TITLE: 165 Words: The Shortest Peep Smut
AUTHOR: jerry
E-MAIL: jerrycanary@worldnet.att.net
RATING: E for evil
CATEGORY: Specialty foods
SPOILERS: Tomorrow's oral sex.
ARCHIVE: Not if you want to live
SUMMARY:Mulder, Scully, a bed, and Peeps ;)
DISCLAIMER: It's la and Elise's fault
NOTES:  I'm sorry - it's longer than 155 words

165 Words: The Shortest Peep Smut
by jerry

Scully was tied spread eagle on her big fluffy bed.
Mulder always tied her up for Lent because it made her feel repentant. Usually he did
wonderful things with his luscious lower lip and she forgot all about repentance, but this year
he had disappeared into the kitchen after tying her to the bed and blindfolding her, and she
couldn’t figure what he was doing.

"Beep!" she heard, "Beep-Beep…Beep!"

And a few seconds later: "Damn…too long."

Then "Beep!" and a pause,  then "Beep-Beep…Beep!"

And just a moment later: "Thaat’s it! Perfect!"

She heard him enter the bedroom, chuckling under his breath.  She felt him crawl onto the
bed between her legs.  She heard a "ssssquiiiiish" then felt something warm, sticky, and just
a little rough being pushed up into the moist pocket of her wet heat.  Mulder’s tongue soon

"Mulder!  What are you doing??"

"It’s Peeps, Scully!  Peeps!"

"What?  What did you say?  What’s that inside me?  Besides you."

"Ids Pibs Scuddy!  Hebby Eezder!"