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Aphrodisiac: Part 1

Summary: Davis is making a delivery to Izzy…and stumbles upon something next to his trusty laptop. A something that could turn the tide in the war for Kari.

Twelve-year-old Davis Motomiya was kicking pebbles as he walked down the street. He was still a little upset that his Christmas Eve didn't go as he had hoped. More than anything, he was hoping to catch the eye of Kari Kamiya on that night. He went to great lengths, but none of it was as effective as TK Takaishi simply walking up to her and handing her a gift. Davis' jaw dropped and Cody wasn't about to forgive him for that embarrassing night. Davis spent the rest of his Christmas Eve running away from a stick-wielding Cody.

But that was all behind him now and today was another day. Davis still wasn't in much of a jovial mood, but he was doing this favor for his friend. Tai Kamiya ran into him and asked him to deliver a box, because he wouldn't be able to deliver it himself. Davis could never say no to Tai, so he agreed to deliver the box to Izzy Izumi, who was volunteering at the elementary school today.

Davis walked into the school's computer lab and saw a familiar someone ducking behind one of the computers. It was sixteen-year old Izzy. Seeing his delivery target, Davis placed the box right next to him.

"Oh, hey Davis."

"Hey Izzy. This is from Tai. He asked me to leave it for you."

Izzy excitedly reached for the box. "I hope this is what I think it is!" He opened the box and revealed…a CD-ROM. "Prodigious! This is just what I needed for my laptop. Now I should be running faster than ever."

"Running faster? I sure could use something like that on the soccer field."

Izzy sweatdropped. "That's…not what I meant. Thanks for the box, Davis."

Davis nodded and was about to leave…until he noticed a bottle of liquid on top of one of the desks by Izzy's trusty pineapple laptop. He picked the bottle up and noticed it was full of a red liquid. He opened the bottle and sniffed curiously. It smelled like a cross between cherries, Tylenol, and his gym socks.

"Yuck! Izzy, what is this stuff?"

Izzy raised his head. "Careful with that, Davis. I need to deliver that to Matt later."

"What does Matt need with this stuff? It smells terrible."

"It's something his band members have been asking for. It's…"

Before Izzy could say what it was, Davis turned around and accidentally slipped on some juice spilled on the ground. The bottle went flying into the air…and fell right on Davis' chest. The bottle came open and spilled the strangely clear red liquid all over him.


Izzy hoped he didn't hear what he thought he did. But when he raised his head, he saw that the top of Davis' shirt was soaked…and the bottle was almost empty.

"AAH! Davis, what did you do?!" Izzy panicked.

"I slipped," Davis groaned. "Great…it's all over me. And this was my favorite shirt, too…even though I got five more just like it."

"Do you have any idea what you've just done?!" Izzy demanded.

"Yeah, I spilled your perfume all over me."

"That's NOT perfume! That was a bottle I was supposed to deliver to the members of Matt's band. It's X2C, a VERY powerful aphrodisiac!"



"What's an aphrodisiac?" Davis asked curiously.

Izzy sighed. "An aphrodisiac is an agent, as a food or drug, that arouses or is held to arouse sexual desire. And of all the aphrodisiacs available, by legal means anyway, this is probably the most potent one out there. It's no wonder Matt wanted me to track this one down.

"Anyone who even gets a few sprays of this X2C immediately makes himself more appealing to members of the opposite sex. But if they get soaked with as much as you did, then they can become the object of EVERY woman's desire! There IS a warning label on the bottle, however. If you use too much…

"…um…Davis? ……Davis?"

Izzy looked around, but he soon found he was talking to himself. Davis was gone without a trace. All that was left was the half-empty bottle of X2C. Izzy was left with a huge sweatdrop on his forehead. He knew that aphrodisiacs could be lethal weapons in the wrong hands. He shuddered to think of what DAVIS could do with all that X2C on him. But he also thought of what the warning label said.

Izzy read the warning aloud again. "Warning: Makers of X2C not responsible for injury caused by women and their raging hormones." He shook his head. "Oh, Davis…if only you'd listen."


Davis didn't even wait for Izzy to finish his explanation. He heard all he needed to hear. Davis was a walking chick magnet now. The spilled X2C was a blessing for him and he wished he had known about it sooner. If this aphrodisiac was as effective as Izzy said it was, then Davis knew just who he would look for. He immediately walked down the street and headed for Kari's house.

