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December 2, 2001: Hey guys! I'm back. How's it going? *smiles at Davis* You're looking good, as always.
*cheers* Yes! Tai Luva's back. SCORE! *commences dancing in victory*
*whispers to Yolei* Geez, Davis is sure happy she's back, I wonder why.
It's simple, Davis loves anyone that strokes his ego . . .
Something tells me Tai Luva would stroke more than Davis' ego if she had the chance.
That's so . . . urg . . . like . . . gross! How do guys even think of these things?
We're just lucky, Mimi. Like a rabbit's foot . . . Rabbits are also called bunnies . . . there are playboy bunnies . . . *begins to drool and giggle mindlessly*
This is exactly what we're talking about. I read guys think about it every six seconds.
Actually, statistically speaking, it's 6.14 seconds, which I guess, theoretically, could be rounded to 6 . . .
Six? No way, it can't be that high.
Hey, guess what I just realized? If you change one of the letters of six, you know what you can spell?
*the guys begin to laugh*
*The girls roll their eyes*
*looks confused* Sit?
*sighs* No Cody.
*fakes a British accent* You are the weakest link, goodbye!
What the hell was that?
It's my new thing, what do you think?
I think you really need a hobby.
Or intense psychotherapy, but that's besides the point.
There was a point?
I'm guessing so, otherwise Tai Luva wouldn't have updated.
Very true. *turns to Tai Luva* So, what's going on?
Well . . . since December is not host to a major holiday
What about Christmas?
Or Chanukah?
Or Kwanza?
Or Festivus!?!
*stares at Tai*
We really have to start weening you off old Seinfeild episodes . . .
Anyway, as I was saying, despite the fact the december is host to a variety of holidays, I've decided to officially declare it Davis appreciation month here on WATW!
God help us, his ego's going to be unbearble.
As for updates, I put my winter water colour up under the fanart section. November's contest is going to be held over one more month because we actually got one submission, however the person asked me not to mention them as a winner because they only knew one answer! Grr . . . come on people, submit! Win! It's a good concept.

I also changed the index for more of a Christmas-y feel. Oh, and good news, since August 13, 2001, we've had over 1300 hits! Woohoo, it just shows you what a nut can do when she puts her mind to it. However, the biggest update by far is the fanfic section! Read the stories in the new section, they're so funny! Honestly, I was laughing my ass off in all of them! Thanks to SuPeRfReAK, Pistoffveemon, and The Create Card. You guys are great! Plus, check out what I made with the help of my trusty old paint program:

And that's it for this update. Merry Davis! ^_^
I really do deserve my own month, don't I?
Help me!

November 4, 2001: Hey guys! I'm back. How did the updating go while I was gone?
*immediately* Good.
Very good. So good that you don't even have to check the archive . . .heh . . . heh . . . heh . . . *eyes dart around nervously*
Oh right, thanks for reminding me Joe, I almost forgot. I'll be right back. *leaves*
That was smooth.
Like Exlax!
*everyone gives Tai an odd look*
What? It made sense
Sure it did. You just keep telling yourself that.
You know, we keep reverting back to the digestive system . . .
Yeah, and speaking of shit, *turns to Joe, Cody, and T.K.* how are you guys going to explain the bitch thing to Tai Luva without dying?
Well, to be totally honest, we were going to . . .
*returns, talking on her cell* Yeah. . . as soon as possible . . . No, thank you . . . see you soon . . . Yup . . . bye. *smiles sweetly at Joe, Cody, and T.K.*

So on with this weeks updates. WE HAVE ANOTHER AFFILIATE: CARTOON HERO'S. The best part is that the webmistress actually emailed me to ask if she could be one of our affiliates (I got all the other ones by emailing the sites respective webmistresses and webmasters.) So go visit her site!!! ^_^ It's so awesome. And the button is adorable!

IAC sent me the next part of If I Let You Go. It's so cute, read it if it's the only thing you do on this site today!

The new picture on the opening (index, whatever) is my latest art work. I was going to do it as an acrylic, but I think the water color turned out really well. I hope . . .

I put a new rant under Rantage. Oh, I also put up the results of October's Contest. By the way, absolutely no one has answered any of November's questions. If you know even one answer . . . SUBMIT! You could win a prize! Come on, you know you want to . . .

Also, thanks to Konpyuta-san for the adorable new button she sent me (it's on the links page as well. It's got a scene from Sub-Zero Ice Punch, someone actually pays attention to these updates, I'm shocked) and also for the interesting discussions of Izzy's flying monkey minions. lol!

