Author: T'Lin

Series: VOY (DS9)

Pairing: Kim/Quark

Rating: NC-17 (nc)

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Story Series: Part 1/? Of the "PERSONAL LOGS" series

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Summary: A 'missing scene' from the STAR TREK: VOYAGER episode, "Caretaker"

Warning: This story contains non-consensual sex between two male beings ... if this isn't your thing, or if you're underage, READ NO FURTHER ... this is fair warning!

Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns all things TREK, yada, yada, yada! However, the following story is not theirs ... it comes from the twisted imagination of T'Lin. No copyright infringement intended, I make no money off of this.


T'Lin - 0011.15

Personal Log - Stardate 48314.3

Tom Paris had just 'rescued' me from the bar on Deep Space Nine, and we were on our way to VOYAGER, when I realized I had forgotten the gift I had bought for Libby. I stopped, and told Tom I had to return to the bar to get it. He offered to come with me, but I declined his offer, after all, I was an adult, I could handle walking into a bar and retrieving a bag I had left behind.

I didn't need a babysitter, for crying out loud!

Now, I wish I had accepted.

As I said, we had been warned about the Ferengi ... about how they will try to cheat you out of everything you own, if you give them the opportunity ... about how they would sell their own mother, if there is profit in it. I had convinced myself that I could have gotten out of the situation in the bar without Tom Paris' help, if I had been given half a chance.

I suppose that's why I chose to go back there by myself ... to prove a point.

Unfortunately, there was one aspect of Ferengi culture that we were *not* warned about ... and I discovered it the hard way. You see, when I entered the bar, I went directly to the bar stool where I had been sitting not more than five minutes ago, but my small bag was no longer there. I got the attention of the Ferengi behind the bar ... I didn't know his name, I just knew it wasn't Quark ... and asked if anyone had found a small orange bag.

He gave me a puzzled look, then turned to the comm unit behind him. His conversation was quiet ... too quiet for me to hear. When he was done, he motioned for me to follow him, and I asked where we were going. He told me that his brother had found a bag, and he was to bring me to him, so that I could prove that it is mine.

I actually considered leaving the bag, not wanting to deal with the Ferengi again, but the gift for Libby was too unique to replace ... and I didn't want to give Quark the satisfaction of 'beating me' twice in one day.

Of course, that was a rather silly argument on my part ... after all, what were the odds of my running into Quark anywhere besides at Deep Space Nine, and when this mission with the Maquis was over, VOYAGER would most likely move onto another task, far from the space station.

Be that as it may, I decided to confront Quark, and retrieve my property.

I followed the Ferengi into a back room -- presumably Quark's office, by the looks of it. Quark was sitting behind the desk, counting out slips of Latinum, while he gently rubbed on his ear.

Now, I had never interacted with a Ferengi before today, so I had no past experience to go on, but it looked to me as if Quark was ... hell, I don't know ... aroused, or something. As I looked around, I assumed it was because of the slips of Latinum he was counting ... shows you how little I knew!

But in any case, he was completely oblivious to our presence. He jumped, and was breathing quite heavily when his brother called out to him. He looked up guiltily, and started to berate Rom for interrupting him, when he noticed my presence.

He told Rom to get out ... and I tell you, I've never seen anyone move so fast in my life. It was obvious to me that he was petrified of his brother.

I felt my own apprehension increasing, as I saw the look in Quark's eyes as he stood and came towards me. I wanted out of there, ASAP! I told him why I was there, and that I'd take my bag and be on my way.

He laughed ... and it wasn't a pleasant sound. I began to sweat as I read his expression ... if I wasn't mistaken, there was pure lust in his eyes, as he slowly circled me, looking me up and down, like I was some kind of 'specimen', once again rubbing his ear-ridge.

Innocently, I asked if he was having trouble with his ear ... after all, the way he was rubbing at it, I assumed it was itching or something. He gave me a rather predatory smile as he stepped closer ... far too close for comfort ... and told me to feel his ear.

Suddenly, I stepped back ... I did not want to touch this little toad! But he was quick ... he grabbed my hand and pulled it to his ear, as he stepped in and pressed his body against mine. I can tell you, I was damn uncomfortable! I could feel his erection pressing against my leg ... and as my hand touched his ear, he moaned softly, moving his head so that my hand rubbed his ear.

I tried to pull away ... tried to convince him to let me go ... but the little Ferengi was quite strong, I couldn't break free from his relentless grip. He held my hand to his ear, forcing me to stroke it as if it was his cock ... and his other hand was on my ass, as he humped my leg like a dog.