Somewhere deep inside, Davis wasn't sure about this. He was confident in his own charm and attractiveness and felt he didn't need any artificial means to attract Kari. But he also knew that TK was just as great a guy as he was, so Davis didn't want to take any chances. Besides…Davis was curious as to whether X2C would really work.

The walk was uneasier than it usually was. Davis couldn't help but notice all the stares he was receiving by many of the females on the street that day. Most of them even stopped just to take a glance at the twelve-year old goggle boy. Even women old enough to be his mother were stopping to check out Davis. Davis had never felt this way before. He felt…like a stud.

Finally, the long walk ended when Davis reached the Kamiya household. He walked up the doorstep and rang the doorbell. The door opened and Kari's mother answered the door.

"Oh…hi Mrs. Kamiya. Is Kari home?"

"Oh hello Davis. Kari went shopping with Yolei and she won't be home…until…later."

Davis didn't notice the hypnotic look in the eyes of Kari's mom. "Oh…then I'll try and find Yolei. Thank you…"

Kari's mom grabbed Davis' arm and dragged him inside. "What's your hurry, Davis? I'm sure Kari's just fine. Why don't you come in and have something to eat. I made turkey smoothies."

Davis wanted to gently refuse. He had heard stories from Tai that his mom's cooking was VERY hazardous and he had even told some horror stories about what his mom's cooking did to poor Izzy. But there was no escaping…because Kari's mom slowly closed the door.

"Have a seat, Davis," she purred. "I'll be right with you."

Poor Davis couldn't put two and two together yet, so he took a seat on the couch. Kari's mom gathered two tall glasses filled with…brown drinks. She sat by Davis and handed him one of the glasses. Davis took a sip…and was ready to retch. But he didn't want to look impolite…so he reluctantly swallowed.

"It's…good…" Davis squeaked.

There was a loving look in the eyes of Kari's mom. "Davis…I haven't seen around much lately. You really should come by more often. It's…always nice to see you."

Davis couldn't read between the lines. "That's what I always say. But people say when they see me, it gives them a headache."

Davis stopped himself from taking another sip of the turkey smoothie and put it down. But when he looked up…he saw Kari's mom was leaning towards him.

"Have I ever told you what a handsome guy I think you are, Davis?"

Davis sweatdropped. "Um…w-w-what?"

"Davis………I always wondered what it would be like to kiss a younger man."


Davis tried backtracking and ended up falling off the couch. Kari's mom kept moving slowly towards him. This was the most awkward position Davis has ever been in. But it wasn't over, because someone else walked into the living room.

"Mom?! DAVIS?!"

Davis turned white when he saw sixteen-year-old Tai Kamiya enter the living room. He was utterly baffled by what he was seeing and for a while, so was Davis. Then Davis remembered what was soaked all over his clothes.

"T-T-Tai?" Kari's mom stuttered. "Um…don't you have…some place to go?"

"NO! Mom, what are you doing with Davis? Davis, what are you…?!"

Davis didn't even give Tai the opportunity to finish. He felt completely awkward and decided to quickly take his leave. Seeing an open path to the front door, Davis dashed over there and ran out of the Kamiya house with the speed of a bullet.

Unfortunately…Davis forgot to OPEN the door, so he crashed through it and stumbled…

…into Kari's rosebush.


Once more, Davis found himself with painful thorns stuck on his backside. While he picked the thorns out of his butt, Davis tried to piece together what just happened. He had never seen Kari's mom act like this before. It was like nothing he had ever seen. And then he figured it out. It was the X2C. This aphrodisiac REALLY DID work.

Now there were new possibilities and scenarios running through Davis' head. He thought about what would happen if he were around…Kari. It did raise ethical questions in the goggle boy's mind, but for the moment, his mind was made up.

Davis would go out and look for Kari. She had to be around somewhere. And he knew exactly where he would look first.

He would stop by Yolei's apartment.


Izzy still couldn't believe he kept his eye off that bottle of X2C. Not only would Matt have his head, but now Davis was a walking chick magnet. And while that was appealing to every guy in the world, Davis had used far too much of the aphrodisiac and the results could be dangerous.

But he knew the aphrodisiac came with instructions and all the computer genius had to do was find them. The instructions contained a remedy to counter the effects of X2C if too much was used. For Davis' sake, Izzy needed to find that remedy.

He shuddered to think of what would happen if Davis ever found Kari. Not because Kari would fall for him…but the overdose of the aphrodisiac could lead to Kari completely losing control. Izzy couldn't fathom what Kari would do to Davis.

That's why he needed to find the instructions…but they were nowhere in sight.


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