And that's about it for the update's I'll see you guys next week!
*everyone gets up to leave*
*places hand on the door knob*
Oh, Cody?
*flinches* *The entire group of DD goes silent and turns toward Tai Luva*
Congratulations on getting some balls.
Uh, thanks.
*turns to Joe and T.K.* And as for you two . . .* Cower * I have a special surprise. I call it Worth A Thousand Bruises.

October 21, 2001: Tai Luva's forsaken us!
We're all alone.
I feel so unloved.
*under her breath* You are unloved . . .
Guys, stop being so dramatic, Tai Luva hasn't left us, she's just got a lot of homework.
Exactly, I mean, she's got to design a physic lab to demonstrate Newton's Second Law, write up a chem. lab, do a project entirely in french about Algeria, and make up a 15 minute presentation on Olestra for biology.
Olestra? Isn't that the stuff that . . . uh . . . well . . . gives you the shits?
I believe the term Procter & Gamble used was "anal leakage."
And she has to talk about THAT for 15 minutes?!?
Yup. I hacked into her computer and downloaded part of her and her partners skit. Listen to this:

Tai Luva: Picture yourself . . . it's your first date . . . with the most popular person in school . . .
Jen: The night has just begun to get interesting . . . but you just can't seem to control yourself
Tai Luva: And we mean bowel-ly
Jen: This is a close encounter of the Olestra kind
Tai Luva: Welcome to the Olestra controversy . . .
Scene 2: A protester outside of Procter and Gamble

Tai Luva: Olestra's not cool
cause you get yellow stool
Olestra ain't great
when you go on a date
Olestra's the pits
It makes you have to go . . .
Jen: Hey! What's going on here?
Man, I'm glad I'm not taking biology . . .
I think all of us are. Anyway, now that we've sufficiently wasted half a page and everyone's time by talking about gastrointestinal distress, let's get to the updates.
Number one. November's contest is up on the contest page. *puts on Game Show Host voice* It's time for . . . INSANELY DIFFICULT (AND EXTREMELY POINTLESS) DIGIMON TRIVIA!!! Let's meet today's contestants. Bob here is a freshman at the University of Windsor. He enjoys pina coladas and taking walks in the rain as well as . . .TK!
What? *blinks* Oh, sorry.
Promise me you'll never do that again.
*Makes a whip noise*
*narrows eyes*
Speaking of promises, the author of Promise, IAC, has a new fic on the fanfictions page called "If I Let You Go."
That had to be one of the most obvious and stupid segways I've ever heard.
Ah well, it got the job done, didn't it? Oh and Tai Luva's got another fic up too called "Davis' Song."
Sure, she has time to write stories but can't even help us update the site. Lazy bitch.
Agreed on the bitch part, I mean, it's not like it's my fault that she just happens to have a thing for Davis. She's constantly on my ass for everything I do.
AND MY NAME IS NOT VOMIT BOY GOD DAMMIT!!! *stares at Cody for several seconds* Uh guys, you know she can come back and read this, eh?
*eyes widen*
*starts making choking noises*
*whispers to Izzy frantically* You've got to help us. She hates us enough as it is . . . You're good with html, can't you just go back and delete that?
Oh no, I'm not getting involved, the only I was supposed to mention was the fact that there was a new wallpaper added. You guys can get youself out of your own mess.
We are SO screwed. Hey Joe, how do you feel about joining the witness protection program with me? Being named Cleatus Jim Bob actually seems like a good life choice right at the moment.

October 8, 2001: HAPPY TURKEY DAY! Yes, it's Thanksgiving and I'm so excited! (By the way, happy Columbus day to everyone who's American!) Being a statutory holiday and all, I gave the DD a four day weekend so it's just me updating today. *everyone starts to back away slowly, smiling and nodding*

Relax, I'll try to keep the ranting to a minimum *huge collective sigh of relief*, I've only got a few things to say anyway.

1)Major Site Updates: Well, basically, we've got squat right at the present moment, though I've been promised more stuff is on the way. IAC's going to send me a Kouyako with her next e-mail and Tami (the awesome webmistress from D-Tamers) is going to hook me up with the mp3's for the music section. She kicks serious ass!! As for submission to the October contest, we've had 1, except it doesn't really count because I drew it. It's on display in both sketch and colour form under the fanart section. Also, I'm planning a Miyasuke to submit but, at my current rate of finishing fics, it'll be done . . . uh . . . never. I have no time! Stupid school! Anyway, SUBMIT TO THE CONTEST!! I know for a fact that 8 of you have read the contest rules and stuff. I'll track you down if you don't submit! Muhahahahahahahahaha! Okay, I'm done now . . .

