all the secrecy? Why did you go through all that trouble to make sure no one was looking? Why did you run away when I saw you? Why did you get so scared?”

“Why? I’ll tell you why! *I* am the proud member of an animal rights group! I am a proud member of SOAP: Save Our Animals Please! If anyone found out about this, I could lose my membership! I could be disgraced! Please tell no one about what happened! PLEASE!”

Kari blinked. “Um…ok…”

“We…won’t tell a soul,” TK added.

“Thank you so much,” the man said. “Now I’ll bid you farewell and if anyone asks, you never saw me before!”

The man took his bags and ran out with a ‘whoosh’. He was still panicked and he apparently forgot something.

“Hey, you forgot to sign out!” Mr. Blaine shouted from the front desk. “Lousy animal rights groups!”

“Um…THERE’S a guy who takes what he does seriously,” TK mumbled.

“I guess,” Kari replied. She sighed deeply. “I swear I will NEVER spy on ANYONE ever again!”

“Spy? So does that make you as bad as Davis?” TK grinned.

“Bite your tongue! This is a totally DIFFERENT kind of spying.”

“But it’s still spying…right?”

Kari shook her head. She couldn’t argue with that logic. “Let’s just find Davis.”

With all the drama of the body bag behind them, TK continued pushing Kari forward as they kept going towards Davis’ room. With the mystery of the body bags finished, there was only one thing left to do before they left and that was to make up with Davis.


Davis kept packing without even looking up once. He hadn’t said a single word since getting back to his room. Veemon had Digivolved back to his rookie level by this point and he didn’t have his charming smile. Part of that was because Davis’ face look like it had been mangled, but the other part was because of what happened between him and Kari. The mood was one of gloom and nothing could cheer Davis up.

But as Davis kept packing, someone knocked on the door. Davis shrugged it off at first, thinking it was only Mr. Blaine wanting to see if he was getting ready to leave. The knocking persisted, however, so Davis just dropped everything and answered the door. He was surprised to see Kari and TK standing there.

“Davis…are you leaving?” Kari asked.

“I just got fired,” Davis answered sadly. “I have to pack.”

“Wait, Davis,” TK said before Davis shut the door. “We have something we want to talk to you about.”

“What is it?” Davis asked dryly.

“Actually…it’s something *I* need to talk to you about,” Kari clarified. “TK, can you leave us alone for a second?”

“Sure thing, Kari.”

TK walked down the hall and Kari wheeled herself in. Davis was all alone with the girl of his dreams, yet this all felt so awkward. The only bright side in all this was that Kari didn’t look to be angry anymore. But that’s how it looked last time, too.

Kari looked up sadly at Davis. “Davis…about the way I acted…I wanted to apologize. I’m sorry.”

“Y-You mean it?” Davis asked, almost smiling. “You’re not mad?”

“Maybe I should be a little more clear,” Kari corrected. “I’m angry that you went so far as to come up here JUST so you can keep an eye on me and TK. I don’t know how many times we have to tell you that we’re just friends.

“But I never should have lashed out the way I did. Especially after you just came back from what had to be a scary situation. And TK also told me that you started to recognize that what you did was wrong. I’m sorry I overreacted and didn’t give you a chance to explain. I never meant to make it sound like I hate you. I still want us to be friends, Davis. Will you forgive me?”

Davis hung his head down. “Kari…you were right to yell at me like that. I never should have followed you up here. I’m really sorry.”

“It’s ok, Davis. You were trying to apologize, but I wouldn’t listen. And for that I’M sorry.”

“Can we just say we’re both sorry?” Davis smiled. “I DO have to pack.”

Kari giggled. “Ok. I kinda have some packing of my own to do.”

“What? You’re leaving? I thought you were staying until Christmas day.”

“Our families changed their minds. Having a member of the family snowed in by an avalanche can have a negative effect on an adult. So we’re leaving today.”

“Oh…then…I guess I’ll see you back in Odaiba?”

Kari thought about that. “Davis…would you like to ride home with us?”

That caught Davis by surprise. “Huh? Y-You want me to go home with you?”

“Don’t take it the wrong way,” Kari immediately pointed out. “I…just can’t stand the thought of Veemon having to Digivolve again just to take you home. He’s been through enough. Isn’t that right, Veemon?”

“I like the way you think, Kari,” Veemon nodded.

“I insist, Davis,” Kari continued. “Please let us take you home.”

Davis felt great about this. “Thanks, Kari! I’d like that!”

