Lycra Inventory

This inventory was generated by the Internet Assistant Wizard in Microsoft Excel 97. I know some of my descriptions are somewhat lame; learn to cope. Use your browser's BACK button to return to the main page.
Manufacturer Style Description Type
Monica's ? White, cotton/Lycra DANCE BELT
Body Glove ? Black, full-length, zip front, with arms/legs DIVE SUIT
? ? Burgundy, thong, scoop back, cotton/Lycra LEOTARD
? ? Red/blue, wild pattern, thong, scooped back LEOTARD
Baryshnikov CA 02429 Black, heavy-weight, thong-back LEOTARD
Crunch RN 67618 Purple w/blue stripes, thong-back LEOTARD
Danskin 7378 Blue/purple, tie-dyed, keyhole-back, thong, Supplex LEOTARD
Eurotard RN 70320 Red/green/black, thong-back LEOTARD
Hanes Her Way 104001WM Black, full-back, mid-cut-leg LEOTARD
Monica's ? Blue, light-weight, thong-back LEOTARD
Vital RN 71947 Black w/multi colored lines, light-weight, thong-back LEOTARD
TYR RN 77370 Black, with green/blue vert. stripes on left M SWIMSUIT
Bal-Togs RN 50818 Sky blue, medium-weight, full-length TIGHTS
Flexatard 1765/9290 Gray, heavyweight lycra TIGHTS
Hanes Her Way X02492W Black w/teal & purple insets at bottom of leg TIGHTS
Kmart 72301 Teal, heavy-weight, ankle-length TIGHTS
Kmart ? Black, heavy-weight, ankle-length TIGHTS
Sport Europa RN 73174 Black, light-weight, full-length, with stirrups TIGHTS
Monica's ? White, full-length, scoop neck, arms/legs UNITARD
Monica's ? Blue, full-length, scoop neck, arms/legs UNITARD
? RN #15364 Multi-colored, floral pattern, high-cut leg, 1-pc W SWIMSUIT
? ? Pink, zip-front W SWIMSUIT
A Line 9190 Black w/yellow side panels W SWIMSUIT
Body Glove ? Pink/black, neoprene, diver-look, 2-piece (top only) W SWIMSUIT
CA Bikini Co. ? Silver/teal checks, 1-pc, scoop-back, full-bottom W SWIMSUIT
Catalina Jr's. ? Blue, V-neck, high-cut leg, 1-piece W SWIMSUIT
Citrus 29542 Red w/purple triangles, two-piece, triangle-top W SWIMSUIT
Gloria Vanderbilt ? Dk pink, 1-pc, scoop-back, full-bottom W SWIMSUIT
Hind 3790 Blue w/greenish lines, two-piece, tank-top W SWIMSUIT
Jag RN 41977 Teal/pink, one-piece W SWIMSUIT
Jag RN 41977 Black, high-neck W SWIMSUIT
La Blanca RN 54738 Pink top only W SWIMSUIT
Leilani Jones ? Pink/teal/blue, 1-piece W SWIMSUIT
Monterey RN 16219 Yellow/green, zip-front, high-cut leg, 1-pc W SWIMSUIT
Op RN59526 Pink/orange/black, twist-top, bottom only W SWIMSUIT
Pac. Connections RN 82891 Green/teal/blue, metallic, mid-cut leg W SWIMSUIT
Rio ? Black, blue-patterned, full-bottom, joined t/b style W SWIMSUIT
Sassafras RN 52419 Pink, full-back, zip-front W SWIMSUIT
Shore Shapes CAT 71986 Black w/pk/gr floral pnl, 1-pc, zip-front, scoop-back W SWIMSUIT
Too Hot Brazil #28212 Pink w/gray neoprene side panels, diver-look, 1-pc W SWIMSUIT

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By Lycra Man