2) Guess what? After Saturday's episode, my indifference toward Henry is now just mild apathy bordering on semi-likingness. OooooOOOOoooooO.

3) Is anyone as thrilled as I am that they're showing season 1 reruns in the afternoons now? Last week they played Sub-Zero Icepunch, my absolute favourite episode of all three seasons. *Drools* Ahhh, Yamato and Taichi all in one episode . . .

4) (and the final point) I got my first flame! This is absolutely hilarious! I have to share it with you guys:

Tai Lava,
Uh, that's Luva. I'm not molten rock, sorry.

Ur site sux! You suck! This is the wurst site I've ever been to.
And your's is the worst grammar and spelling I've ever seen. Well, with the exception of Fox Bio Guy.

I no ur just gonna make fun of this so Im not going to put my name so ur screwed. Haha!
Uh, well that was quite the good plan except that your name appears in the "From" line of the email in the inbox. Sorry Taylor White.

Well, that's all the updates for today! Bye all!

September 21, 2001: GUYS!! COME HERE QUICK!!! IT'S IMPORTANT!
Wha . . .?? It's like 1 a.m.
Yeah, Matt needs his beauty rest.
You do not want to test my patience this early in the morning Tai.
So Tai Luva, what's the big deal?
WATW has got two new affiliates!!! Corrupted Taisuke, and D-Tamers. Plus . . .
Corrupted whatnow!?!
And you're affiliated with a site that supports tamers?!? But they're the reason we're reduced to doing this kind of work in the first place.
Hey, if you don't like it here, no one's forcing you to stay T.K. *narrows eyes* But unless you want to go back to waiting outside McDonald's to root through their dumpsters, I suggest you stop complaining.
Tai Luva?
Yes, vomit boy.
*clears throat* Uh, that's Cody.
Sure it is . . .
*nervous laughter* You've had affiliates before and you've never hauled us out of bed for it. What's so special now?
Well, not only are these both killer sites, I have more news! Worth a Thousand Words now has a contest section. On top of that . . .
What kind of contests? This isn't going to be like the glossary is it?
I think those words you made him define scarred him for life.
Nothing like that. You have a sick mind, do you know that? The contest's aren't for you guys, they're for our visitors. And the best part is, everyone wins just for entering.
Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of a contest?
Looks like Joe's interested in joining you T.K.
*laughs nervously*
That's right Joe, cower. As I was saying, we have the new affiliates, a contest section, a music section, and . . . drumroll please . . . Worth a Thousand Words is proud to present our first submission! It's by *~I Am Canadian~* and it's a fabulous fanfic which I absolutely adore called Promise. Go check it out!
Wow, that actually was kind of worth getting up for. Our first submission!
*everybody cheers*
Alright, that's about all the enthusiasm I can muster this time of night. Can we go back to bed now?

September 13, 2001: I'm sure by now you realize what has been happening these last couple of days. Though this site is usually just for fun, I'd like us all to take a moment to remember those who have been lost in this tragic incident and also their families. One of my best friends cousins was killed when the plane crashed into the pentagon, and there are thousands of other people who need our support as well.

Truly, after Tuesday's events, the world is now a different place. I'm so scared now, something like this really makes you realize just how vulnerable we are. I pray for all of our sakes and hope it doesn't escalate into something as terrible as all out war, though retribution must be made.

All of you, take care of yourselves.

-Tai Luva

September 8, 2001: Wow, I'm getting an average of about 10 hits a day now!
Statistically, the number of visitors has increased exponentially since we began to assist you.
Right . . .*grabs dictionary* . . . oh, okay. Yeah, the hits are up since you guys came.
It's us in the bio section that are bringing the numbers up. Without me, Matt, and Sora, this site would still be crashin' and burnin'. Hey!
The bio section? If anything's keeping this site from going down the toilet it's the fanart!
The toilet!?!
Then why does the wallpaper section still manage to have the highest number of hits out of all the pages?
Because there are pictures of me in it!
Yeah, sure. All of you guys are just in denial that the fanfiction glossary is the best and obviously the reason this site gets just slightly fewer hits than ""
But we do have more than ""
Don't make me laugh, Yolei. It's bios all the way!
If you don't want to laugh, maybe I can make you cry. Do you want to take this outside?
Ha, Tai's gonna get beat up by a girl.
Don't laugh, you're next fanart boy!
Yolei, my mother taught me never to hit a girl. But I guess that doesn't apply to you.
Hey, that was mean.
*all begin to fight*

*ducks out of group* I guess this would be a good time to tell you guys to check out the new Takato sketch in fanart, "Bring it On" in fanfics, and the new affiliate under the links page.