He was obviously 'getting off' on all of this, but what terrified me more was my own reaction ... I suddenly found myself aroused! I don't know if it was the fear, or the physical proximity, or the pheremones produced by a sexually aroused Ferengi, but something made my cock come to life.

What made matters worse was that Quark also noticed this. Shifting slightly, he was able to stimulate me with his hip, as he continued to hump against my leg. Apparently, the more I struggled, the better he liked it and soon, I felt his hand slip off of my ass, and come around to open my jumpsuit.

By this time, he no longer had a hold on either of my hands, and I was able to use them to try and fight him off. I backed away, only to discover that he had me pressed up against the wall ... there was nowhere for me to go but through him.

As he reached to open my clothing, I slapped him away, only to find his hands somewhere else ... eventually, I lost the battle, as he slipped my jumpsuit off of my shoulders, and left it bunched around my ankles.

He then stepped back to unfasten his own pants. I tried to take advantage of the situation, only to trip on my own uniform. Whether he planed this, or not, I don't know. I only know that it worked to his advantage. I found myself on hands and knees, with the Ferengi shoving his cock in my ass.

I cried out in pain at the first thrust ... having never been fucked up the ass, I didn't know if it was his size, or the sheer fact that I was not prepared for such an intrusion. All I knew was that it hurt! My own erection long forgotten, I tried to keep still as he pressed his immense cock further into me.

When his body was pressed up against my ass, he stopped moving. We were both breathing heavily ... I tried to take my mind off of this indignity ... to think of something ... anything ... but what was happening to me.

But the Ferengi wouldn't let me forget. As his own breathing seemed to settle back into it's normal range, he whispered to me to relax ... to enjoy what was happening ... as he reached around my waist to grab my limp cock.

That's when I made the big mistake ... I started to struggle once more ... which only seemed to add to his pleasure. He started to thrust and move inside me, and that's when I felt it ... his cock thrust into me, and caused such a surge of pleasure that I almost came right that minute.

I didn't understand it ... one minute, I was flaccid from the sheer pain I was in, the next, I was rock hard, and ready to shoot my load. I had never felt such an exquisite sensation in my life. I found myself suddenly pushing back against him, just so he would press against that most sensitive spot once again. As he did, I felt my balls pull up, and my ass muscles squeezed his shaft, as I came.

I knew, without a doubt, that he came at the same instant ... I could feel the hot seed pouring into my bowels, as he moaned in pleasure and collapsed against my back.


It seemed as if hours had gone by since I first entered Quark's office, but as I pulled myself back together, I noticed that only a few minutes had elapsed. Quark had checked to make sure he had not hurt me, as he profusely apologized for the way he had treated me.

He explained how he had been physically attracted to me, and our little 'argument' had added to his arousal ... he had come into his office to 'take care of the situation' when Rom had called to say I had returned. He claimed it was not his intention to rape me ... or even let me know that he found me attractive ... but one thing led to another, and he lost control.

At this, I was torn. I should have left his office, and gone directly to the Constables office to report the crime. But I didn't. Because what had started out as forced sex, turned out to be the best sex I had ever experienced in my life!

Now, I'd be the first to admit that I didn't have a hell of a lot of experience, but nothing Libby and I ever did came close to the absolute ecstasy I felt with Quark! I told Quark as much, and he smiled ... pleased that I enjoyed myself as much as he did.

We talked about getting together again, if I ever found myself back on DS9. I told him I'd think about it, although deep down inside, I had no intention of ever seeing him again.

It wouldn't be fair to Libby to willingly allow myself to repeat the experience and find I enjoyed it ... then marry her, knowing she could never provide for my needs. It was best to leave things as they were .. not knowing if it was the violence that triggered the ecstasy, or the penetration.

Quark gave me my bag as I left his office ... I had almost walked out without it once again ... and I made my way to VOYAGER. Tom was waiting impatiently for me just outside the transporter room, and asked what had taken me so long. I smiled ... and told him I had had another lesson in Ferengi/Human relations, as I made my way to report for duty.

End, Personal Log.


Personal Log - Stardate 48319.8

It's amazing how quickly life can change. Yesterday, I made a long, detailed journal entry about my run-in with the Ferengi, Quark, while I was on DS9. When I was done, I actually considered sharing it with Libby ... after all, if there is some doubt about our future happiness, it wouldn't be fair to keep it from her.

Of course, the events of the past 48-hours have changed all that. If we don't find another way home, I'll never see Libby, or Quark, ever again.

Oddly enough, I don't find either prospect to be at all painful.

After all, Tom Paris has been such a good friend to me, I know I won't be alone here in the Delta Quadrant.

End Log