“Me too!” Veemon chimed in. “I’m sure I can fit in one of Davis’ suitcases.”

“Then we’ll meet outside in an hour,” Kari beamed. “I’ll see you then.”

Kari wheeled herself out of Davis’ room and left the goggle boy to pack. With a newfound vigor, Davis kept packing. He was ecstatic that all was well between him and Kari. And he couldn’t wait for the ride home.


For Davis, it was a nice ride home…for what it was. It also wasn’t what he had in mind, because Kari was in the middle seat…sitting between Davis…and TK. Davis didn’t expect TK to be riding with them, but it turned out he was also tagging along. After the long drive, the car finally pulled up to Davis’ house. Davis got out of the car and thanked everyone, but as he was walking to his porch, he noticed he wasn’t alone.

Kari was on crutches and right behind him. “Wait, Davis. I have something for you.”

Davis looked back and took the announcement with shock. “Something for me?”

Kari nodded. She walked over and gave Davis a kiss on the cheek. “That’s just to apologize again.”

“Just an apology, huh?” Davis sighed. “So I guess you just have feelings for TK, huh?”

Kari frowned. “Davis…I keep telling you we’re JUST friends. I’m only twelve. I don’t like anybody that way…right now.”

For some reason, Davis picked that moment to look passed Kari and back at the car where TK was looking on. Davis and TK exchanged glances. They weren’t glances of anger or jealousy or anything like that. They were just…glances. And Davis nodded knowingly, remembering the promise they made to each other back in the cabin:

‘May the best man win.’

It was obvious that the war for Kari wouldn’t end on that day. But Davis made a vow to himself that it would be a war he would not lose.

“Well…I’d better go,” Kari sighed. “I’ll see you later, Davis.”

“Ok…goodbye, Kari.”

Davis never took his eyes off Kari. He watched as she limped to the car and got in. And he kept watching her, even as the car began to drive away. Davis would have stayed on his porch all day…if he hadn’t heard some banging on the suitcase.

“Davis…it’s getting stuffy in here!”

Davis had nearly forgotten about DemiVeemon, who had devolved in order to fit in the suitcase. So Davis picked up the suitcase and walked back into his house. He immediately noticed nobody was home…except for his sister, Jun, who was waiting by the stairs.

“Hey, you’re back early,” she said. Then she gasped. “Davis, what happened to you?!”

Davis didn’t know what she was talking about at first, but then he remembered the beating he had taken. He still had the noseguard on his face, along with the black eye from getting hit with the shovel, and the big red mark from where Kari slapped him. His face was a total wreck.

“I…got in a little accident,” Davis answered sheepishly.

“You got in an accident PICKING FLOWERS?!” Jun asked skeptically.

Davis sweatdropped. “Well…”

“Never mind. For you, this makes PERFECT sense.”

“What’s THAT supposed to mean?!”

“It means only a dork like you would get his face mangled PICKING FLOWERS!! You probably got thorns all over your face! How else could your face get so red?!”

Davis wanted to protest so badly, but he just couldn’t or else he would risk exposing the lie. So he just shrugged and walked passed his sister. Davis would have a lot of thinking to do.

Christmas was still a few days away…and Davis had to think of a way to one-up TK.

Suddenly, Davis stopped in his tracks. “Hey! I got it!”


TK was about to get out of the car and walk up to his apartment, but before he did, he leaned over. “Kari…are you going to be ok?”

“For the millionth time, I’ll be fine, TK,” Kari giggled. “Just relax. I’ll see you later.”

“Can I drop by for a visit later?” TK asked.

“Of course you can,” Kari nodded. “Or if you can’t make it, just give me a call. Trust me, this cast means nothing. We’ll still have a great Christmas. Only now…maybe we can include some of our friends.”

“That sounds great,” TK smiled. “Ok, then. I’ll call you later. Get well soon, Kari.”

“Thanks, TK. Bye.”

Kari rolled up her window and the car drove off. TK sighed deeply. He couldn’t deny what he felt for Kari. He couldn’t believe Davis had done this to him. He had never felt so awkward until Davis brought TK’s own feelings to his attention. TK couldn’t even confirm if Kari felt the same way about him. Maybe he’d find out someday. But even if she didn’t, TK wouldn’t be bitter. Kari would always be his friend. But still…this was one war TK wasn’t planning to lose. All he could do was remember the promise he and Davis made to each other.

‘May the best man win.’


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