To check out the old updates, click here, and for my comments (rant lol) on digitamers, check out this link ^_^.

By the way, I know you guys are out there, please Please PLEASE submit something! (I honestly don't even care if you draw a stick figure with big hair and say it's Tai, I just want to know someone else it out there. Even if you just give me an email and tell me what you think of the site {WARNING: Any flames can and will be posted on the site and are subject to mocking by the DD})

Spetember 1, 2001: (By the way, this page's rating has just been upgraded to 14A {non-parent friendly} as of today) To all 212 of you who came in the opening days, thanks a million! I'm still waiting on any submissions, but I've added a few more wallpapers, the new chapter of Mr. Tangerine Speedo in thefanfics and also a bio section (otherwise known as "Let's Make Fun Of The Bios Fox Created"). As well, I actually have an affiliate under the links page.

Also, to commemorate the first episode of Digitamers being shown on Fox, I have . . . absolutely nothing. However, they're are some poor out of work people who have decided to help me. Why don't you guys say hello?

Hi, my name's Yamato (Matt) Ishida. I'll be writing in sexy red. *makes pouty face*
Matt, stop trying to seduce the poor visitors!*thwaps him on the back of the head* You're lucky I don't get jealous. By the way, I'm Sora Takenouchi and I'll be writing in bright green.
*cracks up* Hi, my name's Yamato Ishida and I'll be writing in SSSEEEXXXYY teal. For a good time call 1-900-Teenage-Wolves. *gets hit by Matt* You're gonna pay for that Ishida. . . oh yeah, I'm supposed to be greeting the visitors. I'm actually Taichi (Tai) Kamiya. It's easy to remember: Tai-Teal, Tai-Teal . . .
In fact it was the only color you could remember, wasn't it?
*stops chasing Matt around the room momentarily* Shut up, Izzy! Orange is an ugly color anyway.
Teal's not even in the basic color wheel.
Uh, guys? Can we get on with the introductions?
I'm Jyou (Joe) Kido, and I'm writing in dark green.
I'm Mimi (Mimi) Tachikawa writing in perfect pink!
Mimi, your name doesn't change in the dub. Why'd you put it in brackets?
Um . . . I . . . well . . . uh . . .pink and red clash, you're not allowed to talk to me anymore :P
Ha! Matt got denied.
Anyway, onto the 02 Digidestined. Lol, they all get stuck with the crappy colors
Not all of us. I'm Daisuke (Davis) Motimiya. The webmistress likes me so I got blue. After all, I am on the top of every page.
Yeah, thanks for adding to his ego, Tai Luva. He really has such a self-confidence problem. I'm Miyako (Yolei) Inoue. I'm writing in bright purple.
If you're taking light purple than I'm claiming dark, Yolei. I'm teal boy's little sister, Hikari (Kari) Kamiya. ^_^
Meh, of the three colors left, I'd say yellow is the best . . . even if it is burn your retna's bright. I'm Ken Ichijouji.
Writing in a color lovingly refered to as 'vomit' by the webmistress (honestly, check the html), I'm Iori (Cody) Hida.
Hey guys, sorry I'm late. I didn't miss anything, did I? Ew . . . what's wrong with my text color? *wacks the side of his computer* I can't change it . . . guys?
*snickers* Sorry little bro, you got stuck with brown. Oh, and say hi to the visitors.
Brown?? *sarcastically* Great. Hi, I'm T.K. (Takeru) Takaishi and I get to write in brown. *thinks to himself* The webmistress must be a Daisuke fan . . .
Damn straight!
*nervously* You know what I'm thinking?
I know everything that happens here. *smiles sweetly* Anyway, I've given you guys all a piece of paper that has the URL of the section you're going to be helping out with. I'll see you there!

August 13, 2001: Hello! My name is Tai Luva and I'm the webmistress of this site. I ADORE DIGIMON as I'm sure you all do. (And if you don't you're not welcome here lol :P)

There are so many amazing digimon sites on the web that I didn't believe I could top with my limited knowledge of .html, so I decided that I wouldn't really try. Instead, I wanted to make a gallery of wallpapers and fanart that any digimon fan could appreciate and submit to. And so this site was born . . .

Right now it consists solely of fanfiction, fanart and wallpapers I created myself (with the use of my trusty scanner, digital camera, and *gasp* horribly outdated paint program) but I hope it will someday grow to a community of digimon fans, sharing their work with each other. However, I need your help to do it, if you have any fanfics, fan art or wallpapers (which haven't been stolen from other sites because I don't want to get yelled at) please send them to me. Right now though - just sit back, relax, pick up a couple of wallpapers, and have fun! ^_^