AMG CD-ROM Calendar Installation Instructions

Many people e-mail me ask me about how to install 1998 AMG CD-ROM calendar, so I thought I will set up this page and have some simply instructions for how to install your copy of Ah ! My Goddess 1998 CD-ROM Calendar. But make sure your computer can read Japanese or have any software that can do so. For the CD-ROM to be recognised, you must be running up-to-date drivers for your PC's CD drive. In other words, machines with VX or better motherboards should have auto-configured your CD-ROM drive on booting. Older boards will need to have all the drivers for Windows 95 properly installed. If the drive is running in 16-bit (DOS compatibility) mode, there may be problems recognising the disc. Because I want to be VERY clear, so please be patient and allow ALL pictures to load. Thank you ! Now ! onto the instructions -

When you pop your CD-ROM into your computer, it will run automatically.
Press OK button
Instuctions are in the picture ^_^

I've change the sub-directory

You can change to D:/god-cal or anything else. Its totally up to you.
Now installing.......
Installation complete !
When you run the program for the first time, Belldandy-sama will say hello, she says:"This calendar contain simple notebook and small sticker function, please use those functions everyday. And hoping you have a happy year!"
And the following will appear
Please aware that the up-right corner from right to left means "Last Week", "This Week", "Next Week", and "Options".
"Last Week" : Will display last week
"This Week" : Will display this week
"Next Week" : Will display next week
"Options" : Will display windows like below

Choose a date and press, this window will appear, then you can just write something on there.

Press OK button then what you wrote will appear next to the date, like below..
If you press the right side of the date, the sticker will appear, then you can choose a right sticker to put it on.
They are all here !! Its GOTTA be a great day for me ^_^

Above are some simple instructions. Also, someday will have special events, but it have to wait for yourself to discover :)


Okay I hear ya ! MOST important thing on most people's mind is what happen after the installation. Some people will get this instead....

so what should we do ? some people told me you MUST have Japanese Win95 otherwise it won't work! and I thought $#@!.... ^_^;; Anway, don't worry ! its VERY simple, just e-mail me and I will get back to you within a month !? okay, okay, just kidding! ^_^

Like I said earlier, its very simple. Just simply go to Settings and choose Control Panel and then double click Regional Settings and then choose Date and in the Short date style choose yy/MM/dd as your style of date display and.. you're DONE ! easy isn't it ? ^_^
Okay, no need to thank me, just write something nice on my guestbook and we will call it even... ^_^;;

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